15 Best Old School Anime of 70, 80, 90’s

The best classic animes before 1999 | The Best Old School Anime From 1999 and Before
15 Best Old School Anime of 70, 80, 90’s
  1. Yu Yu Hakusho

    It is an action series that started as a mysterious anime with supernatural elements. It is one of the best anime ever as it has action, fantasy, comedy, and mystery, which make it a perfect series. It even beats the rating of Dragon Ball Z during its TV run.

  2. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal

    This series was aired in 1996 and is said to be one of the finest representations of the fight during the Meiji era in Japan. It is the most celebrated samurai anime ever made; it has just a few episodes. Still, it feels complete as it is pictured in such a way.

  3. Akira

    This is the best-animated films of all time. Akira tells the story of a teenage biker named Tetsuo. This movie was a big influence, and many live-action films were released after this. People loved its animation and the role that Akira played.

  4. Dragon Ball Z

    It is an action-comedy anime series that is a sequel to Dragon Ball. It was broadcasted first in 1989 and came till 1996 as people loved its characters and colours. It had various dubbed versions and was aired in different countries like India, Europe, United States, and the Philippines.

  5. Ghost in the Shell

    This is one anime series that has influenced countless filmmakers. The film’s main character is Major Motoko, who tries to track down a hacker called Puppet Master. The film is famous for its action and animation and for the amazing ideas that it explores.

  6. Spirited Away

    This movie came in 2001, was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This is one of the best old school anime; its animation is terrific, the characters are perfect, and it is full of colours. This movie was the first Japanese animated film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

  7. Serial Experiments Lain

    This is the story of a female named Lain. Weird things happen with her as she becomes obsessed with the interconnected virtual realm of “The Weird.” It was directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, who was a well-known director. This series won the Excellence Prize in 1998 at Japan Media Arts Festival.

  8. Black Lagoon

    This is one of the greatest action anime ever made. This story is about a Japanese businessman who is written off and left for dead by his company. As he gets so tired of corporate life, he starts to live with the mercenaries that kidnapped him and become a part of their gang. (See 20 Best Isekai Anime)

  9. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

    This series took Japan and the world by storm because of its perfect dialogues, characters, and storyline. It is a robot series that was very different from the other such series as Voltron and Voltes V.

  10. Perfect Blue

    It was a psychological thriller which people loved as it is about a singer in a Japanese pop idol group. She decides to leave the band as he wants to pursue acting. Later, he becomes a stalking victim and gets more rooted in the role that threatens to overwhelm her.

  11. Neon Genesis Evangelion

    This anime series is well-known for creating love and worship. Words cannot describe this anime adequately, as each episode would motivate you to watch more and more. It is a cultural icon that created new opportunities for the anime industry.

  12. Paprika

    This movie is based on Yasutaka Tsutsui’s novel; it is a story of a research psychologist who used a unique device to enter into patients’ dreams. This series is worth watching as it has a unique story and would take you into a different world.

  13. City Hunter

    This series was a major hit and one of the best old school anime as it had an incredible cast, fantastic soundtrack, and great art for its era. This is one anime series that you would always want to keep to yourself.

  14. Cowboy Bebop

    This movie is still famous because of its amazing animation, and its English dub is said to be better than the original Japanese version. Shinichiro Watanabe directed this movie, and its writer was Keiko Nobumoto.

  15. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

    This movie is about the young princess Nausicaa who wants to stop the Kingdom of Tolmekia from eradicating a jungle of insects from an ancient weapon. This is a great old school anime that can be watched several times. (See 20 Best Anime Characters)

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