22 Lesser Known Uses of Vodka

What are the Uses of Vodka? What are the various ways you can use Vodka in Daily Life apart from Drinking?
22 Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know Before

Do you like alcohol but not its smell? Do you like to mix it with other drinks? Vodka is the one suitable drink for you. Amongst all the drinks, vodka is the most neutral and clear in appearance and smell. Usually, you can find vodka in small glasses on bar counters ready to be consumed in a sip due to its strong intoxication nature, which can get people drunk in a maximum of 10 shots. However, even after coming from an alcoholic family, vodka stands out and is effective in the health benefits section. So read on to know the uses of vodka with other vodka effects on the human body.

Uses of  Vodka along with its Benefits

Vodka is a strong drink but healthier than other beverages and alcohols. The expensive vodkas are distilled enough and don’t contain any sugar. This is why people, who have been medically advised to pause or quit drinking, are told to prefer vodka in extreme cases. You can get the hangover with lesser quantity and without further harm. Vodka tolerance is different for different genders. Men can take up to 10 shots, whereas women can take up to 5-6 shots to get fully drunk, and anything more would have you pass out.

  • Although there are a lot of strong alcoholic drinks, vodka delivers the strongest hangover.
  • Usually, it is found that Americans, and especially Russians, are very fond of vodka as it is effective as compared to other drinks but also pocket friendly
  • Drinking vodka on a day-to-day basis can regulate the heart and liver
  • Russians also use vodka as a quick fix to heal wounds, especially when it’s deep into the tissues. 

Now that you know some trends and facts about vodka, read the following uses of vodka that will make your jaw drop in amazement.

1. Clean Your Rugs and Mattresses

Clean Rugs and Mattresses | 22 Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know Before

Vodka is very useful to clean carpets and bed mattresses. Your carpets get run over multiple times by your kids or pets with dirty and full of germs feet. And eventually, they get dull and filthy if they aren’t washed very often. Besides, you will have dusty and dirty mattresses if they are not cleaned once in a while. Spraying them with vodka, which kills any odor and has disinfecting properties, is a wonderful way to keep them relatively tidy and fresh. (See Can Possums be Pets?)

2. Keep Shaving Razors from Rusting

Saving shaving razors from rust

Small amounts of hair, water, and shaving cream always get left on the blades after each usage, which makes your razors brush out faster. While cleaning the blade, soak it in vodka, and you’ll have long-serving razors away from acid or rust for a longer period. And the razor will be all fresh and clean for your next usage. You might not have known it, which is one of many uses of vodka. (Read What Does It Mean When Kids Shave A Line In Their Eyebrow?)

3. Use as an Aftershave

Use as an Aftershave

The main ingredient in most aftershaves is alcohol, which disinfects and soothes the face while also helping avoid any irritation. When it comes to alcohol content, vodka has an excellent balance and will do wonders for your skin. (See Why do people touch their face while speaking?)

4. Use as Bug Repellent

Use as Bug Repellent

When you are going out on a trip to explore a nearby trek, which is the usual home for bugs in the first place, make sure to spray or apply some vodka to your exposed skin before leaving. Vodka is an extremely efficient insect repellent. Pour some vodka into a spray bottle, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to make it smell lovely, then spritz it all over your body. (Read Why Do Bugs Like Lights?)

5. Make Quick Ice Packs

Make Quick Ice Packs

Unlike other alcohol, vodka leaves a cold effect and can be made into an ice pack. It is possible by combining a glass of vodka with the water you pour into a freezer bag. You can lower the freezing temperature of the entire mixture, resulting in a very cold ice pack that is flexible and can be shaped to fit the body. (See Why My Teeth Hurt After Waking Up?)

6. Cure Jellyfish Stings

Cure Jellyfish stings

Although jellyfish stings are very deadly and no perfect cure has been discovered to date, vodka is one such alcohol that helps a lot. Continuous rinsing of the sting area with vodka will remove the nematocysts and will help cure the sting. However, you can also look for effective measures to deal with jellyfish stings. It proves the effectiveness in each of the uses of vodka until now. Keep reading, there are more!

7. Create Mouthwash

Create Mouthwash

Vodka has a neutral flavor, but it is also an excellent disinfectant and odor remover. To make a refreshing mouthwash, mix vodka with a little water and a few tablespoons of cinnamon. Allow it to settle for a week or so before using. (See Why Some People Don’t Drink Tap Water?)

8. Treat Terrible Toothaches

Treat Terrible Toothaches

Oh, and with the mouth, how can we forget the teeth! Vodka is a best friend to them. So when you have a toothache, soak a small cotton ball in vodka and place it on the gums above the sore tooth. It will start to relieve some of the discomforts after a while. (See 27 Other Things You Can do with Toothpaste)

9. Eliminate Armpit and Feet Odour

Eliminate Armpit and Feet Odour

You will indeed start to keep vodka on your dressing table if you see how beautifully it works by eradicating odor from your feet and armpits. Just a small shot of vodka under the armpits or a few squirts of it on the feet from a spray bottle will remove the foul odors and leave you feeling refreshed. (Read The body language of the arms)

10. Get Rid of Shoe Stink

Get Rid of Shoe Stink

You treated your feet, but the strong and unpleasant smell remains behind in the sneakers. But no need to wander here and there because vodka can also be used to disinfect the shoes and remove odor-causing bacteria from them. Also, it can be used to neutralize odors in athletic footwear. So, spray the insides of the shoes and let the stinking air out. (See Why Are They Called DC Shoes?)

11. Clean Windows

Clean Windows | 22 Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know Before

The next entry in our list of uses of vodka is for your window glasses. A typical window cleaner is another solution that relies heavily on alcohol for its efficiency. You can use a spray bottle filled with vodka to clean your windows, and it will work just as perfectly as any other glass cleaner. (Read How Does A Magnifying Glass Work?)

12. Sustain the Color of Clothes

Sustain the Color of Clothes

Like the other mentioned uses of vodka, it is helpful for clothes too. Especially if they’re dark in color, the issue is that the color starts fading over time, and discoloration may occur in some areas but not others. You will simply need to spritz some vodka on your clothes to help protect them from this. You can also add a few drops of lavender or any essential oil to make the garments smell wonderful. (Read Why Do People Wear Clothes?)

13. Remove Greasy and Moldy Stains

Remove Greasy and Mouldy Stains

Working in the storeroom or fixing your ride can’t be done without those tough grease stains along with mold stains. It comes very handily if you are already taking power shots as the moldy patches can be easily cleaned with some vodka and a firm brush if your mold problem hasn’t been fixed before reaching the dining. It can also be used to clean oily dishes. Simply pour some vodka into the water you’ll be soaking your dishes in and soak them for a few minutes before washing. (See How many Gallons of Gas in a Barrel of Oil?)

14. Utilize as a Sanitizer

Utilize as a Sanitizer

We cleaned the grease and mold already but forgot the germs on your hands. Vodka is an all-rounder beverage due to it being the distilled alcohol used around 70% to make the sanitizer and strong handwashes. It can be used to disinfect hands and inanimate objects, but you should know how to choose a good and safe sanitizer before. (See 29 Types of Makeup Every Woman Should Know About)

15. Treat Hair Problems

Treat Hair Problems

After washing your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner, mix a shot glass of vodka with a glass of water and use it to rinse the hair out. Any residual shampoo or dead skin flakes should be prevented from accumulating. If you put a little vodka into your hair conditioner once a week, you’ll get an acidic mixture, which will help keep your hair frizz-free and shiny. It is one of the practical uses of vodka in this list. (Read Why do we develop grey or white hair?)

16. Heal Earaches

Heal Earaches | 22 Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know Before

Now we move to your ears. The wax in your ears prevents germs from entering your ears. But when its capacity runs out, it might induce a discomforting ache. Put a few drops of vodka in your ear to relieve your earache. Allow settling for a few minutes before draining. The germs that are causing your earache will be perished by vodka. (See What is the Difference Between Hearing and Listening?)

17. Clean Vomit with Vodka

Clean Vomit with Vodka

You can witness the use of vodka even while drunk, cleaning the vomit you spilled last night after having too much of the same drink. It’s dramatically true, but it intoxicates well, and it cleans its mess equally well. Don’t believe us? Take the cheap vodka and save your expensive one. It is an excellent cleaning agent. Simply spray a small amount of vodka onto the carpet to be deodorized and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a paper towel to absorb any remaining moisture. Allow to air dry or sprinkle baking soda on top, wait an hour, and vacuum up. (See What Does It Feel Like to Be Drunk?)

18. Operate on Poison Ivy

Operate on Poison Ivy

Vodka is a special agent for stings and wounds. Pour vodka over the skin that has met poison ivy to avoid the unpleasant reaction. The alcohol will clean off the itchy oil, urushiol oil, that causes poison ivy. Washing a poison ivy rash with vodka reduces the plant’s itch-inducing urushiol oil, bringing peace back to you. Isn’t these uses of vodka just awesome? (See How Do Snake Fangs Work?)

19. Remove Peeled-off Sticker Remains

Remove Peeled-off Sticker Remains

When it comes to removing residue from anything, whether it’s from a sticker on an appliance or a price tag on an item, vodka effects are all you desire. Simply dab a cotton ball or clean rag into pure vodka and dab it onto the sticker. Allow a few seconds for the vodka to settle before delicately removing the label manually with your fingers, so it will become easier to remove it this way. This method can also be used to remove residue from a sticker that has already been removed. (See 15 Unique Facts About Fingerprints)

20. Preserve Freshness of Flowers

Preserve Freshness of Flowers

Fresh-cut flower flowers may also benefit from vodka. Although antibacterial qualities of vodka have been suggested to assist flowers, the alcohol is likely to have a different effect on a bouquet. When put in a vase, it protects flowers most likely by blocking the synthesis of ethylene. Ethylene is a ripening gas produced by plants that aid in the maturation process. Wilting could be slowed if this gas is inhibited. Vodka, on the other hand, isn’t a particularly good preservative. (See Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

21. Treat Cold Sores

Treat Cold Sores

Your liquor cupboard might be able to help you get rid of your cold sore. Accentuating the other uses of vodka, anecdotal data says that mixing vodka with peppermint oil can help ease cold sore pain and speed up the healing process. Applying vodka to cold sore blisters can help minimize redness, reduce inflammation, and dry the area. Vodka, like rubbing alcohol, is an antibacterial that dries through the infected area quickly, allowing scabbing to take place. Take 1/8-ounce vodka + a few drops of peppermint oil = greatest results. Apply this combination five times a day with a Q-tip to your cold sore for four days. (See Famous People With Vitiligo)

22. Cleanse Jewelry

Cleanse Jewelry | 22 Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know Before

As one of the last uses of vodka in this list, it can make your jewelry shine again as you just bought it from the store. Put the jewelry in vodka for around five minutes, and then wash it out with water. The jewelry will lose stains or blemishes and shine like before. Vodka does not harm the diamonds or gems in the jewelry. (See Does Every Oyster Have a Pearl?)

Vodka, as you now know, is almost a miraculous drink in the alcohol line. It has more uses in our lives than just for the party. With this article, we tried to bring some channeled uses of vodka it holds in our lives. Write down your vodka stories in the comment section below and let us know which of these utilities amazed you. If you have any suggestions for us, our contact section is always open for you to shoot.

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