Dead Silence Movie Ending Explained

What is the movie Dead Silence about? Dead Silence movie ending explained
  1. A boy heckled Mary Shaw

    It has been shown that 70 years ago, she was heckled by a boy during one of her shows. The boy stated that he saw her lips moving while Billy was talking.

  2. Mary Shaw killed the boy

    After this incident, Mary Shaw kidnapped that boy and killed him. Then she turned him into a dummy as she was already in the hunt for a perfect dummy.

  3. The Ashen family killed Mary

    The Ashen family searched for Mary. It was not easy to find her, so they took the help of the town’s people and finally found her. First, they cut her tongue and after that killed Mary.

  4. The spirit of Mary decided to take revenge

    The spirit of Mary comes and decided to kill everyone involved in killing her, including their children and grandchildren. She cut off the tongue of everyone the way they did it to her and made them silent.

  5. Mary chased Jaime’s family

    She also chases Jaime’s family to take revenge. Jamie was the relative of the boy who bullied Mary.

  6. Mary Killed Jaime’s wife

    It is unfortunate to watch, but she kills Jamie’s wife as she was the bearer of his child. Mary planned to kill all the relatives of the boy who chased her. (See The Autopsy of Jane Doe Movie Explained)

  7. Mary killed Jaime’s father

    She also kills Jaime’s father and turns him into a doll. Later on, you would get to know that Jamie was not talking to his father but Mary’s soul in the complete movie.

  8. Jaime’s stepmother is a doll

    She turned both Jamie’s mother and father into a toy that she was controlling. His mother was the perfect doll that she was trying to make for a long time. (See Voice from the Stone (2017) movie ending explained)

  9. Mary lives inside dolls

    She stays alive till the time her dolls remain intact. Jamie tries to kill all the dolls and become successful in doing so, but he cannot mill the doll of his father and stepmother. This is the reason why Jamie gets killed at the end of the movie.

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