Final Fantasy 7 Ending Explained

What happens at the end of Final Fantasy 7? Final Fantasy 7 confusing ending explained
  1. The life stream stopped Meteor

    As Holy failed to stop Meteor and even had an opposite effect, as it was about to get rid of some humans according to Bugenhagen’s theory, the life stream stepped in and stopped Meteor.

  2. The planet was saved

    According to the movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, which is considered the extension to FFVII story, the planet and humans survived.

  3. Cloud and his friends lived

    According to the movie, Cloud and his friends survived and were not killed by the planet. Cloud and many of his friends showed up in the movie which takes place 2 years after the events in the FFVII game.

  4. Midgar was destroyed

    According to the movie, Midgar was destroyed before the life stream saved the rest of the planet.

  5. Midgar’s people escaped

    Many of Midgar’s people escaped, according to the movie, and founded the new city which was called Edge.

  6. Life flourished on the planet

    In the final scene of the ending of the game, it’s clear that the planet reached a healthy state as green plants covered Midgar fully, while many birds were seen flying.

  7. Aeris’ soul was still around

    In Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Aeris’ soul spoke to Cloud. In addition, during the ending of the game Aeris was seen as if she was overlooking what happened. This made many people conclude that Aeris is alive but in a different form. (See How to Catch a Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII (FF7))

  8. Marlene lived

    According to the movie, Marlene was still alive and she was living with both Cloud and Tifa, in addition to another orphan called Denzel.

  9. ‘I think I can meet her there’

    No clear explanation was found for this phrase which Cloud said after defeating Sephiroth, but popular fan theories suggest that this could either happen after Cloud dies then goes to the promised land or inside the life stream where the dead can speak with the living.

  10. People lived happily on the planet

    The happy cries heard at the last few seconds of the ending of the game signify that people lived in happiness after the planet was saved. (See Video Summary: Final Fantasy 7’s Epic Story in 7 Minutes)

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