7-Eleven Double Gulp Facts

Is Gulp a Size of Measurement? What is a Big Gulp Size in Liters? What is a Double Gulp?
7-Eleven Double Gulp Facts

Every individual has a particular volume of edibles that they can gulp. Research has shown that this volume intake difference is dependent on gender, age, & height of the individual. It has been found that men usually take larger gulps as compared to women. Although, this data is comparatively similar when comparing it for taller women and shorter men. The number of sips and size of gulps also varies depending on the medium of intake: through a straw or directly from a cup. Today, we shall discuss what is 7-11 double gulp and what is big gulp size in liters.

1. History of 7-Eleven

During the year 1927, an Ice Store was established by John Jefferson in Dallas, Texas. He began selling ice all 7 days for 16 hours, which was much longer than other convenience stores in those days. Due to customers’ demand, he also started selling eggs, milk, bread, and other food items.

  • Between 1928 to 1946, the store worked under the name Tote’m Stores with a chain of convenience stores within Dallas.
  • Later, in the year 1991, Japan-based merchandise and general store Company Ito-Yokado purchased 70% shares of the company. They re-organized it as their subsidiary company named Seven-Eleven Japan Company Limited in 2005. (See Who Invented The Potato Chip?)

2. Story of The Name: 7-Eleven

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, stores would close by 9 pm. So, in that era, the company provided a chain of convenience stores that were available from 7 in the morning till 11 in the night. Thus, this is how the store got its name. They were termed as the all-night convenience store and became a household name as people relied on them for late-night shopping. Nowadays, they offer 24-hour accessibility and their drinks, such as double gulp, have become a trademark.

3. Operations & Timings

7-Eleven currently has over 70,000 stores in almost 17 countries around the globe. It is even larger than McDonald’s.

  • Japan owns almost 30% of the company’s total stores and has the greatest number of 7-Eleven stores, followed by Thailand and South Korea.
  • Recently, Reliance Retail also announced its partnership with 7-Eleven on 9th October 2021. India’s very first 7-Eleven store in Mumbai, Maharashtra is now open. (See What Time do McDonald’s Start and Stop Serving Breakfast?)

7-Eleven Stores

4. The Specialty of 7-11: Slurpee, Big & Double Gulp

The 7-Eleven stores all around the world are famous for their larger than usual beverage cups. They offer size and quantity of beverages which is double the size which an average human being can handle.

  • Their signature drink named Slurpee has a size of almost one liter as it is 945 ml in volume.
  • Big Gulp size is hefty 1.3 liters.
  • Moreover, they also provide a Double Gulp which almost weighs around 1.9 liters.

On average, a human body starts feeling the urge to pee after a fluid intake of approx 0.9 liters. Still, people buy Team Gulp drinks. Additionally, apart from the gigantic drinks sold worldwide, the company also provides pizzas, chicken wings, self-branded gummy worms, fresh fruits, among many other things. (See Who Invented Pizza?)

5. Change in 7-Eleven Double Gulp

In the year 2012, the company reduced the size of their Double Gulp from 64 ounces (approx. 1.9 liters) to 50 ounces (approx. 1.5 liters). The reason behind this change was that the old cups of that size weren’t able to fit in the car cup holder, which caused inconvenience to users. The quantity of 50 ounces is still around 156% bigger than the stomach capacity of an average human.

6. Free Slurpee Day

This day is celebrated the same day as the date & brand name coincide. Thus, 11th of July every year is celebrated as Bring Your Own Slurpee Cup Day. This is definitely the best day for Slurpee lovers. On this day, customers are allowed to bring their own choice of vessels irrespective of the size and measurement of the cups. They can fill their vessel, right up to the brim with Slurpee. But, that’s not all. The said vessel will be filled with the flavor of Slurpee of their choice. Isn’t that great!

This year, due to COVID 19 pandemic and to avoid huge crowds, 7-Eleven hosted an additional one small slurpee for July month. Although, this offer was only for 7Rewards Loyalty Members only. (See 10 Best Monster Energy Drink Flavors)

So, even when the 7-11 Slurpee double gulp has a quantity that cannot fit in a human stomach, at once. It still has a large customer base all around the world. This monstrous chain continues to grow each day.

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