20 Best Teen Clothing Brands

20 Most Popular Teen Clothing Brands In The World 2020 | Teens’ top 20 Favorite Clothing Brands
20 Best Teen Clothing Brands
  1. Hollister Co.

    Hollister Co. sells clothing with the HCO logo and is one of the best global teen and young adult retail brands. It is owned by the recognized company ‘Abercrombie & Fitch. The type of clothes they are specialized in includes casual, superior quality sweatshirts and t-shirts.

  2. American Eagle

    American Eagle Outfitters Inc. is a recognized clothing retail store. The brand was founded by two brothers- Mark Silverman and Jerry, in 1977. The portfolio of American Eagle includes a wide variety of products, including T-shirts, Henley shirts, Polo shirts, Jeans, Sweat pants, Boxers, and Swimwear.

  3. United Colours of Benetton

    Benetton is a trendy brand to manufacture stupendous summer outfits, including cool T-shirts, denim, polo shirts, and footwear. The brand has a tremendous capacity to produce more than 150 million clothes articles every year.

  4. Aeropostale

    Aeropostale is an affordable brand producing fashionable clothes, especially for teenagers. They manufacture high-quality, stylish clothes and are widespread all over Canada and the United States in over 800 locations. It sells Jeans, shirts, round neck T-shirts, shorts, underwear, accessories, and swimwear.

  5. Abercrombie & Fitch

    Abercrombie & Fitch is famous in the United States, but it is also a globally recognized brand with a net worth of more than $2.32 billion. The brand is very well known for selling casual clothing. You may find its product quite expensive, but it is worth spending the money on.

  6. Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein, abbreviated as CK, is an American fashion house headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. It is currently owned by Phillips-Van Heusen and was founded by a fashion designer named Calvin Klein. You can buy an array of CK stores, including all menswear, womenswear, perfumes, cosmetics, bath linens, and other collections.

  7. Guess

    The brand was founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981. Guess got comprehensively famous for producing rugged quality jeans of men’s and women’s, and knit apparel. However, the brand is also known for manufacturing low-cost watches using average quartz movements.

  8. GAP

    GAP inc. is an iconic American multinational clothing and accessories brand that basically initiated the idea of a speciality retailer. Furthermore, it is titled the largest speciality retailer brand in the United States. It targets a specific group of audiences by producing its products, including apparel (men’s and women’s), accessories, and personal care products for men, women, and children. (See 20 Best Clothing Brands (2020))

  9. H&M

    H$M is a planetary recognized brand and is also one of the fastest-growing brands all over the world. The success mantra of this brand is attributed to its fast-fashion model. It had only 2325 stores at the end of 2011, but now it is spread in over 57 countries with more than 3500 stores. It is best known for producing cool T-shirts and other apparel for both men and women.

  10. Zara

    Zara, a Spanish clothing brand, is the flagship chain store of Inditex group, having an extraordinary ability to set trends in the market by manufacturing most of the products in its own factories. It also believes in the fast fashion model and is labelled as the world’s largest apparel retailer for men and women.

  11. Nike

    Nike is an excellent brand, very well known for producing sportswear, gym wear, footwear, accessories, and sports equipment. It is the world’s largest selling brand of athletic shoes and apparel. The brand has immense credibility and is even sponsored by the most recognized sportsmen, including Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and many other athletics.

  12. Forever 21

    Forever 21 is one brand that has gained extensive recognition in a concise period. The brand was established in 1984 in LA. Since then, it has been spread to over 480 locations in the United States and several other countries. Currently, it is the world’s 122nd largest American company and is selling all types of clothing for men, women, and children, beauty products, accessories, and home goods.

  13. Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters offers a lot of diversity in its clothing. It is considered one of the best places for teens to buy wearable stuff that are stylish, trendy kitschy, and casual clothes. They also offer lifestyle accessories and housewares at an affordable price.

  14. Vans

    Vans is specialized in producing high-quality skate shoes, BMX shoes, sneakers, and snowboarding shoes. Vans not only manufactures shoes but other apparel for both men and women. The brand also allows its customers to get in touch with their team, even customising shoes.

  15. Adidas

    Adidas is a globally known brand for designing and manufacturing shoes, clothing (mostly sportswear), and accessories. It is also known for its innovations in the world of Basketball. Adidas was only competent enough to launch Adidas Superstar shoe offering a low silhouette featuring a leather upper portion.

  16. Champion

    Champion is an American brand subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc., known for making youth tees, hoodies, and other apparel. Champion is immensely popular for selling a wide variety of sportswear. (See Why many people choose to wear branded clothes?)

  17. Levi Strauss

    The founder of this brand was Levi Strauss in 1829. It became the very first company to manufacture Blue Jeans. Levi Strauss & Co. is the world’s largest maker of pants and is widely known for its blue denim jeans with Levi’s trademark. Levis is also popular for manufacturing shirts, skirts, belts, denim jackets, shirts, hats, and tailored slacks.

  18. Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger is a trendy American clothing retail brand, which was the first company to produce stylish baggy shirts that 90s hip hop artists adored. The company was founded by a fashion designer named ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ in 1951 in New York.

  19. Converse

    The converse is an American shoe company famous for designing licensed sneakers, skating shoes, apparel, and accessories. The brand is founded in 1908 and is a subsidiary of Nike, Inc since 2003.

  20. PacSun

    PacSun is an American clothing brand manufacturing superior quality clothing, footwear, and accessories. This brand is rooted profoundly in the teens oriented culture and lifestyle of California. Currently, the company has 400 retail outlets in over 50 states of the United States and Puerto Rico.

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