Do French Fries Really Come From France?

Are French Fries Truly French? Were French fries invented in France? Who Invented French Fries?
Do French Fries Really Come From France?
  1. History of potatoes

    As per the current situation, potatoes are considered staple food all over Europe; however, things were not the same during the 16th century. In fact, potatoes were newly introduced in Europe in the late 1600s when the Spanish army brought the potatoes from Peru to their home country. Then onwards, potatoes got significant recognition in Italy and all other surrounding countries. (See Are Potatoes Vegetables or Fruits?)

  2. Are French Fries truly French?

    French has undoubtedly given many different things, including a sewing machine, hot air balloon, and the bikinis. However, the French cannot claim this one thing to be given by them that certainly is French Fries. It is said that American Soldiers in Belgium discovered French fries during World War I in the late 1600s.

    People started calling this dish French fries as the native language of southern Belgium is French, and as these were fried, the name of the tasty potatoes dish was dubbed as ‘French Fries.’

  3. What place exactly french fries come from?

    According to a local Belgian More, the Meuse valley villagers eat fried fish after catching them from the local river. The original ‘fry’ was born in francophone Belgium. In 1680, one cold winter, the river got frozen. Because of the fishes’ unavailability during that time, the villagers got accustomed to ostensibly fried potatoes. (See Why are they called “Ears” of Corn?)

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