15 Pressure Points To Relieve Body Discomforts

How is Body Discomfort related to Pressure Points? What are the Various Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and Body Discomfort?
15 Pressure Points To Relieve Body Discomforts

Are you feeling tired? Do you feel uncalled-for pain? No need to worry as there are several ways to relieve your pain. One such way is acupuncture. With the acupressure technique, stress points are considered to be the most sensitive parts of the body. Pressure points, or acupuncture points, were discovered way before the discovery of medicine. Come, let us educate ourselves on the 15 pressure points to relieve body discomforts.

Acupuncture and its Effects

Several parts of our body will relieve body discomfort when pressed or needled. It is an ancient method that has been incorporated into every generation. Some people believe that applying pressure to the pressure points of our frame can help relieve pain, strengthen stability, and improve firmness throughout the body. This helps relieve physical as well as emotional stress.

If someone is suffering from a stressful situation, the stress relief acupuncture method might help. And it might help more if you know the body language signs of stress. Now, let us learn about 15 pressure points to relieve body discomforts.

1. Top of Head

Top of Head

If you find that your mind is wandering, Logman recommends rubbing or scratching acupuncture points over your head, known as Du 20. To reach this unique stress point, place your fingers above your ears and trace a line over your head. It is one of the pressure points to relieve body discomforts.

  • Location: You can find this point in the middle row at the top, 7 cm over the back hairline. In other words, it is located in the middle of the line connecting the two auricles’ apexes of the 2 auricles.
  • Traditional Action: It clears thoughts, lifts spirits, strengthens the ascending spleen function, eliminates indoor air, and promotes rejuvenation. If you are on top of your head, rub it well, and you should see quick results. (Also read What are the causes of stress?)

2. Between Thumb and Index Finger

Between Thumb and Index Finger

For patients with a headache, who are unable to find a cure, a stress factor called LI 4 helps significantly. This acupuncture point is placed on your hand between your thumb and index finger, and rubbing it is very good for headaches and facial pain. If you often suffer from headaches, be aware that you can no longer control one of the four headaches caused by a real headache. Let us see how this acupuncture point affects our body and mind. (Also read 90 Mind Blowing Human Body Facts)

  • Body: This point is excellent for helping the body with pain everywhere inside the body, especially the face, head, and neck (toothaches, ears, jaw discomfort, etc.). Additionally, it is the first helpful measure for cleaning, i.e., constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning, and even hangovers. LI4 may be very helpful in relieving the pain associated with constipation during menstruation. This active ingredient is good for preventing pregnancy-related physical activities.
  • Mind or Spirit: One of the most important things about this point is that it supports the removal in a way that feeds our resources so that you can easily let go of them. This feature can provide a calm bridge between what has changed and what it is now. 

3. Between The Eyes

Between Eyes

Often referred to as your third eye or Yin Tang, the point between your eyes is a heavy point of pressure that you can gain while feeling overwhelmed. Interestingly, this point is often used by many people to try and relieve headaches and excessive facial discomfort. Directing acupuncture to the area of yin tang stress can also alleviate symptoms ranging from stress, tension, and heart conditions. Try this one of the amazing pressure points to relieve body discomforts right now! (See How your mind can make you sick?)

4. In-Between Toes


The liver 3 acupuncture point is found between the large toe and the second toe, where the two bones meet. Let us look at the functions of this acupuncture point:

  • The liver’s function in TCM is to convert and swish the waft of energy within the body. If the liver doesn’t do that, our biological process organs won’t be ready to do the work of digesting our food, and you could find ourselves with variable viscus movements, gas, or abdominal pain. Some would call this an upset stomach.
  • The meridian of the liver surrounds the privates. This feature is employed for herniation pain, sex organ pain, tract infections, and more. If energy doesn’t work well, the blood volume will be reduced so that medical specialty issues will increase catamenial cramps, irregular periods, or fibroids.
  • Courage is related to spirit. In TCM, bound issues or signs and symptoms have air properties, circling or assaulting the higher body components, the higher and lower extremities.
  • Sometimes, liver 3 will cause problems like headaches and facial deformities. Try this feature with intestine 4, and you get a mix of surprising points for jaw pain, headache, stress, melancholy, irritability, and sleep disorder. (Also read Is Sleeping Late Bad for Health?)

5. Below Kneecap

Below Kneecap

Just below the outer edge of your kneecap, about four inches wide, there is an acupuncture point called ST 36. This stress factor is a common positive factor in physical and strength insecurity. Stirring it for a few minutes should rejuvenate you immediately if you feel tired. Zusanli (ST36) is one of the pressure points to relieve body discomforts, mainly used to treat strokes, pain, high blood pressure, and various autoimmune disorders. Acupuncture stimuli evoke the Deqi sensation, a combination of amazing sensations, including pain, numbness, dizziness, and intense pain. (Also read 6 Negative Health Effects of Self Harm and Cutting Habits)

6. On Wrists


If you feel nauseous or have an upset stomach, you can use a compressor on your arm known as Pericardium 6. To find this spot, take four fingers and place them on your wrist, starting from the point where the palm ends. The point should be under the middle finger, between the muscles. The smoother way to get the point is to place three fingers on your wrist first and then check the point where the line intersects between the two tenders. It is indeed one of the most functional pressure points to relieve body discomforts. Let us now take a look at its functions:

  • PC6 is a key point in treating nausea. Its nausea effect has made PC6 a rare difference in its ability to treat the condition without the addition of other features. Whether it’s opioid-induced nausea, motion sickness, pregnancy-induced nausea, or extravagance, you should have had that killer birthday party the night before PC6.
  • Pericardium 6 is also used to calm the Shen. In layman’s terms, this means to calm down and reduce anxiety.
  • PC6 additionally opens and releases the chest. This refers to some different symptoms that can occur with anxiety, including chest tightness and heart palpitations. Sometimes the conflict can cause nausea, which is where PC6 can help on each side. (Also read How to strengthen your core muscles?)

7. Near Outer Ear

Near Outer Ear

One of the most notable areas of auricular treatment is Ear Shenmen (MA-TF1), which is claimed to calm thoughts and scale back stress. This point settled close to the external ear canal. This feature is a component of a treatment employed in many clinics to eliminate toxins from the body. The primary dose is to touch an anxious parasympathetic device and permit it to reverse anger. If massaging this feature is too long, the employment of earplugs or showing emotion-stimulating oils, like herbs will help. (Also read What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses of General Spices)

8. Near The Belly Button

15 Pressure Points To Relieve Body Discomforts 4

If your bowel movements do not work properly, stress ST 25 is one of the pressure points to relieve body discomforts. This may be found to be inaccessible. It is located more than two inches from the center on both sides approx 2 cm lateral to the navel. This area can help correct individual constipation and diarrhea. It stimulates intestinal function, clears heat, regulates Qi, and liberates food storage. The clinical application of ST 25 is a topic that might intrigue your interest.

9. Near Your Heart

Near Heart

Ren 17 was found to reduce anxiety when activated and is one of the most helpful pressure points to relieve body discomforts. It was spotted in the middle of the frame line on the axis along the nipples. At the low-level junction of the 4th intercostal space and the sternum, start below the clavicle and count the spaces between all the ribs, then flow to the center of the chest to find the spot. Also, Ren 17 is taught to be inserted in the opposite direction or oblique.

Given the risk of injecting through the forum, one should never inject the needle directly. Shallow insertion will save the needle from getting too close to the bone. (Also read What Causes Funny Bone Pain?)

10. Under The Feet

Under Feet

You may not require melatonin once you have discovered Kidney 1 or any other condition called Bubbling Spring Point. Located on the soles of the feet within the groove that looks like you are folding your feet, this feature can be used to stabilize degrees of strength and result in a relaxed sleep.

Lie on your back with your knees bent to reach your feet and your fingers. Take one foot in your hand and bend your toes. Massage this point for a few minutes using rotating or up-and-down movements.  (See The 3 Most Common Sleep Positions And Their Health Effects)

11. Below The Sternum

Below Sternum

If you care for and wish to maintain the health of your digestive tract, without any medications, try working with Ren 12. This is one of the pressure points to relieve body discomforts found in the middle of the sternum. The REN 12 factor, also known as CV 12 or Vision 12, is called Zhong Wan, or Middle Cavity. This feature has an immediate effect on the stomach. It has a movement to soften the abdomen and strengthen the groin. This feature treats stomach and constipation problems, nausea, acid reflux, diarrhea, and more.

Emotional levels, especially feelings of fear, anxiety, and overeating can also damage the healthy functioning of the stomach and spleen, leading to weakness and consequently slowing down digestion and poor absorption of our food. When you want to cool down during the summer, you eat cold foods and drinks that can damage your stomach and disrupt digestion. If you experience any of these, you can perform this acupuncture technique as these are effective pressure points to relieve body discomforts. (Also read How Acidic Is Stomach Acid?)

12. Behind Knees

Behind Knees

Massaging UB 40 behind the knee can help you deal with the reduction of back pain. It is found on the midpoint of the transverse crease of the popliteal fossa, between the biceps, femoris, and semitendinosus tendon. It dissipates heat, relieves moisture, relaxes muscles, removes toxins, cools down blood, and eliminates blood clots and summer heat. (Also read Busted! 27 Myths About Fitness Exercises and Workouts)

13. Sides of Ankle

Sides of Ankle

There are stress factors in both the ankles, points referred to, such as KID 3 and BL 62. These acupressure regions can help reduce and reverse pain and sciatica when trapped. It is one of the important pressure points to relieve body discomforts. (Also read How many bones in the human body?)

14. Just Above The Ankle

Above Ankle

Spleen 6 is placed inside the lower leg, above the ankle. To get to it, move closer to the edge of your hand against the extreme point of your middle malleolus—that big bone present inside your ankle. Against your inner leg, it is located parallel to the malleolus center at the index fingertip of your hand. If it is loose, you can press the point on both sides with the help of a flexible leg pass area.

If that doesn’t work for you, press one point at a time. Keep your ankle straight across your opposite leg. Using your hand in the same position because your leg is pressing, insert the needle and place your thumb on spleen 6. To hold your leg with your hands, apply weight with your thumb. (Also read What Is the Funny Bone Nerve?)

15. On Pinky Toe

On Pinky Toe

This point in the pinky toe, referred to as BL-67, is widely used to help pregnant women. But the way to rub it is to not rub it. Obviously, this is not for acupressure novices. You should seek advice from an acupuncturist on doing moxa, and it is best to start doing it when you are 34 weeks pregnant. (Also read 13 Best Types of Pillows to Get Comfortable With)

It is to be noted that some studies suggest that acupuncture may be less effective as an antidepressant remedy than pills but they have fewer side effects. Thus, it would be best if you are careful while working with these 15 pressure points to relieve body discomforts. Comment on your acupuncture experience in the comments section below!

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