Video Summary: Bad Boy Style | Accessorize Like A Bad Boy | Best Bad Boy Accessories

  1. Bad boys don’t wear toe rings

    Bad boys don’t wear toe rings or ankle bracelets.

  2. Don’t accessorize anything below the waist

    Bad boys don’t accessorize anything below the waist.

  3. Bad boys don’t wear belly buttons rings

    According to a survey that surveyed 100 women, all of them said that men who wear belly button piercings aren’t bad boys.

  4. Nipple piercings can go either way

    Nipple piercings can go either way. They usually can’t be easily seen but they can be done by bad boys.

  5. Earrings should be small

    If you are going to wear earrings then they should be small and not dangling. Earrings can go both ways and so you have to decide for yourself.

  6. One ring per hand

    Rings are worn by bad boys and they are good conversation starters. Wearing one ring per hand is enough and it should be worn on either the middle finger or the ring finger. Wear rings on the right hand not to give an indication that you are married. (See How do bad boys choose their clothes?)

  7. Wear a necklace below your shirt

    Bad boys wear necklaces but they should be placed below the shirt and not above it.

  8. Wear bracelets

    Bracelets will make you seem like a bad boy. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple ones on the same wrist.

  9. Combine the bracelets with a watch

    Combine the bracelets with a super cool watch and you are like bad boy perfection. (See How To Dress Like A Bad Boy?)

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