30 Best Cartoon Characters of all time

Greatest cartoon characters of all time | Best Animated TV Characters Of All Time
  1. Homer Simpson

    Simpson is our favorite as he is the everyman in all of us; he enjoys the heady delights of the western world and does the job he hates. Not to forget his appetite and his love for doughnuts, bacon and drinking too much. He is the most recognizable catchphrase in television history.

  2. Bugs Bunny

    He is the most famous rabbit in the world, isn’t it? He has appeared in dozen of movies, video games, comics, T.V. series, and on various other platforms. He has been making the world laugh since 1940 and is the star of Warner Bros. His catchphrase “What’s up, Doc,” became really famous.

  3. Mickey Mouse

    He made his debut in 1928 in Steamboat Willie, it was voice by Walt himself. Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon with synchronized sound. You would find this cartoon in every corner of the world, be it books, T-shirts, movies, T.V. serials, mugs and as stuff toys.

  4. Bart Simpson

    Is there any 10-year-old character more renowned than Bart Simpson? Well, absolutely not. He is a rebellious character and has various famous catchphrases. Bart lives to torture Homer and looks for trouble everywhere, which makes it really fun to watch.

  5. Charlie Brown

    He has been the kind-hearted and trusted kid whose character has always been loved and admired by all its viewers. It made its debut in 1948 in Charles Schulz’s newspaper comic strip, and then they got a makeover and first appeared on T.V. in 1965.

  6. Fred Flintstone

    His personality is famous for being modeled after Jackie Gleeson’s character on The Honeymooners. Fred always stole the show because of which they ran for six seasons in the ’60s. He was short-tempered, yet kind-hearted and a good father to Pebbles.

  7. Popeye

    This character began its life as a comic strip, and after that in 1929, he made his print debut and became a hit spinach loving sailor. His popularity made him a T.V. star as he was a unique character with different upper arms, pipe, spinach, and always rescuing his love Olive Oyl from Bluto.

  8. Donald Duck

    People love him because of its eye-rolling attitude and immense capacity for anger and irritation. Donald duck has always played second fiddle to Mickey Mouse, but it did not make love for Donald duck any less.

  9. Wile E. Coyote

    Charlie Brown would never kick his football, and she would never catch the roadrunner. Yet, it made us laugh and taught everyone a lesson that one should never give up.

  10. SpongeBob SquarePants

    It was created in 1999 on Nickelodeon and became the stars of the channel by giving it one of the most successful shows. This character was based on a sea sponge, and this series also includes his friends in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. (See 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters of All Time)

  11. Eric Cartman

    Eric is a potty-mouthed, Nazi loving school kid who has offended almost everyone in the real world. His series has been on air for 19 vulgar, inappropriate, and raunchy seasons yet people have enjoyed every episode.

  12. Tom and Jerry

    These characters were created in 1940, and William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created these fantastic cartoon characters. Tom and Jerry always chase each other, torture, and try to defeat the other. It came as short films and later turned into a popular T.V. show.

  13. Rocky and Bullwinkle

    This pair made its debut on the T.V. show in 1959 and became really famous. Rocky was the flying squirrel, and Bullwinkle was the moose. The animation might not be that great, but the script was hilarious.

  14. Betty Boop

    She has been the queen of the depression era as it was an adult cartoon character wearing a short skirt and had a flapper style. This character made its debut in 1930, which was created by Grim Natwick, and Margie Hines gave the voice.

  15. Scooby-Doo

    He has been the most renowned mystery-solving dog in history. Mysteries were solved by the meddling kids Fred, Velma, and Daphne, but Scooby always was there to help them. They had 12 T.V. series; all of them were a major hit, and in the ’60s, 70’s and 80’s, this was one of the most famous cartoon characters.

  16. Blinky Bill

    It was a cute koala that was created by Dorothy Wall, who was a famous author and illustrator. Blinky Bill became a surprisingly renowned subject of a T.V. series “The adventures of Blinky Bill” and also of the movie “Blinky Bill the Movie.”

  17. Daffy Duck

     It came in 1937 and became a really famous character. Just like Wile E. Coyote is to roadrunner, Daffy Duck is to Bugs Bunny. It has transformed from clumsy clown to a sarcastic character. Because of its amazing scenes, it is considered one of the most memorable moments in animation by the critics.

  18. Yogi Bear

    This character was created by Hanna-Barbera, who created the Yogi Bear team and Boo Boo. They first appeared on the show “The Huckleberry Hound Show” in 1958. They got so much fame that a new show was created, “The Yogi Bear Show” in 1961.

  19. Alvin (the chipmunk)

    They started as a novelty record in 1958 and became the number one hit song “The chipmunk song.” Then it moved from the songs to comic books after that a T.V. show, and later they also released a series of films on this character.

  20. Pikachu

    This character was first seen in the Pokemon video games, but then it became pretty famous after that a T.V. show was also created on it. The show has been going on for decades, and people love it as it refuses to stay in the Poke ball instead follows his trainer Ash, wherever he goes. (See 10 Best Fat Cartoon Characters on TV)

  21. Beavis and Butt-Head

    It first appeared as a short program on MTV in 1992. They are dim-wittedand stuttering slacker teenage boys who adore heavy metal. They got their own T.V. show in 1993; then, in 1996, a movie was created based on them “Beavis and Butthead Do America,”which wasa great hit.

  22. Daria Morgendorffer

    This show was created in 1997 and was affecting and entertaining with its crazy side stories, and intelligent social commentary made this show so much fun to watch. Initially, it was a side character in Beavis and Butt-Head, but Daria got her show in 1997 on MTV.

  23. Felix the cat

    It was created in the silent era, 1919. It is one of the oldest cartoon characters on the list and was the first cartoon character to gain so much fame, and it was also awarded a feature film in 1928. It featured a lovable feline and magic bag of tricks which helps him create all the mischief made him all the more fun to watch.

  24. Ren & Stimpy

    It was one of the first animated show by Nickelodeon, it ran from 1991 to 1995. It was ahead of its time as it had some adult jokes and violent interactions. Because of this adolescent humor that proved too much for the network, so the show was canceled.

  25. Angelica Pickles

    She is the bossy, meanest, spoiled child from Rugrats. This character has been one of the most loved characters for around thirteen years. People loved watching her as she was very cunning and manipulated babies for her own benefit, which was amusing to watch.

  26. The Powerpuff Girls

    Everyone loved these girls Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They used to keep Townsville, the USA safe from any trouble or evil. Their style was terrific and was completely different from the other shows. It has action, humor and great animation made it ran from 1998 to 2005.

  27. Fat Albert

    This show was created in 1972 by Bill Cosby, and he was the one who became the voice for fat Albert. This character gained fame because of its great humor, as Albert used to tell funny stories with his friends. This show Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids started in 1972 and ran until 1985.

  28. Jem

    She was one of the most iconic female characters in the ’80s. This show became really popular from 1985 to 1988, it had three seasons, but the legacy of Jem has continued by dolls, comic strips, and reruns.

  29. Winnie the Pooh

    The cute bear that was started as a doodle in the children’s book. Disney took its franchise in the ’60s. It has been starred in various films and on T.V. People loved its color yellow and red, which made it even more adorable and renowned.

  30. George of the Jungle

    This character was based on Tarzan, except that George is quiet and stupid. George of the Jungle started in 1967 and is famous for swinging on vines and crashing into trees. Its rhythmic song also became extraordinarily popular, “Watch out for the tree.”

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