17 Killer responses to the why are you still single question

Amazing Responses To ‘Why Are You Still Single?’ 17 Brilliant Responses For When Someone Asks You Why You’re Still Single!
  1. I am not a love addict

    I can survive without a relationship, unlike the many who breath love to survive.

  2. I am not emotionally weak

    I am not like the people who can’t handle living alone even for a few days. I am strong enough to stay single until the right person comes along.

  3. I am not desperate

    I am not desperate for love. I am patient enough to stay single until i find exactly what i am looking for.

  4. I am confidnent

    I don’t find it shameful to be single and i am not like the many who feel inferior because they aren’t in a relationship.

  5. I am picky

    I am picky. I know what i want, and i don’t get into a relationship as soon as i get a chance.

  6. I have a life

    Relationships are good but i also have a life that allows me to still feel good until i find a person who deserves me.

  7. I don’t run in a horde

    I know what i want, i don’t follow the crowd and i don’t do something because everyone is doing it. I just do what’s right for me. (See Why you should not follow the crowd?)

  8. It’s not the right time yet

    The right time has nothing to do with age, but it’s all about finding the right person.

  9. I don’t compromise

    I am confident enough to believe i will find exactly what i am looking for. I don’t compromise or give up my important needs like people who do because they think they can’t fulfil them.

  10. I am not insecure

    I am not insecure enough to get into a relationship just because i am getting older, or because i feel that time is running out.

  11. I am not needy

    Yes i need a relationship, but i am not so needy that i can’t live without one.

  12. I am not a coward

    I am brave enough to face my problems alone until i get into a relationship. I don’t run for a relationship because i am unable to face life problems.

  13. I don’t escape from problems

    I am not like the people who get into relationships to forget about their own problems or to distract themselves.

  14. I fall for a person who deserves me

    I believe i am good and i believe i deserve the best. I don’t fall for people fast nor do i get into a relationship, until i find someone who deserves me.

  15. I wasn’t born to raise kids

    Relationships are great but they are not my mission in life. Yes one of my goals is to get into a relationship but I am not here on this planet to get married and raise kids. I have bigger goals.

  16. I have loving friends

    I have a social life and great loving friends. I am not like those who get into relationships because they are lonely.

  17. I value myself

    I don’t run after people for approval nor do i chase those who don’t love me. I only get into a relationship when i find someone who believes in me. (See How to Practice Self-Love?)

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