7 Different Curling Sport Equipment

What is a Curling Sport? How Old is it? What is the List of Different types of equipment used? What is a Curling Sheet? What are the Different Types of Curling Shoes?
7 Different Curling Sport Equipment

There are numerous sports around the world and every sport has its equipment and set of rules. Some rules or forms may be similar between the two games. One such game is Curling. It is an interesting game, but now I wonder about the curling sport equipment. And is curling sticks sport similar to that of a hockey stick? You will know about all of these as you continue reading the article.

Define Curling Sport

It is a sport in which players have to slide a stone into the target circles over an ice sheet. There are four concentrated circles on the ice sheet. The players hit the stones with the curling stick. (See What is a Slam Dunk?)

Origin of Curling Sticks Sport

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Archeologists have discovered a stone inscription from 1511 and claim that curling existed in Scotland from as early as the 16th century. Curling is even depicted in two paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, namely Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap and The Hunters in the Snow. (See When was the Unicycle Invented?)

7 Different Curling Sport Equipment

A good deal of curling sport equipment is used in the curling game. They are as follows. (See What is the Best Martial Art?)

  • Curling Broom,
  • Curling Gloves and Mittens,
  • Curling Sheet,
  • Curling Stone,
  • Pants,
  • Shoes, and
  • Stopwatch. 

1. Curling Broom

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It is like a long stick with a brush at the bottom tip. It is used to sweep the ice surface in the path of the stone. It is also used as a balancing aid while the player delivers the stone into the circle. Earlier, the brooms were made similar to household brooms and were made from corn strands. With time, the corn stands were replaced with brushes. These brushes are made from hog hair, horsehair, or fabric. The brush handles are hollow tubes. These tubes are made from carbon fiber or fiberglass. 

Broom brushes made from the directional fabric were once used in the game. But being afraid that it would alter the fundamentals of the game, the players signed the expedition against this broom, which created the broom gate controversy in 2016.  After the controversy, only one standardized brush head was approved by the World Curling Federation. It is the mustard yellow broom head that is the certified broom head to play the curling sport. (See Debunking Witches Flying on Brooms)

2. Curling Gloves and Mittens

In curling sport equipment, gloves are essential because they provide a good grip on the broom and keep the hands warm. There are two most popular types of curling gloves or mittens which are made from the materials, calfskin, and deerskin. The former is a bit expensive but more durable than the latter one. (See Fastest Female Runner in the World)

3. Curling Sheet

Curling sheet: curling sport equipment 1

According to the rules of curling laid down by the World Curling Federation, the surface on which the game is played is known as the curling sheet. This is a rectangular sheet of ice that is made as flat as possible. The backboards are the short borders of the sheet. The details of the curling sheet are given below. (See How does a Thermos Work?)

  • The sheet is 45 to 46 m (146 to 150 feet) long and the width is 4.4 to 5 m (14.5 to 16.5 feet). The ice is usually frozen with the help of refrigeration plants pumping brine solution. The surface of the ice and its durability is maintained at the temperature of -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). 
  • The sheet is divided into 4 quarters by a parallel line of 4.9 m (16 feet) from and to the backboards. The target or house contains a center circle like the bull’s eyes which is known as the button. In curling sport equipment, there are three concentric circles surrounding the center circles. From outer to inner, the diameter of these circles is 3.66 m (12 feet), 2.44 m (8 feet), and 1.22 m (4 feet), respectively. 
  • The water droplets are sprayed on the ice to form pebbles. These pebbles resemble the orange peel and when the stone travels on this pebbled ice it can travel further. The pebbled surface reduces the friction between the surface and the stone. The stone travels in a curled direction because as it moves over the pebbles, the raised surface causes it to curl. (See Who Invented the Sticky Note?)

4. Curling Stone

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It is a stone or pebble that is made from granite. In North America, it is known as a rock. The rock is concave at the base. There is a handle at the top surface of the stone, which allows the stone to be held and rotated upon its release. Handles are colored and these colors identify the teams. However, red and yellow colors are the most common colors of these handles. According to the World Curling Federation,

  • The average weight of the stone must be between 17.24 and 19.96 kg (38 and 44 pounds).
  • The minimum height should not be below 114.3 mm (4.5 inches).
  • The circumference must not exceed 914.4 mm (36 inches).

In curling sports equipment, stone holds a place similar to the puck in ice hockey. To make these curling stones, the granite being used is brought from two sources. They are Ailsa Craig, an island off the shore of the Ayrshire coast, Scotland. It is a traditional source of granite for stones. The second one is from the Trefor Granite from the Quarry, Wales. (See What are Rubies made of?)

5. Pants

The commonly used material for the curling pants is the polyester cotton fabric. The pant needs to be sewed such that it fits the waist but has a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh. The leg part must be straight. The pant needs to be made stretchy overall to accommodate the performance of the players. (See Plague Doctor Suit Meaning)

6. Shoes

Curling Shoes

Curling shoes are similar to other athletic shoes but the only difference is their sole. Curling shoes have two types of soles and are thus named after them. The purposes of both shoes are different. Slider shoes are known as sliders. Gripper shoes are known as grippers. (See What is Marathon Distance?)

  • Slider shoes: These shoes have a Teflon sole that allows the players to glide and slide smoothly over the sheet. The thrower wears them during the delivery from the hack and the sweepers wear them to glide down the ice. (See Why Are They Called DC Shoes?)
  • Gripper shoes: A special material is added to the sole of these shoes to enable a strong grip over the ice while gliding and sliding during the game. The thrower that kicks off from the hack during the delivery often wears the gripper.

7. Stopwatch

Curling sport equipment is essential equipment because it records the time and the speed of the stones over a fixed distance. A stopwatch is attached to the broom or the clothing of players. (See How Do You Say 12:30 In Spanish?)

So, today you got to know about the different curling sport equipment along with the materials used to make the curling sticks sport. Share this playful information with your sporty friends and family members. (See How does a Water Wheel work?)

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