Characteristics of Generation Z

Generation Z Characteristics & Traits | 22 Defining Characteristics of Generation Z
  1. More comfortable with technology

    As a result of growing up in an Era where technology is widespread generation Z became more comfortable around technology than earlier generations.

  2. It’s believed they are more narcissistic

    Some people suggest that generation Z are more narcissistic than earlier generations as they were raised in an age where Selfies, Instagram, twitter and other tools that promote narcissism were very popular.

  3. They are more entrepreneurial

    Generation Z are believed to be more entrepreneurial than earlier generations. This claim was backed by many surveys that showed that a large number of generation Z wanted to have their own businesses.

  4. They are Impatient

    As a result of growing in an age where technology made so many things happen fast Generation Z became much more impatient than the previous generations.

  5. They have a shorter attention span

    As a result of growing up in an age full of distractions , because of technology, generation Z developed a much shorter attention span. (See How to Improve Your Attention Span?)

  6. More knowledgeable and less easily impressed

    As the internet made knowledge easily available to everyone Generalization Z is believed to generally be more knowledgeable and less easily impressed.

  7. They think highly of generation Y

    According to one Survey generation Z thinks highly of generation Y. (See Characteristics of Generation Y (Millennials))

  8. It’s believed they are more ambitious

    Generation Z grew in a time where many young entrepreneurs became famous and rich after starting their Tech companies. This might have led generation Z to become more ambitious than the previous generations who weren’t that exposed to such success stories.

  9. They are conformists

    According to a report published by by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s innovation and futurism division generation Z are conformists and not rebels.

  10. They want to make a positive impact in the world

    It’s believed that generation Z are not only ambitious but that their ambition is connected to providing value and leaving a positive impact in the world.

  11. They value honesty

    According to a survey Generation Z respondents said that honesty is one of the most important values of  leader and that they expect people to be honest to them.

  12. They want to get involved

    Generation Z want to get involved in activities instead of passively viewing them. The Ice bucket challenge is a good example that shows how generation Z are more likely to take action than watch from a distance.

  13. They use YouTube more often

    Generation Z are believed to be heavy users of Youtube compared to Facebook. They spend more time on Youtube than they do on Facebook.

  14. They don’t care much about online privacy

    Contrary to previous generations generation Z doesn’t seem to care much about online privacy.

  15. They are more creative

    Generation Z are believed to be more creative and innovative than the previous generations.

  16. They are multitaskers

    Generation Z do many things in the same time as a result of being raised in an Era dominated by Technology.

  17. They are less concerned with money

    While generation Z are ambitious their ambition seems to be more related to leaving an impact rather than being related to collecting money.

  18. They use internet a lot

    Generation Z spends nearly every waking hour online.
    46% are connected 10 or more hours per day to the internet.

  19. They prefer to shop online

    They spend more of their income shopping online than other generations.

  20. They respond best to visuals and sounds

    Generation Z prefers visuals and sounds over text. They express themselves with memes, frequent Snapchat and Instagram and 54% of them visits YouTube each day. They prefer simple, short,  and interactive content.

  21. Their attention span is very low

    Google says Generations Zs attention span is just 2.8 seconds. That the main reason they value simplicity, shortness and interactivity. See Event Summary: Google conference Hit It Digital, April 14th 2016., Zagreb for more information.

  22. They like video games a lot

    66% of kids aged 6-11 say online gaming is their main source of entertainment.

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