8 Reasons Why Children Join Gangs

Why boys join street gangs? Why do children and young people join gangs?
8 Reasons Why Children Join Gangs
  1. Stress in Home

    Various children have pressure at home such as unstable or broken home, economic instability, family members in a gang, low education attainment and expectations, neglected by parents, violence, drug abuse by parents, etc. When they have any such situation at their place, they seek for a gang to feel better.

  2. Protection

    There are loads of children who join groups to get protection from violence. I see violence happening in their house or around them; they look for groups as they think that joining a group might be a solution.

  3. Threat

    As there are many groups, so children think that joining one of them is essential as else all of them will make them a victim. Therefore, children who feel threatened by others and feel insecure about it join the group.

  4. Trying to fit in

    Being part of the group brings a level of status that they feel is impossible to get without being a part of the group. They want to be cool with their friends as if one has joined the group; they persuade the other to be a part of it. Therefore, to fulfil the void, they enter the groups.

  5. Sense of adventure

    The problem with children is that they get influenced very soon. The same is the case with joining groups; they think they can do all the thrilling activities after joining a group. Even if they know about the risks involved with it, it still becomes the most beautiful thing.

  6. Making easy money

    The fascination for cash is another significant reason why children join the gang. Unfortunately, this factor is considered the most dangerous one as they might search for easy ways of earning money. Such as delivering packets with drugs or anything illegal. In fact, many older people too do this as thinking it’s a quick way of earning lots of money.

  7. Being part of a family

    Kids who come from dysfunctional families or do not get love are more inclined to join groups. Their mental state is so weak that they become easy targets for the groups.

  8. Fellowship and brotherhood

    Teenagers are in the process of building their personal life. They think that these gangs functions as an extension to the family and provide them companionship lacking in their family.

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