Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?

Why do cats have nine lives? The facts behind a cat’s nine lives.
Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?
  1. Do cats genuinely have nine lives?

    The answer to this question is no. It is just myths that have been around for a couple of years. The main reason for the eminence of the cat’s nine lives is its capability to jump and land.

  2. Origins of the saying

    It is not sure where this myth came from. There was a saying in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays and for the last three he stays.” This proverb was used to describe a cat’s life cycle from being a kitten to an adult cat and then a senior cat. But, people start thinking about it differently.

  3. Cat’s Godlike Nature in Ancient Egypt

    Archaeologists say that Egyptians say nine because they connect it with their sun god, Atum-Ra. In old Egypt, cats were revered as gods. They were said to be divine creatures with supernatural powers. Ra gave birth to eight different gods, and Ra often took the body of a cat, so people commenced connecting the nine lives with catlike longevity.

  4. Why nine lives?

    When the myth of multiple lives of a cat comes, it almost comes of nine lives.  It is that nine is considered a magic number, which might also be one reason why cats are attributed to nine lives. In ancient Greece, the number nine was said to be the trinity of all trinities and is assumed to be mystical in several mythologies.

  5. Can cats defeat mortality?

    Cats are considered to be brilliant and intelligent creatures that have quick decision-making skills. They judge things well, run in front of cars, jump from high places, and climb the trees, but this does not mean that they can cheat death or have nine lives.

  6. Unique cat

    A unique cat is the world’s oldest cat, and she is 28 years old. She is still well, and her name is Pinky; she is still healthy, eats well, and has beautiful fur. It is the oldest cat in existence and is really wise.

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