Do Bulls Hate Red?

Why is it told to not Appear before a Bull if you are wearing Red? Why do the Bulls hate the Red Colour? Can they be Controlled?
do bulls hate red

From a young age, you must have seen and heard about the bulls hating the colour red. But the reason behind it was always unclear. Some points clarify that the bulls are colour blind, but then why do bulls attack red every time? And do bulls hate red when the bullfighter teases them in the ring or are they just annoyed? If they don’t know the colour of the cloth, then why is the red colour chosen to be used during the bullfight? So, there are lots of questions that are still unanswered. Continue reading to know the answers to these questions. 

1. What are the Features of Bull?

Horned black cow and horned brown bull in a field: do bulls hate red 2

For a long time, in many cultures, bulls have been an important symbol and a part of a variety of cultural activities such as bullfighting and bull riding. They also play a significant role in other activities such as dairy farming and beef ranching. So, do bulls hate red and therefore attack the man with the red cape?

They belong to the mammal group and they may or may not have horns which depend on their breed. Their features are as follows. (Also read 14 Interesting Facts about Mammals)

  • A bull is a male while its female counterpart is a cow.
  • Compared to cows, bulls are more muscular with thicker bones, larger feet, a very muscular neck, and a large bony head with protective ridges over the eyes. Some even have a hump on their back.
  • In some parts of the world, they are known as an ox. Their height is the same as that of a cow, but mostly it is a little taller than cows.
  • They belong to the group in which they fight with the other bulls in order to claim the cow for the mating process. There are a number of breeds of cows and bulls living in different parts of the world. (Also read Do Bees Have Ears?)

2. What is the Cultural Importance of Bull?

Bull standing in front of sunlight: do bulls hate red 3

Bulls hold an important place in human culture, though in many countries ox is used to plough fields. Apart from playing an important role in agricultural practices, they are seen to have huge importance during ancient times. Must read origin of an ogre.

  • Both ox and bull represent wealth, courage, and overall power on the Earth.
  • Historians have discovered their paintings in the caves and those paintings are estimated to be 17,000 years old.
  • In 2150 BC their presence is found in an epic poem, which is known to be among the few initially written texts in history. That poem is considered to be the second after the text found on pyramids to be the first historical text.
  • In Hinduism, they are worshipped as the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Apart from it, they hold special significance in Spanish culture as well. But their importance is clearly visible by their presence as one of the Zodiac signs, Taurus. (See What’s your zodiac sign?)

3. What is the Reason behind their Aggressive Nature?

The reason behind their aggressive nature depends on various factors,

  • One of the factors is its breed. Being from the breeds of mammals who fight for domination over females, obviously makes them the ones with temperament problems. But do bulls hate red because of their anger issues? (See How Do Porcupines Attack?)
  • The second reason is that they are usually kept away in isolation from the rest of the herd. So, they become irritated and furious when kept among the other cattle or herd after the isolation.
  • The third reason simply is because they are scared. They are already annoyed with the people in the stadium who are shouting and screaming. The poor creature gets scared and annoyed by the environment and therefore, is seen attacking that red colour cloth in the bullfighting, known as Muleta. (See 7 Facts About Dog Sled Teams)

4. Why do Bulls attack Red?

A bull fight: do bulls hate red 1

Do bulls hate red? Actually, the bulls do not hate red and attack the red cloth. They are colour blind and cannot see colours like green and red. All cattle are colour blind. So, when they cannot see the colour, it is clear that their aggression is not because of the colour. (Also read  Why does Black Absorb more Heat?)

During a bullfight, the matador, the person in the ring with the red cloth, moves the muleta continuously in front of the bull, and this is the real reason for the bull to become angry and violent. Bull is irritated by the movement of the cape and hence advances towards it. The red colour of the cape is to cover the bloodstains of the bull when the matador pierces him with his sword. (Also read Adorable Golden Possum that Looks like Pikachu)

Do bulls hate red? The confusion is now clear because, when they cannot see the red colour there is no reason to hate it. So why do bulls attack red is clearly because of the environment, their mood, and the movement of the muleta but not because of the colour red. (See 10 Types Of Dart Frogs)

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