23 Best Modular Homes

What is a Modular Home and Which Materials are used in these Houses? Which are the Best Modular Homes in the United States?
23 best modular homes
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Humans tend to find other ways if one does not work and gives the expected results. The same is the case with architecture. Ages ago, the format of architecture was different from what you know now, but it surely has laid the foundation of the basics. Mobile homes, manufactured homes, recreational vehicles, etc., are all examples of new-age constructions. Since we are on the topic, today you will get to know about the best modular homes.

A. Modular homes

A building or home that is prepared in sections and then fixed together at the site is known as a modular home. It is a type of prefabricated building whose different sections are constructed separately. These sections are known as modules, and they are delivered to the construction site and the installation is done. (See What is the Manufactured Home Installation Cost?

B. Materials used in modular homes

Since these houses need to be towed or craned to the construction sites, therefore, the preferred primary materials for these modern modular constructions are concrete, cement, steel, and wood. 

C. Best Modular Homes

Commercial contraction firms, home builders, and modular construction companies provide their customers with modular homes as per their needs and preferences. There are various designs and choices for customers to select from. According to the data gathered from Home Builder Digest and Thrillist, here are the prominent manufacturers of these modular homes. (See 20 Best Mobile Home Manufacturers in US)

1. Blu Homes, Vallejo, California

luxury homes
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They are among the favorite builders who manufacture premium modular home designs that are never short on any sort of amenities. The range for their lavish houses starts from $195,000 to $545,000. Must read about the Outhouse Design.

2. Blue Sky building systems, Palm Springs, California

Their houses are built on a steel moment frame which is beneficial to resist forces in two directions. They claim that this technique reduces the need for load-bearing walls. Hence, it gives the customers lots of choices in the layout. 

3. Clayton Modular Homes, Maryville, Tennessee

These manufacturers have been experienced in making residential designs for over 50 years. Their experience made their houses worth earning the title of Energy Star certified. They offer affordable homes though they are one of the largest home builders in the United States. Also, check out the 3 Types of Native American Shelters.

4. Clever Homes, Oakland, California

modular row houses
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This manufacturer has been in the field of prefabricated modular homes for 20 years. They offer various amenities but one of the notable features in their houses is Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These houses are big and have big windows and look very spacious.

5. Connect Homes, Los Angeles, California

Among the best modular homes manufacturers, Gordon Stott and Jared Levy, the former employees of Marmol Radziner founded this firm. Their experience in the industry makes their homes more efficient because they found solutions to many challenges that come with manufacturing modular homes. They offer single-wide and double-wide homes. (See Mini Speed Boat Features)

6. Ecocor, Searsmont, Maine

They incorporate passive house construction techniques in their modular homes which makes their houses a step ahead in this field. They prefer their homes to be called Panelized Homes. The building strategy, which is the basis of modular homes, is found uniquely in their houses only.

7. Fab Cab, Seattle, Washington

a mobile houise: 23 best modular homes 4
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The in-house architects of this firm offer two types of designs, namely ModCab and TimberCab. Though they are short, their houses are what every nature lover would love to have. These builders prioritize economic practicability and environmentalism. Also, check out how to size a rough opening for Bifold Door?

8. House Port, New York

Hally Thacher, a sculptor, is the founder of this builder firm. Their initial aim was to come up with a technique and concept that was easy to construct. The galvanized metal roof (coated with a protective layer of zinc) is one of the prominent features of their houses. It gives shade as well as a unique look to the house.

9. Idea Box, Salem, Oregon

Among the best modular homes, the houses provided by them contain 1-3 rooms, and they offer their customers a variety of styles that can be adjusted to suit their needs. Their homes come with an open web-engineered truss (a triangulated system of straight interconnected structural elements) for insulation. It also has a minimum thermal bridging which makes these houses Energy Star certified. (See What are Examples of Screw as a Simple Machine?)

10. Iron Town Homes, Spanish Fork, Utah

They provide luxury modular homes by surpassing the limit of imagination of a person about modular homes. Their houses mostly have characteristics of the contemporary style and consider their designs to be monumental.

11. Little house on the trailer, Petaluma, California

A grey colored luxury house.
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The founder and designer Stephen Marshall provides you with the traditional version of these modular homes rather than a contemporary one. They provide houses of 400 square feet and their first focus is to construct better caregiver cottages. 

12. Living Homes, Santa Monica, California

Their open space, transparent large windows, and sliding doors give these houses a stunning look. They are known to creatively use natural materials and more than 24 designs have been Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Home Platinum certified. (See What are the symbols of home?)

13. Ma modular, Austin, Texas

They provide affordable luxury houses and that too in a controlled environment. Their houses are rather standard bungalows styled with all the amenities of a high-end modular home. They not only manufacture single-storey models, but their double-story models will leave you mesmerized.

14. Marmol Radziner, Los Angeles, California

The slanting roof hose.
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Among the best modular homes, prefabricated buildings are one of the many residential architectures that these builders manufacture. Their modular homes are inspired by their retail and institutional designs. Their prefabricated designs are available in 8 variations. They offer large and spacious modular homes.  Also, check out how to build a Tunnel Underwater?

15. Method Homes, Seattle, Washington

They have an extensive collection of modular houses that include traditional arts home styles, contemporary cabins, and craft-styled homes. They offer their clients the independence to choose their architecture teams to collaborate with the organization. They offer single as well as double-storey prefab modular homes.

16. Office of Mobile Design, Venice, California.

Irrespective of their formal name, these builders provide you with lots of playful and fun designs for your prefab modular home. They are also known for their portable houses along with single and double-storey modular homes. Must read about the 5 Types of Road Construction.

17. Resolution: 4-Architecture, New York, NY

23 best modular homes 3
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They have offered services in commercial, public, and residential properties ever since it was founded in 1990. The exterior offers an elegant feel to the house that is completely in favor of the cozy and luxurious feel of the interior of the houses. 

18. Rocio Romero LV Series, St. Louis, Missouri

The LV series of the builders Rocio Romero shows their potential in constructing houses. The LVL modular home is famous among its buyers which gives a stunning feel along with a touch of elegance, also large windows and woodwork are amazing in their houses. (See Who invented the Flushing Toilet?)

19. Sander Architects, Marina Del Rey, California

Among the best modular homes, along with the traditional small-sized prefabricated modular homes they provide large-scale residential estates too. People who are not satisfied with the present options by the developments in prefabricated homes get to customize lots of things in houses offered by Sander architects.

20. Stillwater Dwellings, Seattle, Washington

They provide prefabricated modular homes which are highly customized according to the tastes and preferences of the buyers. Wood and glass are their main construction materials, and their houses have a creative blend of man-made and natural materials. Butterfly rooflines and steel canopies are some of the options that they offer the buyers of their single and double Storey designs.  (Also read What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

21. Turkel Design, Boston, Massachusetts

23 best modular homes 4
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They build luxury prefab modular homes by using many modern construction techniques, namely virtual walkthroughs. Most of the work on these buildings is done off-site and the work on-site begins after the arrival of the prefabricated building shell. The house gives you a luxurious feel with many amenities.

22. Wee House, St. Paul, Minnesota

The houses built by them are a futuristic representation of construction with lots of configurations and floor plans to choose from. You can build a community of modular houses with prefab homes ranging from affordable to luxurious price ranges. (See 7 Moat Around Castle Facts)

23. Wheelhaus, Salt Lake City, Utah

Small prefabricated modular homes are the specialty of these builders. They believe in the saying less is more therefore, the houses built by them are small but laden with all the features of a sustainable modular house. You can get the best modular homes and pre-built homes delivered to your place.

So, now you can share the best modular homes information with your friends and family members to spread the word. (Also read What are Physical Resources?)

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