Are Elephants Really Afraid of Mice?

Are Elephants Really Afraid of Mice?
  1. Is it a myth?

    Elephants being afraid of mice, is it a myth or a reality? This question has actually put many people in doubt, but there are yet no facts on it. These massive creatures can crush a small mouse with just one step.

    Many people are afraid of a mouse, and it is a phobia that has three names: suriphobia, musophobia, and murphobia.

  2. Where did this belief come from?

    As per a few people, this myth came long back from 77 AD and ancient Greek folklore. A story in which a mouse climbs inside the elephant’s trunk, which made him crazy. A few people claim from the late 1600s that just the thought that a mouse would climb up in their trunk suffocates them. But, then scientists disagreed with this myth.

  3. What does the scientist say?

    As per the scientists, there is no support for any such beliefs, as if the mouse crawls up their trunk, they can blow the mouse easily with a puff of air. To date, there is no approval or disapproval of this belief. Scientists say that elephants get a little surprised by the mouse but are not afraid of them.

  4. Zookeepers observation

    A study was done, and zookeepers were asked about this, and they said that elephants could easily get along with the mouse. They say that they have seen them together and elephants do not look bothered seeing them around. Also, a few times, they have witnessed mice crawling on their face and trunks.

  5. Are elephants really scared of mice?

    Elephants are one of the most fearless animals globally, so there are very fewer chances of being afraid of mice. The truth is that they get anxious about nearby sounds or movement, which they cannot identify, and the mouse darts around the underfoot and makes noises.

    Elephants get scared by unlocatable sounds, and they are also startled by things that move around them very fast. Therefore, they are actually not scared of them by they fear their movement and sounds. They can react the same way if some other animals like small dogs do this.

  6. A recent study

    As per the last study done on the trained elephants in a circus where trainers held the mice in their hands and showed them to various elephants, none seemed anxious or tensed. Instead, they got bored and did not react anything after seeing them.

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