14 Reasons Selfishness is One of the Worst Traits

Why Being Selfish Is Good for You? Why is selfishness considered a bad quality in people?
  1. A selfish person is insecure

    People usually become selfish when they believe they don’t have enough resources to meet their own demands. In other words, a selfish person feels insecure therefore won’t share his resources with any body else.

  2. Cognitive dissonance and putting the brain in non-optimal working mode

    Selfishness makes a person think that he is better and more worthy than all the others. This is in direct conflict with reality, which states ‘everything around you was built by others’. Selfish people usually expend a lot of energy on working out this conflict inside his mind.

  3. Social handicap

    A selfish person will achieve less success in his social life than those who think of others, because people will be turned off by such behaviour. This will result in less opportunities for career and personal development.

  4. Feels Less worthy

    A selfish person might feel less worthy than others because deep inside his guilt will compel him to feel like he is doing something wrong.

  5. Dependent on others

    A selfish person doesn’t realize that he always depends on others, regardless of his beliefs. This can make him care less about other people, animals and even plants, which sustain life. This false belief can lead him to make bad decisions later down the road.

  6. Selfish people usually experience a lot of guilt

    Even if they don’t notice it consciously, many selfish people experience guilt on the unconscious level, which can ruin their mood and make them feel less satisfied with life.

  7. Childlike behaviour

    Selfish people are stuck in childlike thinking mode. This makes them put their needs first, regardless of the others. This is fine for a helpless child, which constantly needs the help of adults, but can be bad and restricting for personal development for an adult.

  8. Success and happiness are out of reach

    Selfish people have less opportunities to share their success and happiness with others. After all, a selfish person wants to be recognized and cherished by the others but ironically has less friends because of his behaviour. (See Why are some rich people unhappy?)

  9. Less friends

    A selfish person will have less real friends, if any at all. All people want to be appreciated by their friends and that is something a selfish person cannot provide. So most people move on and find a more giving friend.

  10. They are very needy

    A selfish person is needy. One of the core human needs is prolonged existence and mental stability – which can be achieved with time and energy conservation. Subconsciously, people recognize that needy people will threaten this channel and are turned off by them. (See Why are some rich people stingy?)

  11. They Lose the advantages of working in teams

    A selfish person usually works alone. This goes against Nash’s game theory which states that the group working together makes everybody benefit and not just one person. It will be extremely hard for a single person to beat everybody.

  12. Lack of empathy

    A selfish person lacks empathy and thus has less skills for understanding the emotional states of others. This can lead them to make wrong assumptions and subsequently take wrong actions which can give unexpected or unwanted results.

  13. Anti-evolutionary

    Darwin said that the most successful species are those that have the highest empathy and work together to solve problems. Selfish behavior is actually anti-evolutionary.

  14. Humans are hard wired to belong to a tribe

    Recent studies have shown that humans are hard wired to belong to tribes and social groups. A selfish person, who isolates himself from people, might experience unhappiness as a result of feeling disconnected from his tribe or group.

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