Pomeranian Fox Face: Fox cut on a Pomeranian

Do Dogs also have Cutting Styles? What are Pomeranians like? Are Pomeranians available everywhere? What kind of Cuts are found in Pomeranians?
What is a Fox cut on a Pomeranian

Various dog breeds can be identified by their characteristics and outward appearance. Dogs are big-time stressbusters and make great pets. They are very loyal and loving animals that can help you combat loneliness and anxiety. They have been compared to perfect companions, with the little pomeranian being a longtime favorite of both royalty and commoners. Pomeranians are among the most well-liked toy breeds in the world due to their magnificent coat, happy, foxy face, and energetic personalities. In this article, we will discuss how fox cut on a Pomeranian makes them charming and cute. Along with these, you will get to know about the rarest Pomeranian breed, fox face Pomeranian purebred, and the Teddy Bear Face Pomeranian too.

1. What are the Three Types of Pomeranians?

The Pomeranian breed was divided into three subtypes in the 1980s. Klein, Middle, and Pomeranian were the names given to these three sizes in German. As a toy breed of dog with three various sizes, Pomeranians are well-known. The Miniature, Standard, and Throwback Pomeranians are among these. (See Bloodhound – Dog with Best Sense of Smell)

Despite not being specifically included in the breed standards, there are three categories of approved face variants for the Pomeranian. These three versions are the Pomeranian Fox Face, Baby Doll, and Teddy Bear. Some features of  these dogs are given below:

  • The fox cut on a Pomeranian is what a Pomeranian should look like, according to the breed standard. Although they lack the typical small eyes of a fox, their long, pointed snouts and short, upright, pointed ears give them a fox-like look. The large, round, expressive eyes that are characteristic of the Pomeranian breed are present in these dogs.
  • Although one of the most well-known varieties of Pomeranians, the Teddy Bear face Pomeranian may not adhere to the strict breed criteria for the Pomeranian. As implied by the name, this dog should have a more rounded and fuller face than the Fox Face Pomeranian.
  • In recent years, the Baby Doll Pomeranian has grown in favor. These canines have doll-like round features with short muzzles and expressive eyes. Their lips, noses, and eyes resemble those of newborn dolls.

2. What is the Rarest Pomeranian?

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Photo by Flouffy

Miniature Pomeranians are difficult to be found and breeding them is tough. Apart from this, Pomeranians vary in coat colors too. Although the black-coated Pom is uncommon, it is not an official color in the competition ring.

The tricolor Pomeranian is also the rarest Pomeranian in terms of coat color variation. Tricolor Poms are among the most expensive varieties of this dog breed in addition to being quite rare. Tricolor Pomeranians are extremely uncommon because the genes causing the phenotype are both uncommon and recessive.

Due to the crossbreeding of blue and beaver Pomeranians, it has a distinctive coat. The outcome is a coat that is almost purple and pinkish grey. They have lavender paw pads, eye rims, lips, and noses. Check out the 8 types of Good Emotional Support Dogs.

3. How can You tell if your Pomeranian is Purebred?

Knowing the breeds of the parents is necessary to determine whether your dog is a purebred Pomeranian. DNA tests and pedigree documents will establish that the puppy is a purebred. The majority of Pomeranians will have a short-backed and compact physique.

However, some purebred Pomeranians will have a slimmer build. Additionally, some Pomeranians will weigh more than the upper end of the breed average of 7 pounds. When a dog is adopted or rescued there is a need to check the Pomeranian Dog Standards and look for its match to their dog and other physical traits of their dog. To know about the fox cut on a Pomeranian, go through the next points which will discuss that feature in detail. (See How Dog see the World?)

4. Which Pomeranian Breed is best?

Well, all Pomeranians are adorable and are active tiny companions. Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family of dogs and gets its name from the German province of Pomerania. They gained particular notoriety after Queen Victoria permitted some of her Poms to participate in the breed’s first-ever conformation show.

Particularly in the era of designer canine breeds, other Pomeranian hybrids are becoming more and more well-liked. Additionally, Pomeranian hybrids will have distinctive characteristics derived from the parent breed. For instance, the Pomchi (Pomeranian-Chihuahua), PomaPoo(Pomeranian-Poodle), and Bichonarian (Pomeranian-Bichon Frise) are very popular mixed breeds. Must read how to pronounce Chihuahua?

5. Why does your Pomeranian have a Fox Face?

According to the breed standards, Fox-Face Pomeranians are what a purebred Pomeranian should look like. They tend to have longer snouts and pointed fox ears. Any variant besides the Pom Fox Face is likely to fall short of breed standards. There is only one type of breed in Pomeranians and these are fox-faced Poms that give the look and feel of a fox and are intelligent, active, and perfect indoor apartment pets. The fox cut on a Pomeranian is most well suited and makes the pooch outstanding in a crowd. Also, check out why are my dogs whiskers falling out?

6. What is a Fox cut on a Pomeranian?

A charming fox cut makes the people look at your pooch as if it’s a real fox. The goal of a fox cut is to give the Pomeranian a more pointed sharp face and ears. The tail has the same wild experience as a fox’s and the fur is fluffy and soft-cropped shorter. The fox cut on a Pomeranian added an extra edge to the fox face Pomeranian purebred because that is how they have originated and identified whereas Teddy Bear Face Pomeranian and doll face pomeranian are less known. (See Why do Dogs Chew on their Nails?)

7. Is Fox Face Pomeranian Purebred?

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Photo by Alvan Nee

Yes, a fox cut on a Pomeranian or a fox face Pomeranian purebred is definitely the purest breed as they have originated in the arctic region of Iceland where we find a lot of foxes too. They make amazing watchdogs and excel in learning games and tricks. They are the descendants of sled dogs unrecognized until 1870. They are playful and can adapt to any place easily.

8. How much should a Fox-Face Pomeranian weigh?

A Fox-face Pomeranian should not weigh more than 7 pounds. Full-grown preservation breeder Pomeranians often stand 8 to 11 inches tall and typically weigh between 3 to 7 pounds. Because of this structure, they are called toy dogs and look less scary and more adorable unlike foxes or other dogs. They get along well and bark a lot which can be disturbing to the neighbors. Must see why are dogs not supposed to have chocolate?

9. What is a Teddy Bear Face Pomeranian?

Besides the fox cut on a Pomeranian, the Teddy Bear face Pomeranian is one of Poms’ most well-known facial varieties because of its stunning beauty and endearing personality. They are popularly known as pom-poms or poms. These poms are born with small snouts and eyes close to the cheekbones and nose. They have the shortest muzzle (1/4th of their skull) of all the Pom breeds. With their cheeks fuller and compact bodies they instantly capture your heart and bring joy around. (See Do Dogs Feel Emotion?)

10. Why is your Pomeranian not Fluffy?

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The fluffiness of Poms is nothing but the coat of Poms. The appearance of the Pomeranian’s fluffy coat can be influenced by both genetics and medical conditions. Your Pomeranian’s less-than-fluffy coat is probably caused by their lineage. They are likely to inherit whatever their parents own just like us humans. Other factors that can influence a Poms fluffy coat are nutrition, dry weather, undiagnosed health issues, and age. Like babies, even Poms need care and grooming from time to time to maintain their fluffiness and fascinating looks. You can read about the dog health problems symptoms to get a complete idea of their health issues.

Now, that we have learned so much about the fox cut on a Pomeranian and their rarest Pomeranian breeds. It is definite that you may be tempted to buy one but hold on folks! I suggest you adopt rather than shop because adopting will remove hardships for such dogs and you will be loved more along with saving some money too. Only get a pet if you don’t have a kid because two swords cannot stay in one sheath. If you find it piece informative and interesting, share it with your friends and let them know all about the fox cut on a Pomeranian. (Also read Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Pet)

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