Are Unicorns Real?

Are Unicorns Real? Separating the Truth From Myth.
Are Unicorns Real?
  1. What is a Unicorn?

    It is imperative first to understand what a unicorn is before knowing its existence. The word Unicorn means ‘one horn.’ As per a few people in history, unicorns were white, horse-like creatures with a single horn jutting from their forehead.

    Some people also say that a unicorn appears as a deer, donkey, goat, and even ox. Its horn is long and straight, which is marked with rolled striation across its length.

  2. Their existence

    Unicorns have never been seen by any of us; they only exist in stories or history. No one has to date proven the existence of unicorns. As per scientists, they are not real and are part of mythology. But, there are numerous stories of Unicorn from all around the world. They are also known for various magical qualities.

  3. History

    The first story of unicorns comes from 2700 BC, and they were seen in Asia. Another story by Greek physician Ctesias says that Unicorn comes from the fourth century B.C.E. He says he travelled through what now is Iran, and there he heard the stories of single-horned wild donkeys which look similar to horses.

    He said that this creature was white in colour, with a redhead, blue eyes, and a multi-coloured horn. But, people think it is a made-up story or tells a story he heard from other people. Various people claim that they have seen unicorns such as Genghis Khan, Marco Polo, and Pliny, the Elder.

  4. Unicorns in the Bible

    There are various lines in the bible in which the word Unicorn has been mentioned nine times, but some people say that they might be referring to rhinoceros as it also has one horn. Here are some of the evidence where the word Unicorn has been applied

    Numbers 23:22: “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn.”
    Job 39:9: “Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?”

  5. Fossil remains and skeletons

    To date, no one has found any fossils of unicorns, but people are still trying to search for their remains. A lot of times, they have found the skeletons of Unicorn, but they were deemed fake.

  6. Does Unicorn have wings?

    Well, as per the research and analysis, the answer to this is no. There is a similar-looking creature Pegasus which has wings on it. Both these creatures are from disparate legends, and people often mistake them in the present day. In fact, people also think they can fly, though the truth is, as they have no wings, they cannot fly.

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