20 Best Isekai Anime

What are some Good Isekai Anime? The 20 Greatest Isekai Anime You Should Be Watching
20 Best Isekai Anime
  1. The Rising of the Shield Hero

    The Rising of the Shield Hero is a breathtaking Isekai anime series that is one of the biggest blockbusters of 2019. This epic fantasy story includes Naofumi Iwatami, who was summoned along with three other young men who were supposed to save the world. The series is definitely worth no missing.

  2. No game, No Life

    The marvellous anime series is about the siblings Shiro and Sora, who are transported to a world where every decision is taken through a game, be it any battle or fight. The siblings are depicted as very intellectual and remain unbeatable.

  3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

    The anime series portrays the re-incarnation of a middle-aged man (37 years old) who was murdered on the street (stabbed by someone) and reincarnated into another world full of demons, wizards, and other fantasies.

  4. Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World

    The character of Subaru Natsuki is transported into a fantasy world where he is beaten while confronted by a group of robbers. Then a cute girl, Satella, saves her life. Satella is depicted as a girl who is in pursuit of a person who has stolen her insignia. Then Subaru helped her in searching and locating her insignia.

  5. Overlord

    Momonga is playing the role of a protagonist who is also known as Ainz Ooal Gown. The protagonist Momonga gets trapped in his favourite RPG Roblox game, ‘Yggdrasil’, while he cannot go offline. Suddenly he realizes that the NPC’s are coming back to life, and Momonga has become the same game he was playing. The show depicts the different things he does for his survival and getting used to his new life.

  6. Sword Art Online (SAO)

    SAO depicts the story of Kirito, Asuna, and their friends who are trapped in Aincrad and their survival. The first season of this marvellous game is all about survival. Numerous players die needlessly in the first season because of fear, greed, arrogance, and lack of competency to survive. However, the second season of SAO has come up with an entirely different approach.

  7. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

    The series is about a hikkomori Takuma Sakamoto, a die-heart fan of the game he always plays named ‘Cross Reverie’ with his favourite character of the Demon Lord Diablo. The series comprises great action, designs, battle, and comedy scenes. One of the unique aspects of this series is the Ecchi elements that label it as ‘X rated’ or close to it.

  8. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

    It is a comedy series with fresh ideas and concepts that I have never seen before. If you are fond of comedy and supernatural shows, The Devil Is A Part-Timer is the best blend. The story depicts the characters of an angel and a devil who are transported to earth. The protagonist of the series is Lord Satan, who is forced to live in a society just like other citizens and cannot adapt to society. (See 15 Best Old School Anime of 70, 80, ’90s)

  9. Log Horizon

    Log Horizon is the story of Shiroe, who is the protagonist of the series. He is inside the video game ‘Elder Tale’ and cannot log out from that game, just like many other players. The story depicts those characters who are stuck in the game as they build a new world within Elder Tales by forming a society that lets everyone lives peacefully.

  10. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

    The story of a schoolboy named ‘Kazuma Satou’ who dies at an early age. After he died, he gets two options: one was to go to heaven, and the other was to live his afterlife in the fantasy world, which looked very similar to him, just like the video game he used to play. He chose the second option and started working for his living in the new fantasy world.

  11. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

    This series is unique and is based on a different concept. It features Satan to be trapped in the human realm without any of his demonic powers, unlike any other fantasy dealing with human and transported to a magical world.

  12. The Philosopher’s Grandson

    The show offers an exquisite premise as a young office employee loses his life in a car accident and transported to a magical world where he is reincarnated as a baby named Shin Wolfard.

  13. GATE

    The series depicts a strange portal that gets opened up in Tokyo, Japan. Yoji Itami, the protagonist, is sent to the new world through that portal, full of dragons and other kooky creatures.

  14. Knights and Magic

    The protagonist of the series Tsubasa Kurata died and transported into a parallel universe as Ernesti Echevalier. The new world she has been sent to is full of demon beasts and giant robots are known as Silhouette Knights, who fight against those demons.

  15. Drifters

    The story of Drifters is exciting as a rearguard in the Japanese military ‘Toyohisa Shimazu’ is sent to a parallel world where he serves as a Drifter and fights against oppressive Ends.

  16. Restaurant To Another World

    It is one of the best supernatural versions with Isekai elements. The story features different creatures, including monsters, dragons, demons, who travel from another universe and come to eat the best, tempting food offered by this restaurant. (See 20 Best English Dubbed Anime of all Time)

  17. The Twelve Kingdoms

    It is the story of a nincompoop, weak, and naive young girl, ‘Yoko Nakijima’ who accidentally becomes the king of a parallel world. The best part about this series is that they have portrayed the transformation of this young girl very beautifully as soon as she becomes the king and takes on responsibility.

  18. Digimon

    The first season of this renowned series is about the main characters transported to the Digital World, where they are unable to return home. Subsequently, the cast figures out how to travel from and to the Digital World in the later seasons.

  19. Fushigi Yuugi

    This epic series illustrated the life of 2 school-going friends named Miaka and Yui. Suddenly they get transported to a fantasy world where both of them become a priestess for one of those gods.

  20. Spirited Away

    Spirited Away is the story of a ten-year-old girl ‘Chihiro’ who finds herself trapped in the realm of spirits. When she sees that her parents are also converted into pigs, it gets fascinating to see; whether she can save her parents and return home?

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