20 Best Female Anime Characters

The Most Badass Female Anime Characters | The 20 Most Popular Female Anime Characters Of 2022
20 Best Female Anime Characters
  1. Erza Scarlet

    She was a weapons specialist in one of the best anime series, “Fairy Tale.” She had more than 200 swords, over 100 types of armor packed away, and various axes. She was fiery and was powerful enough to not only destroy a sacred lance but shatter itself in the process.

  2. Mikasa Ackerman

    She was one of the beautiful and robust anime characters who was one of the main characters in the Attack on Titan. She was ranked first out of all the cadets in the 104th training corps. Her upbringing was tough, which made her cold and stoic, but she was loyal to Eren as she dedicates herself to protect him.

  3. Senjougahara Hitagi: Bakemonogatari

    She has a different personality with purple hair and had a glamorous appearance. She was sincere but was clever and blunt in her speech.

  4. Ginko Sora

    She was one of the leading shogi players of her generation and is also known as “The Snow White of Naniwa.” By the age of 11, she received two titles in shogi and was said to be a ruthless player during matches.

  5. Android 18

    She has shown her metal mettle time and time again. She is so powerful that she can bust handcuffs, smash Future Trunks Sword, lift and throw big vehicles and break Vegeta’s arm with just one kick.

  6. Setsuno

    She is a minor antagonist in the anime series My Hero Academia. Setsuno is one of the Gourmet Living legends; a chef ranked in the world’s top five. She is an intelligent and strategic person and uses these traits well in battle.

  7. Caulifla & Kale

    Caulfila was the first female to go super Saiyan, and kale was the second female. Both of them are from universe six and are considered to be one of the most robust pair and become uncontrollably powerful once they go Super Saiyan.

  8. Sakurajima Mai

    She is the female protagonist of Aobuta, who is polite & innocent yet a serious individual. She is an actress/model and a third-year at HighSchool, and she got early fame as her mother was a photographer. She does a shoot in swimsuit and then how it changed her life, and she fights that inner isolation. (See 20 Cutest Anime Characters of all time)

  9. Boa Hancock

    She is also well known as the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily. She is the main antagonist of Amazon Lily Arc. Boa is also considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has the power to use people’s feelings of desire to turn them to stone.

  10. Ochako Uraraka

    In her original design, Ochako was called Yuu. She has great powers as with just one touch, she could nullify the effects of gravity on a person, making them helpless as they float upwards. She was one of the most significant characters in the anime series “My Hero Academia.”

  11. Homura Akemi

    She is the deuteragonist of Madoka Magica. She is a small and unassuming teenager who has a shield around her waist that acts as a time manipulation device. She has also got the power to make people immune to the effect by touching them.

  12. Tsunade

    She is really powerful anime character as she has super strength and can also summon a slug for long-distance communication and healing. She is blunt and short-tempered but has a kind heart as she commits to protect the village.

  13. Motoko Kusanagi

    She was one of the significant characters in “Ghost in the shell.” She was a weapon expert and had a complete cybernetic body. She was always ahead of her enemies in the battle and used her powers intelligently to defeat the opponent.

  14. Aoi Kuneida

    She is a 17-year-old attractive and young girl who is a skilled martial artist with immense strength, stamina, and speed. She is a strong and determined woman who would not hesitate to knock down people who oppose her.

  15. Akame

    The anime series Akame Ga Kill was centered on her; she is the titular deuterogamist. She is a skilled master swordswoman who is very powerful and immune to most poisons. Akame is said to be cold,  reserved, aloof, and observant, but she creates a revolution to bring positive change in society.

  16. Lina Inverse

    She was in the famous anime series “Slayers.” Her character is an old school character from the ’90s who love travelling alone and taking care of herself without any help. The best thing about her is that she is independent and self-drive; she does not need any motivation or cheering for accomplishing her goals. (See 20 Best English Dubbed Anime of all Time)

  17. Balsa Yonsa

    She has a unique attitude of getting what she wants without compromising on her dreams. She is a stand-out protagonist who is not influenced by any materialistic or superficial things. She was a great character in the anime series “Guardian of the Sacred Spirit,” where she protects the prince from his own people who try to murder him.

  18. Yuuki Asuna

    She is also well known as “The Flash” because of her adeptness with the sword. She was a fictional character who appeared in the well-known series Sword Art Line. She spent three to four days battling non-stop on the Labyrinth’s first floor until exhaustion forced her to stop.

  19. Violet Evergarden

    She was a strong female character in the anime series Violet Evergreen. This series shows that as a teenager, she learned to control her emotions and become a better person. She is forced to become a soldier, and then after the war, something happens that changes her life.

  20. Princess Yona

    She is a great female anime character who was initially weak, and then because of some situations, the life changes and how she becomes strong in dealing with all the harsh conditions. She becomes mentally healthy and physically strong and learns to defend and fight for herself and her family.

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