20 Best Black Actors in film

List of the Greatest Black Actors in Film History | Best Black Actors of All Time
20 Best Black Actors in film
  1. Denzel Washington

    An American actor, director and producer, was born on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York.  He is considered to be an American cultural icon because of the great work that he has done. He has various great awards for his performances and has been in the industry for nearly four decades.

  2. Sidney Poitier

    He was born in Miami, Florida, on February 20, 1927. He rose in poverty as the son of farmers Evelyn and Reginald James Poitier. He was the one to broke the colour barrier in the U.S. motion industry by becoming the foremost American African to win an academy award for best actor. He is well-known for his work and the great movies that he did.

  3. Morgan Freeman

    He was a great personality with an amazing voice and outstanding acting. He was one of the most respected figures in U.S. cinema. He did work in some of the fantastic movies like “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Street Smart,” “The Bucket List”, and many more.

  4. Don Cheadle

    Born on November 29, 1964, in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. He was an American actor, director, producer, author and writer. He was well known for his work in various movies and gave blockbuster, which would be remembered forever.

  5. Samuel L. Jackson

    He is an American producer and actor born on December 21, 1948. He has won various prestigious awards for his excellent work in movies. Some of his great hits were Unbreakable, Snakes on a Plane, Formula 51 and many more. He has appeared in more than 100 films and is truly a legendary actor.

  6. Will Smith

    His real name is Willard Carroll, and he was born on September 25, 1968. He is an actor, comedian, rapper, songwriter and producer. Because of his magnificent work in the movies, in April 2007, he was called the most powerful actor in Hollywood by Newsweek. (See Video Summary: Will Smith shares his secrets of success)

  7. Forest Whitaker

    He was born in Longview, Texas, on July 15, 1961, and was called a complete package of great personality along with his astonishing acting. He also won an Academy Award for his performance in the movie “The Last King of Scotland.”

  8. James Earl Jones

    He is known as the most notable stage and screen actors not only in the U.S. but globally. He is an American actor whose career forded for more than seven decades. He began to take dramatic lessons to calm himself at an early age. Various great movies done by him are The Lion King, Field of Dreams, etc.

  9. Idris Elba

    He was born and raised in London on September 6, 1972. He attended school in Canning Town, where he started to involve in acting. Elba is a good actor and a musician, writer, rapper, and D.J. He has done various movies like Thor, Prometheus, etc.

  10. Laurence Fishburne

    He is an American actor, producer, screenwriter and film director. He is also said to be one of the most versatile and talented performers in the U.S. He was also nominated an Oscar for his great work in “What’s Love Got to do with it.”

  11. Danny Glover

    He is an American actor, director and political activist, born on July 22, 1946, in California. He is well-known for his work done in Lethal Weapon, Shooter and the Color Purple. He has had a commanding presence on screen for more than 35 years.

  12. Chiwetel Ejiofor

    He is an English actor, director and writer who was born in Forest Gate, England. He is well-known for his role in “12 Years a Slave,” for this, he received the BAFTA award for best actor and Academy Award. Some of his best movies were American Gangster and Children of Men. (See 25 Best Male Actors working today)

  13. Paul Winfield

    Well-known for his acting in The Terminator, White Dog and Sounder. He is an American stage, television and film actor. He gained the foothold of Hollywood in the 1970s because of his versatility, intelligence and eloquence.

  14. Jamie Foxx

    He is an American actor, comedian and singer, born in Terrell, Texas. Foxx has done some great movies for which he will be remembered forever, such as Pulp Fiction, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Django Unchained. He has also received various awards for his work in the Biographical film Ray.

  15. Eddie Murphy

    Born in New York City on April 13, 1961, he was initially an amateur comedian and then turned into an actor. His father was a transit police officer, and his mother was a telephone operator. He was a regular cast member at Saturday Night Live from 1980-84.

  16. Michael Clarke Duncan

    He is a great actor famous for his acting in various movies like Planet of the Apes, The Scorpion King and daredevil. He also got nominated for Academy Role for the Best Supporting Actor in “The Green Mile.”

  17. Wesley Snipes

    He was born on July 31, 1962, in Orlando, Florida. Initially, he thought of choosing dance and theatre, he did many shows on stage, and then an agent saw him on stage and called him for the audition. After that, there was no stopping, and he worked in great movies like Blade, White Men Can’t Jump, etc.

  18. Terrance Howard

    He is an American singer and actor born on March 11, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He got fame from his first movie in 1995, Dead Presidents and Mr Holland’s Opus. He is also a self-taught musician who knows to play both guitar and piano.

  19. Cuba Gooding Jr.

    An American actor and director famous for his work in Boyz in the Hood, What dream May Come and Jerry Maguire. He was born in New York City on January 2, 1968.

  20. Michael B. Jordan

    He was born in Santa Ana, California and was raised in Newark, New Jersey. He is an American actor and is well known for his various movies like Hardball, That Awkward Moment and Fruitvale Station.

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