40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

Do you Love Cooking? What kind of Knife do you use? What are the Purposes of Different Kinds of Knives?
40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

The most necessary tool within a kitchen could be a knife, as a result of the fact that without it, you probably can’t get any cooking done. You may want a pointy knife to finish any instrumentality. As a result, you’ll cut and sharpen any food with a pointed knife. Also, sharp knives can make your work quicker and safer. Let me enlighten you about the 40 best types of knives to consider using in your kitchen.

1. Breaking Knife

Breaking Knife

The first one on our best types of knives list, a breaking knife is used to break meat when you need a long curved blade to cut the carcass, and you need all kinds of cutting movements to make cuts easier. Other short-edged knives, including 8-inch spoon knives, are popular for cutting and slicing on the grill. It is preferred over a threshing blade due to its lightweight, as the knife is not always so large. (Also read 38 Different Types of Salt You Didn’t Know Existed)

2. Boning Knife

Boning Knife

The boning knife type depends on the user, whether straight, curved, or rigid, but the semi-bendy 6-inch curve is a good provider. The reason lies in the ability of the blade to twist and bend at the bone to get a quick cut with one quick jump. In addition, a boneless knife can also be used as a cutter on the waist, skin of sheep and goats, a small broken bone in the limbs, a cutting knife to remove hidden tissue or feces from meat, a fat-cutting knife, and more. (Also read Why Do Goats Faint?)

3. Bread Knife

Bread Knife | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

It is one of the best types of knives that have serrated blades that can cut through bread with a crispy crust. A decent 6 to 10-inch bread knife will cost you at least $20, depending on where you live and buy. Look for a bread knife with a scalloped blade section that is thin and slightly narrowed on the thicker part of the blade, as opposed to a wide crack. (Also read 45 Delicious Sandwich Bread Wrap Alternative)

4. Offset Serrated Bread Knife

Offset Serrated Bread Knife

It uses offset care to ensure that your knuckles do not come into contact with the cutting area while the blade cuts all the bread. It is also designed to cut crunchy crusts that are difficult to cut down. (Also read How Many is a Baker’s Dozen?)

5. Butter Knife

Butter Knife

It is a special and one of the best types of knives to consider having in your kitchen. It is used specifically for cutting and spreading butter or jam. (Also read Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

6. Carving Knife

Carving Knife

The carving knife is used to cut pieces of meat such as roasted red meat and large salmon-like fish into large, boneless pieces. Instead of serrated, it has usually thin and plain blades of about eight to 15 inches long. Although longer than a normal kitchen knife, the blade is shorter and broader than a cutting knife. The carved knife has smaller side miles than the kitchen knife, allowing it to cut smaller pieces of meat. (Also read 21 Healthiest Fish for Fishetarians)

7. Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife

The structure of the knife is designed for high efficiency and low pressure. The knife is very small and usually has cut wide holes in it to keep the cheese from sticking. These holes enable you to cut through smooth and gummy cheeses, such as Camembert, Brie, and almost all blue cheeses.

Also, cutting a hard cheese such as Appenzeller is not difficult for this tiny fellow. It also does a satisfying job of cutting the rinds of hard and firm cheeses in a pinch. In the end, it allows you to skewer and serve the cheese slices carefully. (Also read Legend of the Pretzel)

8. Chef’s Knife

40 Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen 6

A chef’s knife is essential for cooking any food, no matter how easy it is. It is a world-class kitchen for cutting, dialing, and trimming. Chef knives usually come in 6 to 12 inches and are 1 inch wide, but the most popular is 8 inches. Good chef knives are sturdy from a single piece of metal. The standard ones go for USD 150. (Also read 54 Best Dip for Chip Fries and Tortilla)

9. Chestnut Knife

Chestnut Knife | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

Chestnuts ought to be overwhelmed in one place to permit steam to flee. Otherwise, steam can build up within and cause the nut to explode. The chestnut knife has a noted volume length and is extremely similar in size and weight to the renowned combined knife.

However, the chestnut knife’s blade is shorter than the assembly knives. It includes a special curve that offers the chestnut knife its special attractiveness and character. It permits the blade to chop the shell while not cutting the nut within. (Also read How Are Peanuts Made?)

10. Chinese Chef’s Knife

Chinese Chef’s Knife

With a bowl to lighten everything up, nothing beats a Chinese chef’s knife. Every part of the knife is utilized. The knife’s sharp edge slices the soft flesh and vegetables, while the dull upper element is used to push and soften the meat.

When opened, a Chinese chef’s knife is an excellent tool for crushing garlic and ginger. You can even use a drop to replace the pestle. Because the blade geometry of a Chinese chef’s knife is like a Western meat cleaver, many people make that mistake and use it as a meat cleaver to cut bones and other solid objects. You will not be disappointed by this knife as it is one of the recognized and best types of knives in the world. (Also read Why do Chinese people eat everything?)

11. Churrasco Knife

40 Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen 7

The Churrasco knife is specially designed for Brazilian-fashion steakhouses where large pieces of meat are cut without delay to prevent it from spitting on the plates of hungry customers. The blade begins to appear deeper and narrows at the top. Churrascos knife is a combination of cutting and carving knives. And a fun fact, Churrasco is one of the four most authentic foods in Brazil. (See 65 Little Known Fast Food Chains In America).

12. Cimeter


It is every other type of butcher’s knife used for trimming, breaking down cuts, reducing, and so on. The blade at the cimeters is wider than a breaking knife and provides weight. In the processing environment, some opt for the extensive blade to preserve the reduced quantities collectively for less duration, so a uniformed slice is easier to gain. It is used with the aid of large red meat processing flora on the reduce-up side to trim the fat and reduce large portions right down to smaller chunks. (Also read What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses of General Spices)

13. Cleaver


It looks like a large knife blade resembling a rectangular hatchet. This one is similar to the Chinese chef’s knife mentioned before in this article as well. And, also it is one of the best types of knives to consider having in your kitchen. (See 27 Other Things You Can do with Toothpaste)

14. Deba Bocho

Deba Bocho

Literally interpreted as a sharp carving knife, the Deba bocho is a heavy and thick knife designed to cut and fillet fish. This distinctive feature of the Japanese knife is best known for its available feature, which allows for extra height. As a result, it tears apart the imaginary ties.

Keep in mind that the blade area near the cope should be reduced by using solid areas such as lobster shells and frozen fish, not the end of the knife. High-quality Deba bochos with a value of US $300 are very long-lasting. (Also read 63 Amazing Ways to Use Baking Soda)

15. Decorating Knife

Decorating Knife | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

A decorative knife is any knife with a decorative design and is considered one of the best types of knives. The most unusual pattern is a simple zigzag. Decorative knives are used to make beautiful cuts in garnishes and displays. (See 8 Best Valentine’s Decoration Ideas)

16. Deveining Knife

Deveining Knife

A separating knife also called a devein or deveiner tool, is a small, sharp knife with a thin tip. The knife starts with the widest part and then hardens until it simply marks a small and pointed tip. It cuts shrimps in three easy and quick steps. Just pass the material under the shell again, remove the shell, and clean the vein. Isn’t it relatively easy? (Also read 45 Types of Fish)

17. Electric Knife


Electric knives provide a lot of ease in carpentry, grilling, and thick bread cutting. The great advantage of using an electric knife is that it produces thinner pieces, even food, without making noise. You can also cut straight to the bone rather than with a regular knife, giving you more meat on the plate.

Except for small pieces of meat, an electric knife can be used for bread, cake, and sandwiches. The machines that come with two different blades: one for meat and one for bread, carry better than those that include a single blade. (Also read Why Do We Eat Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?)

18. Fillet Knife

Fillet Knife

Fillet knife blades are typically between 4 and 9 inches long, as they are made according to the size of the fish used for them. The most popular is the 7-inch blade because it lets you fillet small and large fish satisfactorily. The fillet knife can easily get into places where a regular kitchen knife is impossible. This knife is sharp, curved, and thin.

Walking on the flesh and separating it slightly from the bone and the pores and the skin pathway is a small effort, and the chances of finding more useful parts are greatly doubled. The result is delicate and well-cut portions that are already roasted, whipped, fried, or baked. You can use this one of the best types of knives in your kitchen for cooking delicious meals. (Also read Burrito vs Taco vs Fajita)

19. Grapefruit Knife

Grapefruit Knife

It is much higher than a spoonful of grapefruit as you will not have any juice splashing in your eyes. The grapefruit knife is thinned with a separate curved blade designed to bend the grapefruit curves. It is used to separate the outer edge of the parts from the fruit edge. (Also read 8 Fruits That Have No Seeds)

20. Ham Slicer

Ham Slicer

The ham slicer is an expanded blade with a round tip, available in sizes between 9 and 15 inches. They are specially formulated to reduce ham, as they tend to be thinner and more flexible. The dimples, also known as grantons inside the blade, help keep the product from sticking to it and also help keep the channel heat away from the edge while cutting hot ingredients. Other uses could be large fruits, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. (Also read What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

21. Knork

Knork | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

The knork consists of four prongs of a fork and the straight edge of a knife. It is made of stainless steel and designed with slightly curved edges. The winged section will not cut the person performing the cutting cabinet or cut his tongue while eating. Knorks have an ideal weight and allow for easy cutting of food. You can certainly consider this, one of the best types of knives, to have in your kitchen. (Also read Why Do Asians Use Chopsticks?)

22. Mezzaluna

Mezzaluna knife

The mezzaluna, actually translated as half a month in Italian, is a knife that encloses a regular curve that goes with it. Because each finger moves away from the lower extremity, children or wise people can’t cut themselves. It is often used to cut herbs or large versions of the single blade from time to time for pizza or pesto. You can also use it to cut foods that irritate your pores and skin, like chili. (Also read Who Invented Pizza?)

23. Nakiri Bocho

Nakiri Bocho

Nakiri Bocho, with its quick, skinny blade, is an excellent vegetable cutter. Fast, rigid, and complete cut-down rods are effective due to their lightweight and wide blade design. (Also read Is Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?)

24. Oyster Knife

Oyster Knife

An oyster knife is a short, dull knife designed to scrape off an earlobe. The tip is flat and pointed to fit into a closed hollow oyster shell, yet it is round enough for the tip not to cut into the oyster flesh. (Also read Does Every Oyster Have a Pearl?)

25. Palette Knife

Palette Knife

The palette knife is often used to cut through the cream, crust, and cake filling and smooth out baked dishes. They are thin enough to slide over raw desserts, biscuits, or cake boxes when you want to turn or lift them. A pallet knife is also helpful in loosening canned food. It is indeed one of the beneficial and best types of knives used in many kitchens in the world. (Also read Is Nougat Healthy?)

26. Paring Knife

Paring Knife

With its 2.5-to 4-inch blade, the mixing knife is characterized by peeling fruit and vegetables, cutting one clove of garlic or shallot, and cutting evenly and straight. It incorporates cutting or shaping out of the dough and striking designs and styles on the food surface. You can use it for any procedure that requires unique and sensitive drawings, such as removing ribs from jalapenos or wrapping apples. It makes this knife one of the best types of knives you should consider including in your silverware. (Also read 10 Rose Apple Benefits)

27. Peeling Knife

Peeling Knife

A peeling knife is a sharpening knife with a sharp tip that is bent downwards. It may be used to cut decorative ornaments, including rosettes or mushrooms, cut a soft finish, or discard skins and spots. It is also used in making cuts called tourne to cut vegetables, including carrots. (Also read What is a Toadstool?)

28. Rocking T Knife

The Rocking T Knife is ideal for people with high weakness or limited hand movements. It takes a little effort to use. (Also read What makes left handed people different?)

29. Santoku Bocho

Santoku Bocho | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

Santoku is one of the best types of knives with very beneficial motives. Literally interpreted as the three virtues in Japanese, the Santoku blade is usually between 5 and 8 inches long and has a flat side. The three tasks this knife handles properly are cutting, dialing, and grinding. Unlike a chef’s knife, the Santoku does not have the abdomen desired to be cut with a standard motion. Also, they are perfect for cutting vegetables. (See Why Japan is Called Land of Rising Sun?)

30. Skinning Knife

Skinning Knife

It is designed for surgery. The red meat surgery models have a curved sword that allows for full reduction movements, especially at the top, which is important throughout the operation. The blades are wide and usually 6 inches long. They are also beneficial in cutting forest meat.

Lambskins or dangling knives do not work as the bulk is facing upwards but are useful in dissecting small animals. It can also be used to drain animals, as the dull tip prevents piercing, and the soft curve allows you to cut the middle part of the animal to insert the internal organs into the first holes of the body. It is one of the useful and best types of knives you can have in your kitchen. (Also read Top 8 World’s Smallest Animals)

31. Slicing Knife

Slicing Knife

It is another of the best types of knives you should have in your kitchen. The chef’s knife may be circular, but a cutting knife is best for cutting, slicing, and carving meat. It offers features comparable to a carved knife, though it is usually longer and thinner. The cuts are designed to cut small pieces of meat and are generally flexible enough to do the job. Therefore, many cooks find it best to cut fried fish, roasted red meat, red meat, or venison into small pieces. (Also read 22 Magnesium-Rich Foods that are Healthy)

32. Spife

nutella spife

A spife is a tool for using a knife blade along with a spoon. Today, a spife is typically purchased with a protective handle that closes the blade to prevent injury, much like using a container as a spoon. (Also read How many Tablespoons are in a third of a cup?)

33. Sporf

It contains all three components of a spoon, fork, and knife.

sporf spoon knife fork


Sporf usually has a spoon-shaped shape with a fork in the center and flat edges on one or both sides suitable for cutting soft foods. Another shape involves a part of a knife being inserted into the handle. (Also read 75 Little Known Uses of Vinegar)

34. Steak Knife

Steak Knife

It must be sharp, secure, well-balanced, and firm to be an amazing steak knife. There are three blade edges types: straight, micro-serrated, and serrated. Sharp knives cut through flesh like butter, leaving a smooth, clean face. It is ideally suited for wood or plastic space, but now it is not solid ceramic plates as it will soften the edge after about a dozen uses.

The small edges that are threatened are laid down like sharp knives at once. Sharp steak knives are an excellent way to ensure that your knife will catch and cut your stakes without difficulty, despite repeated blows on the plate. (Also read What do People Eat in China?)

35. Table Knife

Table Knife

Table knives are typically made with little sharpness and are designed to cut down cooked meals only. A fork is often needed to stabilize food at some point in weight loss. No one would disagree to consider having it in your kitchen. (Also read Should I Count Calories or Carbohydrate Intake?)

36. Tomato Knife

Tomato Knife | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

Tomato knives are less than 6 inches long, with sharp tooth-shaped edges and large forks set up with a fork to help straighten the tomato slices. They are made to cut neatly and evenly with tomatoes without damaging the delicate inner flesh. The best price is about $30. You have to consider having it in your kitchen because of its use in delicate fruit as one of the best types of knives. (Also read 7 Recipes for Fresh Tomatoes from Garden)

37. Ulu

The ulu, translated as girl knife, is a traditional purpose knife used by Eskimo women, the Yupik, and the Inuit. It is used for various applications, such as surgery and animal cleansing, baby hair cutting, food cutting, and, if necessary, trimming the ice and ice cubes used to create the igloo.

The blades are available in sizes of 2 inches, 6 inches, and 12 inches wide. The wool form ensures that the force is directed more towards the blade’s center than with a regular knife to cut solid objects, such as bones, effectively. Ulus has been discovered to date as far back as 2500 BCE. (Also read 11 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Apple Fruit)

38. Usuba Bocho

Usuba Bocho

It is another of the best types of knives available for chefs around the world. The Usuba bocho is usually 9 inches long and looks like a Nakiri bocho. However, usuba is very hard, and the blade limit is shallow in one place. The grind is on the right for right-handed chefs, and it should be on the left for left-handed chefs. It allows the chef to make thinner pieces than Nakiri Bocho. (Also read 20 Revolutionary Diet Plans to Lose Weight)

39. Yanagiba


The most famous type of Yanagiba is the long and thin knife used to prepare sashimi, sushi, sliced raw fish, and seafood. In preparing sashimi and sushi, there are extreme cases where the go-segment is clean, bright, and sharp in microscopic view. Those situations are not met with any other knife. Unlike Western knives that can be used for pushing and cutting, the Yanagiba is used for pulling and cutting instead. (Also read What Is The Difference Between Nigiri, Maki, Sashimi, And Sushi?)

40. Butchers Knife

Butchers Knife | 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen

With this knife, you get a large blade with a curve on the tip, making it an excellent round knife. For home butchers, a 7-to-8-inch short knife is an amazing tool. It works well for cutting and trimming. If desired, it can be used to operate on larger animals without buying a separate surgical knife. This reason makes this knife one of the best types of knives in the world. (See 107 Delicious and Amazing Ways to Cook Potatoes)

So, these are the 40 best types of knives to consider having in your kitchen. Each knife is meant to serve a different purpose. And these knives should be used safely and at your convenience.

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