Calendar 2022

Have you seen the Calendar of 2022? Is the Calendar 2022 interesting to you? Are you done marking your Holidays and Travel Plans on the Calendar?
Calendar 2022

The past two or say three years have taken a disastrous toll on the world as a whole. Now people just melancholically wait for the calendar pages to turn from the 31st of December to the 1st of January in the hopes of finding some solace in their chaotic lives filled with mortal pain. Calendar 2022 however came as a much-needed break in these times of despair. When the covid cases went down this year, people again started analyzing their calendars. They started looking at the calendar 2022 in the quest of finding the probable holidays and started planning how they were going to spend them. Some started planning foreign getaways and some cozy trips with friends and family. Now holidays were again a thing of interest.

1. What are the Holidays in 2022?

Well, why bother finding the calendar 2022 offline when you can just find your holiday list here and plan it while learning some interesting facts related to the calendar as well. Let’s look at the holiday calendar 2022 for US holidays. (See How Many Number of Days in a Month?)

January 1, 2022 Saturday New Year’s Day
January 17, 2022 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14, 2022 Monday Valentine’s Day
February 21, 2022 Monday Washington’s Birthday
April 18, 2022 Monday Tax Day
April 27, 2022 Wednesday Administrative Professionals Day
May 8, 2022 Sunday Mother’s Day
May 30, 2022 Monday Memorial Day
June 19, 2022 Sunday Father’s Day
July 4, 2022 Monday Independence Day
September 5, 2022 Monday Labor Day
October 10, 2022 Monday Columbus Day
October 31, 2022 Monday Halloween
November 11, 2022 Friday Veterans Day
November 24, 2022 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
November 25, 2022 Friday Day after Thanksgiving Day
December 24, 2022 Saturday Christmas Eve
December 25, 2022 Sunday Christmas Day
December 26, 2022 Monday Christmas Day (substitute day)
December 31, 2022 Saturday New Year’s Eve

2. Daylight Saving Time – When do we Change our Clocks?

DST: Calendar 2022 3

Daylight saving time (DST) is referred to as summertime for many countries in the world. During this time people try to utilize sunlight efficiently. They change the times in their clocks during the summer months to move an hour of sunlight from the morning time to the evening. It means that you lose an hour in the morning and gain one in the evening, and the day becomes 23 hours long. Also, check out how do you say 12:30 in Spanish?

This practice is used to save up on energy and to use daylight in a better way. In 1918, a bill was passed in the USA to introduce the season time shift. Daylight Saving Time was thus introduced in the country but lasted only 7 months but then again it was applied during the second world war by President Franklin Roosevelt. This then lasted from 1942 to 45. After the Uniform Time Act in 1966, DST was imposed sometimes for months and once even for a year. It has continued till now and some people even debate whether to make daylight saving time a year-around affair. (See How Long is a Decade and a Century?)

3. When does Daylight Saving Time start and end in 2022?

DST: Calendar 2022 4

DST is followed in all European countries and a lot of non-European countries as well. The start and end times, as well as dates of DST, vary in a lot of countries. Currently, in the USA, DST starts from the 2nd Sunday of March and ends around the 1st Sunday of November. So, in accordance with calendar 2022, the USA started DST on Sunday, 13th March, 2 A.M. where time was turned forward to one hour at 3 A.M. It will come to an end on Sunday, 6th November, 2 A.M. when clocks will be turned backward by an hour. (See Date Format UK vs US)

4. Who created the 2022 Calendar and Why?

Today the world follows the Gregorian calendar type and even the calendar 2022 is a Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is also called the new or modern style calendar. It was officially declared as a reform of the Julian calendar in 1852 by Pope Gregory XIII. (Also read What is Grandfather Clock History?)

It replaced the Julian calendar because the Julian calendar was unable to depict how much time it actually takes for the Earth to circle once around the Sun, that is 1 tropical year. The Julian calendar had an excess of leap years as a leap year was added every 4 years. It also measured a solar year as 365.25 days whereas the Gregorian calendar measures a solar year as 365.2422 days. Because the Julian calendar followed the 365.25 days measurement it made a lot of mistakes and caused the calendar’s seasonal dates to regress nearly one day per century. The Gregorian calendar is thus more precise than Julian’s. Must read how many minutes are there in a Year?

5. Things You May Not Know About Gregorian Calendar

Calendar 2022 2

The Gregorian calendar is such an essential part of our lives now. The world runs according to it. You see it hanging on your wall or just casually placed on your desk, or even on your phone’s calendar. Have you ever wondered how this piece of paper that keeps fluttering around our walls has such a fascinating history behind it? Without it, our days and even nights would have been something different.  Also, check out why is Philosophy important today?

  • The Gregorian calendar is very important today but did you know it wasn’t until 2016 that Saudi Arabia switched to it.
  • Pope Gregory XIII first introduced the Gregorian calendar on 4th October 1582. Thus October 4th of calendar 2022 will mark the 440th anniversary of the Gregorian Calendar.
  • It was actually named after Pope Gregory XIII.
  • This calendar is only 11 minutes different from the Julian calendar.
  • To date, it is the most widely used civil calendar.
  • The Julian calendar measures the length of a year as 465 days and 6 hours. This year’s length was quite inaccurate after a thousand-year of its introduction. This inaccuracy was causing Easter to fall quite late in the year. Believe it or not, the Gregorian calendar was introduced to thus shorten the length of the year and solve this problem.
  • The days between October 5 and October 14, 1582, have never existed. The transition from Julian to the Gregorian calendar was made a day after the Oct 4th in 1582 when it was introduced as Oct 15th and thus 10 days were skipped in history. (See 6 Official Languages of UN

Well isn’t it quite interesting how things you just randomly see around you depict the time and space you live in? A mere change in them and you would time travel even without getting on a time machine. Without this calendar, today’s calendar 2022 would also have been some other combination of numbers you were planning your year around. (See Flip a Coin 100 Times How many Heads or Tails would appear?)

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