10 Facts About Motorized Single Wheel

What are One-Wheel Vehicles? How to operate a Motorized Vehicle and How to test it? What is the price range? What are Monowheel Skateboards and their prices?
10 facts about motorized single wheel
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Broadly classified, there are about 9 types of vehicles in the world, namely, aircraft, bicycles, cars, motor vehicles, railed vehicles, spacecraft, wagons, and watercraft. However today I am going to cover something related to motor vehicles but not with two wheels. Yes, you guessed it right. It is a motorized single wheel vehicle. Well, it is not the end because along with it, you will get to know about monowheel skateboard, monowheel test, and how much does a monowheel cost.

1. One Wheel Electric Scooter

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A recreational or sports vehicle with one wheel and a self-balancing technique is known as a one-wheel electric scooter. The rider has to put minimal effort into riding such vehicles. You may have used its other names like Monocycle, Electric Unicycle, MonoWheel, and Onewheel. (See How Fast does the Fastest Car go?)

2. Origin of Monowheels

An American inventor, Kerry Mclean built his monocycle in 1971. He built the larger version of the same in 2000 and named it McLean Rocket Roadster which was powered by a Buick V8 engine. However, unfortunately, the vehicle crashed during a test. After that, various other companies began to manufacture such vehicles on a commercial as well as a customized basis. Also, check out when was the unicycle invented?

3. Motorized Single Wheel

These vehicles are a speedy form of transportation and compact enough that you can carry them around like luggage. Its weight ranges between 17.26 kg (16 lbs.) and 34.93 kg (77 lbs.). These vehicles have a speed ranging between 10 mph (16.10 km/h) to a max of 45 mph (72.42 km/h). (See Mini Speed Boat Features)

4. Operation of Motorized Single Wheel

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Photo by Lain Lee
  • There are two footstep holders on either side of the vehicle to place your feet and stand.
  • Begin with placing your one foot, lean forward a bit, and place your second foot.
  • Now, you are standing on the footrest, fully balanced. Lean forward to accelerate and backward to slow it down.
  • For stopping the vehicle or to go in reverse you have to lean back a little more.

Some vehicles come with training wheels just like a cycle, which makes it easier for you to learn to balance. (See How does a Water Wheel work?)

5. Monowheel Test

A monowheel vehicle undergoes various tests and drives to ensure the safety of the buyer. Battery power, charging, ergonomics, handling, and much more are tested before the vehicle is launched on the market. Even so, if you feel like testing it, you have two options. First, you can watch videos of bloggers sharing their personal experiences with the vehicle. Secondly, you can try one yourself. (See What are Examples of Screw as a Simple Machine?)

6. How much does a Monowheel Cost?

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A motorized single wheel vehicle that is unlike any other scooter or bicycle and gives you an experience of speed and comfort can be a little bit heavy for your pocket. However, a monowheel skateboard can be a costly one too. You can get these vehicles based on their specifications, battery power, and other things in a price range between $500 and $25,000. However, the price of the best skateboards are given below:

  • Onewheel offers you a new monowheel skateboard at the starting price of $1050 or you can get it in installments which you have to pay for 18 to 19 months.
  • Unicool D2 comes at $500 with a 211 Wh (watt hour) battery, 10 miles (16 km) range, and 14 mph (23km/h) speed.
  • Trotter comes at $500 with a battery of 211 Wh, 7 miles (11 km) range, and 13 mph (21 km/h) speed.
  • Onewheel Pint comes at $950 with a battery of 148 Wh, a range of 7 miles (11 km), and a 16 mph (26 km/h) speed.
  • Onewheel+ XR comes at $1799 with a 324 Wh battery, 15 miles (24 km) range and a speed of about 19 miles (30 km/h). (See How does a 2 Cycle Engine work?)

7. Examples of Top Monowheels

Here I have mentioned the top 8 monowheels in the market with their pros and cons. Take a look.

  • Inmotion V8: It’s the best electrical unicycle with great speed and range. It has weather resistance with a training mode for beginners. It is portable because of the handlebar with great battery life and range. One disadvantage is its longer charging periods and is not good on off-roads. 
  • InMotion V10F: It is a one-wheel personal transporter. It has large pedals to avoid pedal scraping and has a weight capacity of about 117.93 kilograms (260 pounds). Its range is between 55 and 62 miles per charge, along with a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour (km/h). One of the Cons is its slow and non-responsive customer support services.
  • Solowheel Glide 3: It has Bluetooth connectivity and futuristic ergonomics. The battery gets fully charged within 4 to 65 hours and has an integrated speaker system. This motorized single wheel comes with a range of 25 to 30 miles per charge and a maximum speed of about 19 miles per hour (km/h). It’s a bit too expensive and rider experience decreases for people weighing 90.72 kilograms (200 pounds) or more (See What is the Most Popular Muscle Car?)
  • MTen3 10”: It’s often called the Pocket Rocket as it is portable and easy to ride. It is easy to handle and travels up to 22 miles per charge with a speed of about 25 miles per hour (km/h). The cons are that the trolley handle is missing and not recommended for long trips due to its small size.
  • Swagtron’s Swagroller: It’s a budget-friendly product. It has powerful all-terrain wheels with ease of access and supports bumpy rides. It lacks a seat which makes it unsuitable for kids under 10.
  • Superride S800: It’s also one of the best self-balancing electric unicycles. It comes with a comfy seat and can carry weight up to 127 kilograms (280 pounds). It has an electric horn, LED display, and headlight. It can be quickly charged and goes 25 miles per charge at a speed of 20 miles per hour (km/h). One disadvantage is that the seat cannot be adjusted and due to its complex design, it may take some people longer to learn (See 8 Fuel Types For Cars)
  • ArtWheel KingSong 14D: It rapidly charges with an option to remove the battery that enables the rider to install a more powerful battery or switch between batteries. Great charging design prevents it from overcharging and provides current protection and dis-charging It’s a motorized single wheel with inbuilt speakers with loud and clear sound quality. Its weight up to 13.61 kilograms (30 lbs.) makes it heavier than other monowheels.
  • IPS a130: It has waterproof and dust-resistant properties with a quick charge facility. Aesthetics and ergonomics are outstanding for kids with long-lasting and powerful battery life. It can bear weight up to kilograms (150 lbs.) only. The battery falls short in powering a 350-watt motor.

8. Working of Monowheel Skateboard

The traditional skateboard consists of wheels beneath the board, but this new gear has only one wheel that lies in the middle of the board. The wheel is fixed halfway up and halfway down the board. These types of skateboards came into existence in 2014 and over the years companies like Onewheel have been making necessary changes and improvements to the board.

These skateboards are different from your usual ones because they are powered by batteries, giving you a top of about 16 miles per hour (km/hour). With its battery backup, you can cover up to 6 to 8 miles. The motor inside this motorized single wheel skateboard keeps you balanced and helps you in propelling backward or forward. The back foot has the battery and the front foot has a microprocessor. Also, there are pressure pads below the front foot that detect your feet. (See How Does A Remote Control Work?)

9. Customized Monowheel Skate

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Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Pint offers the buyers the option to modify their skateboards.

  • You can change the wheels as clear or grooved.
  • You get to select the color of the metallic hood of the wheel and also the inner circle of the wheel.
  • You can even buy a bag pack to carry your skateboard and stand to park it at home or college. (See What is a Chuckwagon?)

10. Smartphone Application in Motorized Single Wheel

Your skateboard is backed up by a battery and to keep an eye on the battery and distance covered you will get an application. Now your smartphone is your monitor for the skateboard which tells you about the charging percentage. You can even adjust the board responses towards your riding style to make it easy to handle. (See How Long does it Take to Drive 1 Mile?)

Finally, today you got to know about motorized single wheel, monowheel skateboard, how much does a monowheel cost, and ways to take a monowheel test. Now you can get your own vehicle and enjoy the ride.

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