Do Women Have Adam’s Apple?

What is Adam’s Apple? Do Men and Women both have Adam’s Apples? What is its Purpose? 
Do women have adams apple

Ever wondered why men have a bump in their throat? And do women have Adam’s apple too? Read ahead to find out!

1. What is the Term Adam’s Apple?

Adam’s Apple originated from the Latin word Pomum Adami, is simply defined as a bump that is present on the human neck. Whereas it is, in fact, present in the form of a lump inside the neck. The lump forms an angle that surrounds the larynx or the voice box and is formed by the thyroid cartilage. It is usually found in males. Adam’s apple is formed in the neck of an adolescent during the time of puberty. The next segment will answer do women have Adam’s apple! (See How many bones in the human body?)

2. Do Women have Adam’s Apple?

A question might come to your mind – do women have Adams Apples? To simply answer the question, yes. Women also have Adam’s apple as it is a structural part of the human body. It is usually seen in the adolescent phase of puberty, although, it is not visible on women’s necks because of structural differences in the male and female bodies. Simply put, men have a larger and more visible larynx than women. This also results in men having a thicker and more protective neck than many women. However, there are some women who have a visible larynx too. 

3. What is the Structure of Adam’s Apple?

It is a lump of bone that is formed underneath the skin when a person hits puberty. It has a bluntly sharped edge at the end and is connected to the larynx or the voice box in the human body. During the phase of puberty, adolescents, especially males tend to grow an Adam’s Apple which is larger in size than that of women. This is because, in women, the Adam’s Apple is usually seated on the upper edge of thyroid cartilage which makes it less visible. (See What do women find attractive in men?)

4. What is the Purpose of Adam’s Apple?

The main purpose of Adam’s Apple is to provide wall-like protection in front of the larynx and the vocal cords as they are present directly below and hidden underneath the Adams Apple. It not only helps in the protection of vocal cords but changes the voice as well. It results in the deepening or sharpening of the voice. Although, the lack of Adam’s apple doesn’t mean that you can’t do this; it just enhances these traits. (See Fastest Female Runner in the World)

5. How to Get Adam’s Apple?

Modern technology has advanced enough to genetically modify a human’s bone and add an extra one as well. Some people view the Adam’s Apple as an attractive asset while some get it to appear larger. There are some people who lack Adam’s apple, and it is still negated to add a bone as everyone is built differently and it could be a dangerous task to add an extra bone. An extra layer of capillaries is added and placed on the thyroid cartilage. This helps in creating the effect of Adams Apple. Since we know the answer to do women have Adam’s apple, they might wish to enhance it. People who are suffering from gender dysphoria are usually the ones to undergo this surgery. (See How to Breathe through Both Nostrils?)

Do women have adams apple

6. How to Remove Adam’s Apple?

To remove Adam’s apple, you have two options:

  • You can either shrink it, where the capillaries will be taken away that will eventually shrink the bone and turn it small. You still will have Adam’s apple, but it will not be visible to the naked eye.
  • Or you can get rid of it completely where surgery is performed and the area is covered with gum which brings the bone together. It is later removed once they have taken a shape. The recovery time is about a month with constant health checks to ensure that the contamination isn’t spreading.

7. What are its Different Forms?

Adam’s apple heavily depends on the vocal cords or voice box. So the larger the size of your voice box or the vocal cords, the larger the size of Adam’s apple. People who have a deeper voice tend to have a larger Adam’s apple as well. Although, this doesn’t translate to them having a clearer or louder voice. (See 6 Female vs Male Sign Fun Facts)

8. Why is it called Adam’s Apple?

The reason lies in the myths of Adam and Eve, who are believed to be the first two people who have walked the path of the Earth. Our world is filled with sins because two of them didn’t bother to listen to God and ate the fruit that was forbidden. Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise to Earth, and one day Adam found an apple and tried to eat it. However, it ended up stuck inside his neck and became a part of his bones. (Also read Why Are Apples Associated with Teachers?)

Now you know the answer to queries like why is it called Adam’s apple, do women have Adam’s apple, and how to remove it.

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