10 Best Tennis Racquet Brands

What brand of tennis racquet do the pros use? What are the top 10 tennis racquets?
10 Best Tennis Racquet Brands (2020)
  1. Wilson

    Wilson is a renowned American company producing its tennis strings and some other sporting goods from animal byproducts. The company was established in 1913 and specialized in manufacturing violin strings, tennis racket strings, and surgical sutures. Over the past few years, the company has launched many sporting goods and has become an iconic brand in tennis racquets.

  2. Head Racquets

    Head UK limited is a former American company, which is now based in the Netherlands. It is a preeminent brand best known for manufacturing premium sports goods, apparels, accessories, and equipment. This brand is not only famous for selling tennis racquets but also for badminton racquets. It provides all range and serves all types of players, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional player.

  3. Babolat Racquets

    Babolat Brand is best known for inventing tennis strings. It is an enduring French equipment company founded in 1875 and is one of the oldest brands to manufacture tennis racquets. Many recognized international players, including Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, and many others, are using Babolat’s racquet. One of the best selling models of this brand is Babolat Drive Max 110.

  4. Yonex Racquets

    Yonex is a Japanese brand founded in 1946. It is an internationally acclaimed sports brand that has provided sporting goods by ensuring their quality and constant innovation. They manufacture a wide array of racquets that may not come at very affordable but worthy prices.

  5. Prince Racquets

    Prince brand is widely popular globally for delivering future-ready products in the market, whether they are racquets or any other sporting goods.  Their products are recognized for enhancing an athlete’s game as they equip industry-leading technology to manufacture their racquets.

  6. Dunlop Racquets

    Dunlop is a trendy brand known for producing tennis and golf equipment. The company started its operations in 1910 in England as manufacturing rubber golf balls. Dunlop Racquet is represented by a reputable player ‘John McEnroe’ who has been the winner of the Grand Slam 7 times. Some of the hot-selling rackets of Dunlop includes Ross Hutchins, Nicolas Almagro, Phillip Marx, and many others. (See The 15 Most Successful Football Clubs in Africa)

  7. Tecnifibre Racquets

    A French brand specialized in manufacturing tennis and squash equipment. Tecnifibre has experienced significant growth and is considered the fastest developing brand. It is one of the newest racquet brands in the market that has become recognized worldwide. Tecnifibre is known for selling its racquets with advanced tennis strings, including its X-One Biphase (synthetic multi-filament string) and Black Code (monofilament Polyester string).

  8. Volkl Racquets

    Volkl is the brand that has diversified its product range from tennis gear to snowboards and outerwear. This brand has also come up with a unique advancement in racquet technology and an active vibration dampening system to handle the racquets better.

  9. Cosco Racquets

    Cosco brand was founded in 1980 and is well-recognized for offering an array of products in the market. The brand is also suitable for beginners and intermediate players and is the cheapest amongst all brands mentioned in this list.

  10. DSC Racquets

    Deluxe Sports is the largest distributor of high-quality international sports equipment. Even in the Indian market, more than 1000 dealers are selling DSC brand racquets. The brand has gained the trust of millions of customers by providing impeccable quality racquets and other sporting equipment. (See List of Brazilian Players Who Won the Ballon d’Or)

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