Can you really see who viewed your profile on Facebook?

Can I tell who’s looking at my Facebook profile? Is there a real way to see who views your profile on Facebook?
Can you really see who viewed your profile on Facebook?
  1. Curious to know who viewed your profile?

    Do various people want to know who viewed their profile? But, the question is, how, is there any to find this? Loads of people say that third-party applications help you know who viewed your profile, but does that actually work, or are they completely reliable?

  2. Can you really see who viewed your profile on Facebook?

    The answer to this is no. Facebook says that there is no way on your profile where you could get the exact information on people checking or stalking your profile. They say that even third-party apps cannot provide this functionality. See Why some people are always online on Facebook?

  3. Indicators

    There are a few ways through which you might get an idea of people watching your profile-

    Method 1 – Open your Facebook app; you would see three lines on the right side, tap on it, and select the Friends option from the list. Choose the option ‘All Friends,’ now you would be able to see the list of people with whom you interact most. In the case on the top, if you see someone’s name whom you do not interact with much, then there are chances that he/she is viewing your profile.

    Method 2- Open the Facebook app or on your desktop and login. If you are already logged in, then it would open your news feed. Tap on the text box next to your news feed page. Usually, a phrase is written on a text box stating, “What’s on your mind?”

    You can type any statement, joke, or facts but remember, do not write anything sensitive. Also, do not tag anyone. Click post on the bottom right corner of the page, and on mobile, click on the share button placed on the upper-right corner. After a couple of hours, see who liked your status and commented on it.

    Do this at least five times and compare the people who like all your posts and comments. This will tell you about the people who view your profile the most.

  4. Third-party apps

    You would see many apps claiming they can tell people who viewed your Facebook profile. As per Facebook, if you come across any such app, you should instantly report that app on Facebook. You can do this easily by going on your Facebook profile and following these steps:

    • On your Facebook profile, go to settings.
    • You will see numerous options, select Apps and Websites.
    • You will get various options; choose View and Edit.
    • Then at the bottom of the page, you will see Give Feedback.
    • There would be six issues mentioned there; select as per your problem and click Next.
    • Select Done to finish
  5. How to see who viewed your pages?

    You cannot see the information on how many people viewed your Facebook profile, but there are methods to see who viewed the Facebook pages you run. It is effortless; go to your Facebook profile; you would see the Insights’ option on the top menu. This feature would give you loads of exciting information such as the number of page views, how many followers you have, likes, engagements, and much more. (See Why Facebook is better than Instagram?)

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