27 Other Things You Can do with Toothpaste

How Toothpaste can be Used Daily? What are the Other Benefits of Toothpaste, especially as a Cleaning Agent?
28 Ways Toothpaste is Best Used

You all are very familiar and sometimes choosy with your first cosmetic of the day, which is with toothpaste. This calcium-rich paste is required for teeth and gum cleaning. It is advised to be used regularly to keep smiles bright enough to enlighten the day. But did you know, apart from the basic teeth cleaning, there are a lot of other ways toothpaste is best used for? Believe it or not, toothpaste provides 20+ other benefits in different aspects and is used for numerous such purposes by people from different walks of life. Today in this article, you will read various other things you can do with toothpaste.

Composition of Toothpaste

Toothpaste has a broad history of usage due to its composition of fluoride salts. The composition of toothpaste helps in tooth hardening while cleaning gums and teeth enamel to provide natural strength. They originate from Egyptian recipes of rocks and vinegar. Modern-day ingredients may be accustomed to the current times. But the toothpaste during the time of its origin contained a lot of other components too.

  • The toothpaste has detergent in its ingredients which forms the foam while rubbing on our teeth for a few seconds. This formula removes plaque and other germs sticking to the minute corners of the whole mouth.
  • Nowadays, they come in various flavors like lemon, mint, and various other combinations to attract more audience in terms of taste and smell, mostly for the younger audience.
  • The shine left on the tooth enamel after brushing is due to the availability of calcium carbonite abrasives which help in removing the stains and spots from teeth that are formed due to the edible coloring used in food recipes.
  • Usually, toothpaste comprises of cellulose gum which acts as a thickener to the toothpaste for maintaining a stable form on the toothbrush.
  • Modern-day toothpaste also comes with additional components added to them like Neem, activated charcoal, cloves, etc., which are specially designed for specific kinds of dental treatment.

So, after talking about elements that make up your dental friend, let’s look at the other ways toothpaste is best used for & other things you can do with toothpaste.

1. Cleaning Foggy Headlights

Car headlights contain very minute porous openings which require clean-up at times to avoid foggy lights. So, adding a dab of toothpaste with your brush will clean it quite better to remove the haze. The thickening agents and detergent elements help well in the cleaning. (Also read Why My Teeth Hurt After Waking Up?)

ways toothpaste is best used1 : ways toothpaste is best used

2. Fixing Small Scratches on Car Doors

If your car has caught some small scratches here and there, you can look up to a toothpaste rub to fix some little buff here and there to recover its clean look. However, this might not work for bigger damage, so make sure to take the right measures to fix it.

ways toothpaste is best used 2: ways toothpaste is best used

3. Cleaning of Bikes

The pads and shiny covers on your bike made of chrome are easily cleanable using toothpaste. It can help clean the spots of water, mud, etc., due to its abrasive properties and provide a shiny surface. (Also read How to Clean Your Teddy Bear at Home?)

ways toothpaste is best used 3: ways toothpaste is best used

4. Removing Crayon Marks

Having kids at home can be a stressful affair, especially if they’re creative painters with crayons. All the walls covered with crayon drawings can leave you infuriated by the mess, but toothpaste is an instant solution for you to fix this creative mess. Toothpaste, as discussed, is abrasive and so acts as a detergent. Hence, shredding some toothpaste on the wall and rubbing it with a muggy cloth can do the trick to fix your walls back to the originals. (Also read Learn How to Zentangle)

Ways toothpaste is best used 4: ways toothpaste is best used

5. Whitening Canvas Shoes and Sneakers

When you’re washing your white shoes, you would want to rub off the dirt plus have them shine white like before. This is one of the unorthodox uses of toothpaste. Make a small solution of detergent and a cup of water plus add toothpaste to it and dip the shoes in the solution. Cleaning leather shoes won’t be a good idea, but toothpaste is a very good cleaning agent for mesh, fabrics, and rubber. (Also read Why Are They Called DC Shoes?)

Ways toothpaste is best used 5: ways toothpaste is best used

6. Cleaning Ink Spilling on Clothes

Ink spots on clothes can be tough to remove, even for washing machines. Your toothpaste has got it covered. Just take a blob of it on the cloth. Wet the portion, and it would take off the ink with proper rubbings. This is one of the ways toothpaste is best used. (Also read Graphite Vs Lead Pencil)

ways toothpaste is best used 6: ways toothpaste is best used

7. Cleaning Computer/Laptop Keyboard

A small solution of water or toothpaste with alcohol like isopropyl can be the best cleaner for minute spaces on the keyboard and removes dirt which is hard to extract out of the small area. You will agree that it is one of the other things you can do with toothpaste that works like a charm. (Also read What is a 10-key experience and requirements?)

cleaning keyboard

8. Marking Nail Position for Wallhanging

Are you struggling to hang paintings on your wall? Well, take out your toothpaste and place a chunk on the place you want the nail to be hammered. The sticky, slimy texture of the toothpaste will stay on the wall after you press against it by the frame. After taking the frame away, the required mark is made for the nail to be hammered or drilled on. (See What is Grandfather Clock History?)


9. Removing Haze from Defogger Goggles

Toothpaste is the best and quickest solution for divers who use sea goggles for defogging. The haze or fog coming on the goggles can be easily cleared with the help of toothpaste, keeping in mind to not stroke hard as it may cause potential damage. (Also read How Does A Magnifying Glass Work?)

ways toothpaste is best used 7: ways toothpaste is best used

10. Cleaning CD/DVDs

Though we’ve long left the era of CDs and DVDs. So just to let you know if you have some memories still stored in CDs and DVDs which have scratches and rough marks, go for a toothpaste cleaning of the sparkling surface to make it work again. For many people, this can be one of the most important ways toothpaste is best used. (Also read What is the connection between a Tape and a pen?)

ways toothpaste is best used 8: ways toothpaste is best used

11. Cleaning Shower Glass Doors

Well, toothpaste is even useful to clean your shower door glasses to shine like new. The soap marks can be easily washed off with the help of toothpaste. You can bet on these uncustomary other things you can do with toothpaste. (Also read 15 Best Bath & Body Works Fragrances)

ways toothpaste is best used 9: ways toothpaste is best used

12. Removing Mirror Fog

Just like shower glass doors and defogger goggles, mirror fog can also be treated with a little toothpaste. But make sure to take extra care while rubbing to avoid any extra damage to it, as the pigment goes hard after some time. So sufficient water should be mixed to do the trick. (Also read Why do I look different in different mirrors?)

ways toothpaste is best used 10: ways toothpaste is best used

13. Cleaning Cup Marks

Are you worried about the coffee and teacups ruining the look of your dining tables? Worry not! Your toothpaste is enough to tackle these ring marks on the surface. (Also read Why is Coffee Called a Cup of Joe?)

ways toothpaste is best used 11: ways toothpaste is best used

14. Eliminating Baby Sipper Odour

Sippers and nipple bottles used by babies for drinking develop a strong smell of saliva and sour milk together, which sometimes refuses to go away despite regular washing. In this case, a little water and toothpaste can be the best solution for mothers to take care of baby products. (Also read Why Do Babies Cry on Airplanes?)

15. Cleaning the Seal of the Refrigerator

Refrigerator seals can turn dirty due to foreign contacts on an everyday basis. Just like your teeth, fridge seals can be cleaned with toothpaste without much ado. The detergent and thickening agents of the toothpaste are very effective on sticky dirt, which is difficult to clean otherwise. (Also read How Are Pickles Made?)

ways toothpaste is best used 12: ways toothpaste is best used

16. Removing Tartar from Beach

Toothpaste is the best alternative to washing off the tough and irritating beach tar. It requires a lot of time and energy to wash off the sticky stains. For larger stains, toothpaste shouldn’t be the right option as it would consume a lot of it. Instead, you can opt for a stain remover. (Also read Why do people like to go to Croatia?)

17. Cleaning Carpet Stains

Carpet stains and spots are a big deal due to the heaviness of the clothes and tough cleaning. That’s where your toothpaste trick works the best. A small amount of toothpaste and scrubbers will help in removing these stains. This is one of the other things you can do with toothpaste. But beware that this works for small and easy stains. For tougher stains like pet saliva, you should go for a full wash.

ways toothpaste is best used 13: ways toothpaste is best used

18. Acting as Hair Gel Substitute

Toothpaste can even help you in the dressing room if there’s no hair gel on the 11th hour. The gel properties are almost like toothpaste gels and are therefore distributed for hair cosmetics too. Due to the post-hardening of both, it keeps the hair linings in their desired places. (Also read 23 common makeup mistakes you must avoid)

ways toothpaste is best used 14: ways toothpaste is best used

19. Removing Chewing Gum from Hair

Well, this would be an annoying situation. But if you get a piece of chewing gum stuck to your hair, there is no need to cut off the portion of the. Apply some raw toothpaste i.e. one without gel to the gum. It would help you get rid of the chewing gum stuck to your hair. Toothpaste has baking soda in it, which hardens after long exposure to air due to oxidization. (Also read What happens when you mix Vinegar with Baking Soda?)

ways toothpaste is best used 15: ways toothpaste is best used

20. Using as Nail Polish Remover

Well, if you’re a lady, this would be useful for you especially when you want to put on a matching nail polish to your dress, and the previous one needs to be removed. This is one of the very unconventional ways toothpaste is best used. All you’ve got to do is take some toothpaste with lemon and mix it with some water and apply it on your nails to remove the nail paint in a few seconds easily. (Also read What is the difference between a Manicure and a Pedicure?)

ways toothpaste is best used 16: ways toothpaste is best used

21. Deodorizing Stinky Palm

So, you’ve been working all day long in the storeroom and covered your hands with a greasy smell at the end of the day. Worry not, as the solution lies straight with your morning partner. Yes, toothpaste cleans these stains very well and absorbs the stink, leaving your hands all fresh and clean. (Also read How to Make Stink Spray)

ways toothpaste is best used 17: ways toothpaste is best used

22. Using as a Lotion for the Skin

People who are worried about their skin blemishes and pimple-related problems should apply toothpaste as a fast solution on their faces. The baking soda and hydrogen peroxide presence in toothpaste acts as a neutralizer for acne and dry skin. However, it should be avoided by people with sensitive skin. You should read about treating acne and consult a doctor for correct treatment.

ways toothpaste is best used 18: ways toothpaste is best used

23. Treating Skin Irritation

Irritation in specific areas of the skin can be seasonal and very frustrating. You can also experience skin irritation in case of bug bites which secrete itchy acids in the skin to induce irritation. This is where toothpaste can also be used to neutralize the heat zones formed in certain areas. (Also read 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas)

ways toothpaste is best used 19: ways toothpaste is best used

24. Treating Skin Burns

If you have a sudden burn on your skin, toothpaste without the gel would be the best option to go for an instant treatment. Toothpaste without gel in it would be more basic in its chemical nature due to the presence of baking soda, which will activate and work even better if the burnt portion is kept underwater and then the toothpaste is applied for faster relief. This is one of the most effective ways toothpaste is best used, but take proper ointments in case of severe burns. (Also read How does burning to death feel like?)

25. Restoring Luster to Diamonds

A diamond isn’t a diamond if it doesn’t shine like its name. If you feel your diamond ornament doesn’t look new anymore, a little toothpaste and a gentle cleaning will bring back the shiny surface of the diamond. This is one of the real offbeat other things you can do with toothpaste. (Also read Why Do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?)



26. Cleaning Liquid Marks on the Floor

Toothpaste should be your first stop if you see marks on your home floor made of spilled fluids. Using enough toothpaste and rubbing it would help you get rid of it faster than other cleaning products, which would sweat you out. Your morning friend has fantastic cleaning properties due to the detergent and abrasive agents present. This is why cleaning marks are among the ways toothpaste is best used. (Also read Rum Ingredients)

spilled liquid


27. Keeping Away Pests

Talking about distinctive ways toothpaste is best used, it is the best friend for people who host domestic farms at their places, especially vegetable gardens. Tooth-friendly calcium presence in toothpaste is the worst enemy for insects like cockroaches and other pests living in garden mini-farms and feeding on vegetables. (Also read How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots)

ways toothpaste is best used 21: ways toothpaste is best used

The list of other ways toothpaste is best used will never end and you can keep talking about the benefits of your friendly dental cosmetics. Toothpaste is effective in a lot of other things like cleaning kitchen sinks, removing rust on brakes, cleaning permanent marker prints, re-shining die casts, and cleaning stains on furniture kept outside. We hope you make use of all other things you can do with toothpaste.

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