13 Psychological Reasons People Smoke Cigarettes

Why Do I Smoke and Why Do I Keep Smoking? Psychological Reasons People Smoke Cigarettes And Why It’s Hard to Stop?
  1. To broadcast a specific image

    This is the situation that happens mostly with teens when they start smoking in their initial phase of life. They think that smoking a cigarette will portray their image as a hunk and makes it look cool. This becomes one of the reasons they start smoking cigarettes, and by the time they grow up, they become addicted.

  2. Mostly for psychological reasons

    People not merely smoke cigarettes because they are addicted, but also due to psychological reasons. The psychological reasons do not let people leave this habit as they might have got over with nicotine addiction, but it becomes problematic for them to deal with mental issues.

  3. To feel in control

    Smoking a cigarette might provide people with a false sense of control. Whenever they are stressed, they start feeling that smoking a cigarette makes everything under their control.

  4. To rebel

    It happens mostly with youngsters and teens. They become a subversive person and rebel against their parents, teachers, or their relatives. Whatever the reason may be, the teens think that everyone hates them, start over-worrying, and become rebellious.

  5. Peer Pressure

    Some teens or youths start smoking as a result of peer pressure. They might have fallen under the influence or maybe pressurized by their closed ones to try smoking. After some time, even if the peer pressure is gone, the habit of smoking stays. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  6. To demonstrate masculinity

    Some people think that smoking depicts masculinity. They believe that if they smoke, they will be considered macho and less sensitive. It usually happens with women as well who do not want to portray their image to be feeble and overly sensitive.

  7. Numbing their feeling

    Some people follow the psychology that when they smoke, they are relieved from the stress and anxiety. They think the solution to all their problems is smoking. Those people also like to smoke as it gives them feelings of numbness, which brings them joy and helps them survive.

  8. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms

    As many of you might already know that Nicotine addiction is one of the worst addictions. Once you get hooked, it is challenging to leave this habit.

  9. The thrill of breaking the rules

    Some people are fond of breaking the rules. It gives them a sense of achievement and enticement. Hence they start to smoke. Once they start doing it, it becomes difficult for them to stop.

  10. Akin to thumb sucking

    Some researchers have studied and claimed that smoking habit is akin to thumb sucking. Just like when the babies feel tense or have nothing to do, they start sucking their thumb, and analogously, a smoker can start smoking anytime, whether they are feeling upset or to take a soothing action.

  11. To deal with loneliness

    A few people consider their best pal a cigarette. Their priority is to smoke, no matter where they are or whatever action they are involved in. Those people have also been asked that what happens when they light up a cigarette, do they start feeling accompanied? It is perceived that nicotine-addicted people feel less lonely with a lighted cigarette.

  12. To get closer to someone

    To get recognized and start impressing a person or a group already into smoking, some people might start smoking a cigarette to enter that group or get in touch with the person.

  13. Why aren’t health warnings effective?

    Besides picturing so many advertisements on national television about the adverse effect of cigarettes on the human body and movie theatres, many people still smoke. The worst part is that people are not even menaced by the daunting pictures made on the cigarette pack itself. The reason for all this is these health warnings do not have any impact psychologically. Instead, it braces them. (See What Alcohol does to your Brain?)

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