Characteristics of Generation X

Common Characteristics of Generation X Professionals | Characteristics of Generation X
  1. They were born between 1965 and 1980

    Generation X was born between 1965 and 1980. Those who were born a few years before or after that period might also be part of Generation X.

  2. They are highly educated

    Generation X is highly educated and many of the members strive to get a college degree. Generation X holds the highest education levels among the current age groups.

  3. They value family life

    One of the main Generation X’s goals is to have a perfect family: a happy marriage with kids.

  4. They balance between careers and family

    Generation X harmoniously balances between career success and family life.

  5. They volunteer a lot

    Generation X is the generation that volounteers the most of all generations. A 2012 study showed that Generation X volunteer rates in the U.S. are 29.4% per year.

  6. They are concerned with human rights

    Generation X are very concerned with human rights and individual freedom for all.

  7. They fight corruption and dictatorship

    Due to them highly valuing freedom and human rights, Generation X actively fights corruption, dictatorships, and other kinds of abuse.

  8. They love visual art

    Generation X values art in all its forms. Many famous artists and movie directors are part of Generation X. (See Characteristics of Generation Y (Millennials)

  9. They love music

    Generation X is often called the MTV Generation. The emergence of music videos, new wave, electronic, synthpop, glam rock, heavy metal, glam metal, punk rock, pop punk, alt rock, grunge and hip hop all occurred during their time.

  10. They are more accepting

    Generation X is more accepting of mixing with members of other races, religions, social classes, and cultures. (See Why are some people so racist?)

  11. They believe in long-term change

    Generation X believes in long-term change through economic, media and consumer actions.

  12. They were loners in their youth

    Many of Generation X were loners in their youth. They were disconnected from society and everyday life in various ways, such as video games and music.

  13. They are cynical

    Generation X went through many political scandals and have lost faith in the government. They would often describe governments as incapable and amateurish. This has made them cynical.

  14. They stayed alone in their youth often

    Young Generation X members often either dealt with working parents or divorced ones. This made them more free and able because they had to do things on their own.

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