20 Best English Dubbed Anime of all Time

Best Dubbed Anime (Updated 2020) | 20 Best English Dubbed Anime Series
20 Best English Dubbed Anime of all Time
  1. My Hero Academia

    It is an incredible current dub that will be staying to age well as the years move on. This series is a league on its own as everything is just perfect in this anime series. Dubbing is legit, the voice casting is excellent, the storyline is unique, and the execution is sharp.

  2. Fairy Tail

    This is a fantasy anime centred on a young wizard known as Lucy, who finds herself cursed with a magical charm. This anime is a treat to watch as it is full of action colours and some hilarious moments.

  3. Sword Art Line

    This is one of the most influential Isekai anime of all time. It had some outstanding voice actors since the first season and to date. This is one reason this series is so popular, as its quality of both dubbed and subbed versions are pretty good.

  4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    It is around 2 Brothers named Edward and Alphonse, who attempt to bring their mother back to life. Some of the finest and best dub voice actors that have worked in this series. It’s English dubbed version is a must watch as it is an exceptionally well-made anime series.

  5. Tokyo Ghoul

    This anime series is entirely different from the others as it revolves around ghouls who walk the streets. A young man Kaneki is turned into a ghoul and how his life changes upside down, and he struggles every day. This movie is set in Japan, but its English dubbing is done really well.

  6. Attack on Titan

    This is a marvellous series with an entirely different concept compared to other anime series. This series is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives surrounded by three walls, saving them from the huge man-eating humanoids called Titans. It’s a must-watch series.

  7. The Devil is a Part-timer

    Its story is impressive and is said to be the best English dubbed anime of all times. In this story, the sound and colour effects are just marvellous, and its characters are also amazing.

  8. Black Lagoon

    This series is gangster-infested, which has main characters called Rock, Revy, Dutch, and Benny. It’s English dubbed version is fantastic as it makes the series seem more compelling and worthy among the other dubbed anime’s.

  9. Claymore

    This series is full of action, dark emotions, and immense violence. The story of this series is centred on a lady Clare, who is a modified human being. She aims to kill Yoma as he is a beast with superhuman strength. If you love action and dark series, then it’s English dubbed version is a must-watch. (See 20 Best Female Anime Characters)

  10. Full Metal Panic

    All the characters of the series are just a perfect match for the role. The whole voice cast is filled with talented voice actors who make it dubbed version excellent. It is a top-notch show full of surprises, which makes this show to be included in the bucket list of anime series to be seen.

  11. Shiki

    In this series, the story is exciting as suddenly many deaths occur, and Dr Ozaki thinks it is an epidemic. Later, he realizes that it is something unusual that is causing these deaths. The dubbing, voice casting, and dialogues of this series are truly freakish.

  12. Owari no Seraph

    It is an action series that is filled with emotions, pain, and sadness. In this, Yuu and the vampire apocalypse wants to requite his brother. For this, Yuu learns various new skills and meets many people during this journey. Voice actors have done a fantastic job in the English dubbed version.

  13. Kill La Kill

    This is the story of a girl who goes to a school of superhumans to discover the fact behind her father’s murder. This series is a little unusual. It’s English dubbed version is excellent as its quality is good and has great voice casters.

  14. Fate Zero

    It is a fantasy and action-based series, which is better than would you could think of. Its dubbed version is pretty nice as its voice casting, dialogues, and dubbing is just perfect. This is a story of seven elected mages and their holy spirits fight against each other to get Holy Grail.

  15. Dragon Ball Z

    This part is about Goku and his friends who strive to protect the planet from extraterrestrial foes. Its dubbed version is always praised because the screams, the grunts, voiced lines, and attack names are just mind-blowing to watch.

  16. Yu Yu Hakusho

    When thinking of the best English dubbed anime, this one should always come to your mind. This series revolves around Yusuke, who initially dies but then returns to life in Spirit Detective. Its English dub version has fantastic performers who add a more fun tone to the series. (See 20 Best Anime Characters)

  17. Cowboy Bebop

    The English dub of this series is classic and should be on top of any dub fan’s list. It is one of the superlative dubbed releases, and fans appreciate it more than the initial Japanese version.

  18. Death Note

    This anime series has less action, yet it has a lot of punch. This story is of a student who goes on a secret crusade to remove criminals from the world and finds a book that allows him to kill anyone as he writes his name on it. Its dubbed version is also magnificent and is worth watching.

  19. Maid Sama

    This series is full of comedy and romance, which focuses on two main characters, Usui and Misaka. Each episode would encourage you to watch the other one. Its dubbed version is fantastic and the best you would have ever seen.

  20. Haikyuu!!

    It is a less intense series, and if you have never seen any sports series, you should consider watching this one. Its English dub version adds a more pep and flavour as compared to the original one.

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