Do You Poop When You Die?

What happens to the Body after Death? Why do Dead Bodies excrete? What is Embalming?
do you poop when you die

Death is the permanent and inevitable cessation of all the vital processes in one’s body. Although no one knows exactly what happens to a person after death, we do know what happens to your body physically when you die. One frequently asked question is do you poop when you die. In this article, we will be answering questions related to death.

1. What is the Significance of Death?

Death marks the end of one’s life and is considered the permanent departure of a soul from the body & the world. Several believe that death is the ultimate relief from worldly affairs and sufferings. In many cultures, death is seen as a holy escape to the place the deceased belongs to, i.e. Afterlife. It is said to be the existence of the deceased after death in a parallel universe. Many theories exist surrounding the significance of death, but they all have one thing in common, i.e., the belief in the deceased acquiring eternal peace. (See Study: Consciousness after clinical death)

2. Why is Death Certification Necessary?

The government has imposed documents and certifications that are needed to be filled out before you can say goodbye to a loved one. This certification is required because many people lie about someone’s death to get their end of the bargain. A dead person receives the Death Certificate which proves their cessation, just as how a birth certificate confirms the existence of a human.

3. Do You Poop When You Die?

One of the most common questions that people ask is do you poop when you die. When someone dies, their body goes through many changes. It’s important to know that these are all perfectly natural and understandable processes. A deceased body may release stool as the muscles responsible for excretion start relaxing. As the muscles relax, they may cause urine or stool to seep out of the body. So, to answer do you poop when you die is Yes, you might. (See What does death by hanging feel like?)

4. What Happens to Blood & Organs?

Once the body reaches a Mortician for preparation, they have a few tasks at hand. Before getting started, however, they make sure to check if the deceased person had ever signed for the donation of any of their organs. If so, the organs donated are removed before the procedure. If not:

  • The mortician uses a piercing tool with a sucking system to take care of the hollow organs like lungs and heart. He punctures them to drain out the blood from the body as it can rot very easily.
  • Then, any fluid present in the body is also drained out, including the urine.
  • Finally, the organs are retained and preserved by embalming.

5. What is Embalming?

Embalming can be simply defined as the art & process of sterilizing the deceased human body to protect it from decaying. After draining out blood from the body, a mixture of various chemicals such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, methanol, and other solvents are injected into the dead body during this process. This helps in the preservation and delaying of changes happening inside the deceased body. Embalming is practiced because of both practical and theological reasons. (See How does burning to death feel like?)

6. Do Dead Bodies Smell?

Besides the question do you poop when you die, people also wonder if the dead body smells. For a few couple of hours, they don’t smell at all. Later, during the embalming process, a mortician adds enough disinfectant liquid to cover up the rotten smell. However, in the case of a decaying body, the smell can be expressed as an age-old steak being grilled at the highest temperature. People who have worked with dead bodies often admit to avoiding steak as they can’t seem to bear the smell of it anymore due to the resemblance. (See How does freezing to death feel like?)

7. Is Death Painful?

Now we know do you poop when you die, but do you wonder if they feel pain when they are dying. There are many theories regarding this worry, some suggest that it is painful while others don’t. It is surely a difficult question to answer but one thing is certain, that slow death is more painful than sudden death. Additionally, death feels like a better option to some people as they consider their miserable life more painful than death. (See What does being strangled to death feel like?)

It is a scary yet certain thought, but we should rather focus on living life to the fullest!

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