11 Best Villager Jobs Minecraft

Who are the best Minecraft villager jobs to trade with? How to trade with villagers in Minecraft?
best villager jobs Minecraft

Ever since the villagers were added to Minecraft in 2012, they have become a crucial part of the gaming experience. Villagers are one of the reasons why the game feels so lively. Moreover, interacting with these villagers will often, help you to advance in Minecraft. There are 15 villager jobs Minecraft that you can choose from. It can get confusing for many players to decide which villager trades they should allow their villagers to perform. This decision is crucial as it can affect your game by deciding what the villages will produce. Hence, one must select the best villager jobs Minecraft and best villager trades for emeralds in Minecraft, which will turn in the most profit to the player.

1. Farmer

Just like in real life, farmers are the building blocks of the economy in Minecraft. They are necessary to maintain a sustainable community. So, whenever there is a shortage of food, these farmers act as a source of food for all. It is one of the best villager trades for emeralds in exchange for food like potatoes and carrots; both being two of the easiest vegetables to produce and harvest. Farmers are, therefore, the most available source of profit. (See Why is Agriculture Important?)

2. Librarian

Farmers might provide you with a way to earn emeralds but librarians provide you with a way to spend them. Villager librarians are made with Lectern Jobsite blocks. They provide you with enchanted books in return for emeralds. It is easier to obtain enchanted books rather than finding these in random chests. Although these books are not critical for survival, still enchanting your armor, weapons, and tools is extremely useful. (Also Read Who Were the Brothers Grimm?)

3. Butcher

Butchers are one of the best villager jobs in Minecraft. If you are keen on hunting, butchers provide you with easy profit. While farmers buy fresh farm vegetables, butchers buy raw meat from you. If you have rapidly breeding animals such as chickens, butchers can be your goldmine. Also in case, you do not have time to cook your meal and if you have emeralds to spare, you can buy a cooked meal from these butchers. So, it is also one of the best villager trades for emeralds.

4. Cleric

Cleric villagers are created with Brewing Tables, and once you have trained them sufficiently, they come in handy to provide different materials. If you are wondering how to trade with villagers in Minecraft, you can easily buy stuff like Ender pearls from them in exchange of emeralds. Hence, this is convenient over wandering around the Nether to find different stuff.

5. Toolsmith

Toolsmith is yet another of the best villager trades in Minecraft. You can create a toolsmith by setting up Smithing Tables. You might not visit them as regularly as the others, but as tools often tend to wear out soon, it is always good to have a toolsmith on your side. They trade you iron ingots and coal in exchange for emeralds. This exchange will give you a good profit and will also prove to be a great long-term investment. Moreover, along with weaponsmiths and armorsmiths, toolsmiths also sell you bells for their decorative value. Thus, you wouldn’t need to steal them anymore.

6. Cartographer

Villager cartographers are the best characters to have by your side if you love exploring and uncovering secrets of Minecraft. You can return home after wandering around using maps created by Cartographers. More importantly, having a cartographer is a bonus if you own a sugarcane farm where you can produce paper in bulk. Since, they will also buy paper from you, which would be an even more profitable exchange. In short, these villager cartographers are the best characters to spend and earn emeralds. They are created using Cartographer Tables. 

7. Armorer

If you are wondering how to trade with villagers in Minecraft then, Armorers are the best villager trading characters to trade emeralds in exchange for coal and iron ingots. They can provide you with a complete set of enchanted diamond armor, which is a quite profitable investment. Additionally, if you ever decide to wander off onto the dangerous parts of the map, then armorers will provide you with the efficient equipment to protect yourself.

minecraft character 2

8. Fisherman

Minecraft fishing trade might seem a bit tedious to many, but it can also be very profitable. Inevitably, you will end up with a lot of raw cod among other more valuable fish. However, if you have a few fisherman villagers by your side, then you can sell all of these in exchange for emeralds. These fishermen will ensure that you have an abundance of profit no matter what fishing season it is. Thus, it would be one of the best Minecraft villager jobs for emeralds. (Read 45 Types of Fish)

9. Shepherd

The profit that you can make from having a villager shepherd depends on whether you decide to raise sheep or not. If you do, shepherds will provide you with emeralds in exchange for wool. Once they have gained a bit of experience, they will also sell you wool and carpets. The carpets come in 16 different colors and come in handy while trying to give your Minecraft home a particular aesthetic. This will also save time that would otherwise be spent picking out dyes. So, you could term it as one of the best Minecraft villager jobs and trades for emeralds.

10. Fletcher

Fletcher is one of the best villager jobs in Minecraft. If you are a person who loves to engage in short-ranged combats, then having a fletcher is useful. You might be wondering how to trade with villagers in Minecraft? It is simple. They will sell you arrows that are always required in Minecraft in exchange for emeralds. Moreover, when these fletchers gain experience in the game, they can sell you 15 differently tipped arrows. This will provide you an edge over others in combats and become the best villager trades for emeralds in Minecraft. (See Why some people hate Minecraft?)

11. Mason

Mason is one of the best and most invaluable Minecraft villager jobs. They spawn at Stonecutter Jobsite blocks and are the most profitable source of income. They give you stones in exchange for emeralds. If you are a Minecraft player, you surely know that stones are one of the most common objects in Minecraft. Once these masons gain sufficient experience and reach the Expert level, they will also sell you sixteen different kinds of terracotta, which can be used for outdoor decoration.

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