12 Friends for Benefits Meaning and Rules

What is meant by Benefits? What does Friends with Benefits means? Why do People get into it? What are the Rules and Why should they be followed? Why do such Relations break? How Long can they Last?
12 Friends for Benefits Meaning and Rules

Friends are known to be family without a blood connection. However, some people get so comfortable with their friends that taking things to another level with their friends seems fine to them. In this context, you must have heard about friends with benefits. If not, then before entering into such a commitment, understand friends for benefits meaning and friends with benefits meaning rules. Also, how long can a friends with benefits relationship last in general? You will get to know about all of these as you continue reading the article.

Definition of Benefits

Benefits mean drawing some sort of personal pleasure from something or person. To take benefits from someone, it means receiving an advantage. (See What is an Unhealthy Relationship?)

Friends for Benefits Meaning

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A type of relationship in which two people get physically intimate with each other without any affection or commitment is termed friends with benefits. Such people are together just for giving and taking sexual pleasures in the name of friendship because they are not ready to get committed to another person. It is abbreviated as FWB or FWBR. Must read what is breakup therapy?

Reasons behind an FWB Relationship

According to researchers, there are possibly 5 reasons to start such a relationship.

  • Two people want to satisfy their physical desires.
  • They are emotionally attached and feel safe getting intimate.
  • People want to avoid serious relationships and their perks.
  • They want an easy, non-demanding, and free relationship.
  • People are looking in particular for an FWBR and grabbing the opportunity. (See How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?)

Friends with Benefits Meaning Rules

Before entering into such relationships, you need to understand the rules thoroughly. Take a look at the rules mentioned ahead to make a clear picture in your mind regarding what you want.  Also, check out 20 reasons people break up.

1. Choose your Friend wisely

It is a casual relationship, so choose your FWBR partner very carefully. Not every friend should be taken to the bedroom because each of them has a different point of view. Maybe it would be something casual for you but a serious matter for them. Maybe he or she has some ulterior motive. Think and decide. (See How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

2. Never get into an FWBR if you have Feelings

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As you know friends for benefits meaning, you must know that the main purpose of this relationship is no emotions and only sex. So, if you have feelings for the person, then it is better to not get into such a relationship with him/her. It is for your sake because your feelings will grow with time, but it is unsure whether they will reciprocate or not. You will end up losing your crush. (See What is Priming Theory?)

3. No need to get Lovey-Dovey

There is a big no for behaving like a couple. There is no need to do all the things that couples do, like holding hands, kissing in public, going on dates, planning surprises, etc. Anything emotional does not matter in this type of relationship. (See How Should A Woman Treat Her Man)

4. Be Clear about your Sex Life

You need to put up some conditions, like if he or she is with you in an FWBR, then they will not be having sexual intercourse with anyone else. And if this is not the limitation, then talk about how to practice safe sex for a healthy and hygienic relationship. (See Why Instagram is bad for relationships?)

5. Lower your Expectations

This is the golden rule, in my opinion, because expectations always hurt, and expecting something beautiful in this kind of relationship is just a waste of time and energy. You are both sexually pleasing each other without any feelings of attachment, so no need to expect a birthday celebration or a surprise proposal party. (See How to Know if Someone Loves You Psychology?)

6. Always Prioritize Friendship

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Whatever friends for benefits meaning might be, remember an FWBR is not just a one-night stand and you are not likely to face each other in your life. You are with your friend and have some sense and keep friendship above sex. This physical thing will fade away after some time and maybe you both will find someone else. But losing a friend is like losing a gem from your crown. So, it is better to maintain your friendship despite all the sex. Also, check out how to end a Toxic Friendship?)

7. Avoid Jealousy

He or she may be having a physical relationship with other people too. So, there is no need to seek details of their sex life and focus on yours. Also, no need to be jealous of their relationship with others, because remember you are not a couple. (See Psychology of Ignoring Someone)

8. Don’t forget your Reasons

You both started this FWBR to meet each other’s physical requirements. So, it is important to keep this in mind and focus on the fun and carefree part of the relationship. Also, check out what do you want in your life?

9. Maintain Boundaries

Primarily decide who is going to be aware of your FWBR in your circle. A mutual decision is much better than being the boss in such a relationship. Boundaries will help you in handling the relationship, situations, places, and other circumstances. (See 14 Reasons Why I Like To Be Alone)

10. Keep another Option to date Someone else

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Yes, being in FWBR does not prohibit you from dating. As you know friends for benefits meaning, remember, it is not a life-long thing and you also need someone who loves and cares for you emotionally. Craving affection is normal, just like craving sex. Be easy on yourself and enjoy the date. Must read what is romantic love in psychology?

11. Never Sever Communication

Do not make this mistake which every couple does. Communicate with your friend about things that are bothering you or you are worried about regarding this FWBR. Tell them if you are planning to end it, even if the reason is one-sided feelings. Make sure nothing is left unsaid amongst you. (See Anxious Attachment in Adults)

12. Be Emotionally Mature

Lastly, it is important to be emotionally mature to handle such a relationship. Being emotionally mature means, you are well aware of what you want and need. Be sure that is it fine with you to have casual sex with your friend or not. Are you fine with losing your friend just to satisfy your physical needs? I guess not everyone is. But not everyone is the same either. (See Why making friends on the web is dangerous?)

Reasons behind the End of a Friend with Benefits Relationship

Every relationship has an end and so does this too. But sometimes there are reasons which neither of you is willing to admit. It may also be the case that you are unable to figure out the problem. While understanding further friends for benefits meaning, take a look at the reasons below.

  • Either one of the partners develops a feeling for the other and their expectations change and increase.
  • Suddenly, one of the partners is ready to convert it into a serious relationship because he or she believes they can handle it.
  • Both of them or any one of the partners realize that they are wasting time in this FWBR when they can go out and meet the love of their life. (See How do I Learn to Love Myself?)

How long can a Friends with Benefits Relationship last?

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There is not a fixed time limit for which friends with benefits relationships can last. It can be for a few weeks, a couple of months, or some years. No one knows when this will end because it all depends on understanding and expectations. (See  How Men Deal With Breakups?)

I guess now friends for benefits meaning is pretty clear to you and you also understand the friends with benefits meaning rules. There is no need of thinking about how long can a friends with benefits relationship last in your case. Live in the moment if this is what you want. (Also read Importance of Marriage Coaching)

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