Characteristics of Generation Y (Millennials)

Millennials: Definition & Characteristics of Generation Y | Characteristics of Generation Y
  1. They were born between 1980 and 2000

    Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000. Those born a few years before or after that period could also be millennials.

  2. They are overly connected to their parents

    Millennials are more comfortable staying in frequent touch or sharing the same roof with their parents during their 20s and 30s.

  3. They value lifestyle over career

    Millennials are more concerned with retaining their lifestyle than chasing a career. They value individuality above a predefined path.

  4. They have busy after-work lives

    Millennials choose careers that allow them to live the life they desire, busy with after-work activities.

  5. They are often philanthropes

    Millennials are often involved in philanthropic activism. They often contribute to the causes that reduce global poverty and improve animal welfare.

  6. They are multitaskers

    Millennials do many things at the same time as a result of being raised in a technological era.

  7. They are concerned with health

    Millennials grew up in the era where regular exercise was recognized as being vital to good health, life and social recognition. They are more concerned with regular exercise and health than any previous generation.

  8. They text more

    Millennials spend more time texting and messaging than having phone conversations.

  9. They are technologically more savy

    As a result of growing up in an era where technology is widespread, generation Y became more comfortable around technology than earlier generations .They share this trait with generation Z. (See Why do some people fear technology?)

  10. They are narcissistic

    Some suggest that millennials are narcissistic as they came up with selfies, Instagram, Twitter and other modern tools that promote narcissism.They are also -40% less emphatic than previous generations.

  11. They postpone adult roles

    Millennials postpone some adult roles such as being a father/mother or husband/wife. They also view life less seriously. Because of this, they have been called the ‘Peter Pan generation’.

  12. They aren’t overly religious

    Millennials aren’t overly religious and have less faith in organized religion. They still tend to believe in God in larger numbers but avoid church service. Some believe this is because they greatly value individuality.

  13. They are escapists

    Millennials love fantasy, science fiction and other forms of escapism, like movies, series, books and games.

  14. They have shorter attention spans

    As a result of growing up in an age full of distractions, because of technology, millennials developed a much shorter attention span. (See How to Improve Your Attention Span?)

  15. Some compare them to the ‘Lost Generation’

    Some compare Millennials to the Lost Generation that was affected by World War I. This is because most Millennials have high aspirations but are unable to achieve them because of today’s economic situation.

  16. They have fragile egos

    Millennials are easily hurt and have fragile egos. Some believe this is due to them being overly pampered in their youth.

  17. They are more entrepreneurial

    Millennials are more entrepreneurial; they value their own businesses over corporate careers. It is believed that some of them inspired generation Z to become even more ambitious.

  18. They are more humorous

    Some Millennials often react childishly in serious situations or retain a non-serious attitude at an older age. There is no distinct border between childhood and adulthood that occurred with earlier generations.

  19. They are nostalgic

    Millennials are often nostalgic and value retro trends. Some believe this is because they grew up in an era where technology didn’t dominate daily lives so much. More time was being devoted to social interaction with friends and outside fun.

  20. They want a meaningful life

    Millennials want to live meaningful, fulfilling lives, and aren’t concerned with achieving the American Dream.

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