7 Facts About Real Cavemen

Today: Real Cavemen, their Looks, Scientific Name, and their Daily Life
computer generated image of real cavemen

Who are real cavemen? What would they look like given the lack of clothes or scissors? Read below to learn all about real cavemen, their looks, and their daily life.

1. Did Cavemen Exist?

If the real cavemen existed or not is up to you to believe. However, there are hundreds of pieces of evidence that prove that the cavemen did in fact, existed. From the writings found on the caves to the fossils and bones, everything points towards their existence. Although, the caveman is more of a placeholder for the people that belong to the old stone age or the Palaeolithic period. These cavemen were the end of the Stone Age and the start of the Bronze Age as they found bronze. The last Stone Age person died after twenty years of the Bronze Age.

2. Who are Cavemen?

These people existed three million years ago as the Earth progressed towards its natural habitat. This was the time when most of the tools that are known to prehistoric humans were built. Cavemen were ape-like humans that wore animal skin as upper and lower hides. They are seen holding rock and stone weapons in their hands. They are also believed to have drawn different kinds of figures on caves, which were later popularized as cave paintings. Moreover, some depictions show cavemen habiting alongside dinosaurs, which seems pretty falsified. (See Who Discovered the First Dinosaur Bone?)

3. What are Real Cavemen?

Many myths have been generated from films or television. However, most of what they represent is true while many others aren’t. Real cavemen never wore any kind of animal hide or skin for a very long time as it was considered their food. They even used to hide the accumulated food because of the lack of it.  They did draw in caves but mostly lived in temporary houses that didn’t require much work on their part.

4. What was the Daily Life of a Caveman?

It is an interesting question. Unfortunately, there is no evidence other than fossil or painting discoveries to understand what cavemen did. So, let’s suppose how a day in the daily life of real cavemen would look like. We know that cavemen were intelligent enough to grasp the idea of passing time, knew methods to build weapons, understood fire & its use, and had hand drawing skills. However, their knowledge was limited to only what they saw and experienced. For example, they could only draw mammoths and humans in their paintings. (See Why do cannibals eat humans?)

Thus, it will be safe to say that a caveman on an average day would have a normal routine, which would include basic life activities such as hunting, cooking, eating, and sleeping.

5. What is the Scientific Name of Cavemen?

Their scientific name is usually considered Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis. However, some studies have also come to the conclusion that they can termed be under the umbrella of Homo Sapiens. (See A list of incredible scientific discoveries)

6. How were Cavemen Classified?

The studies are done based on the proof gathered such as fossils and bones. However, the skulls of these humans were damaged, broken, or completely destroyed resulting in a lack of evidence. But the basic study gives an idea of the real cavemen being the closest descendent of today’s human beings, homo sapiens, and the ancestors of Homo erectus. Although they share many similarities in terms of bone structure, exact pinpoint is not possible. Hence, they have been given a placeholder name of Neanderthal. To date, this word is used to represent uncivilized behaviour as a synonym for hooligans.

7. What does Modern Science say?

Science and technology in the modern world have grown to a point where we are trying to stimulate the life of cavemen through machine learning and quantum mechanics. Although the success of that scale is still far away, we have made discoveries that help us understand much more about real cavemen.

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