10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

10 Most Expensive & Valuable Pokemon Cards In The World | 10 Highest Expensive Valued Pokemon Card
10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards
  1. Pikachu Illustrator

    The second most expensive card that could be burdensome for your pocketbook if you want to purchase is none other than ‘Pikachu’. Pikachu is worth up to $1,00,000. One of the reasons for its high cost is that less than 40 cards exist globally, and only ten are in mint condition.

  2. Pre-release Raichu

    One of the rarest and precious Pokemon cards is Raichu because very few cards are available worldwide. The term ‘pre-release’ was stamped at the base of the card, which was not available in the market. It was only given to limited employees, friends, and family members. This card can cost you up to $10,000.

  3. Numbers 1, 2, 3 Trainer Cards

    The trainer Cards for number 1, 2, 3 are always rare to find and get. These cards are officially handed over to the World Championship winners. The value of this card increases with the age of the card, as only one card is released every year. Hence, the cost of this card can vary immensely depending upon the age.

  4. Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard

    It was one of the first shiny Pokemon cards that were part of the Neo Destiny expansion pack. The pokemon itself is holographic and are Shadowless and costs up to $8000. If you have already got one, you have some valuable card in your pocket.

  5. Kangaskhan- Parent/Child Promo Card

    The cost of the Kangaskhan card has been unpredictable. It was even sold for $1500 and can also go up to $10,000. Only the elite players participating in the Parent/Child Mega Battle Tournament, held in 1998, got honoured with the Kangaskhan promo card. It is an astounding piece of merchandise and a very prestigious card.

  6. Tropical Mega Battle Cards

    These rare cards were awarded to the Tropical Mega Battle Tournament winner, held in 1999 in Hawaii. Many kids wanted to get their hands on this card; some even get it by bearing a minimum of $5000 and can go up to $10,000. This card is also considered one of the original ‘Holy Grail’ Pokemon cards. (See Top 10 Strongest Pokemon)

  7. Master Key Prize Card

    The players who were the winner of the Trading Card Tournament in Japan in 2010 were awarded this Key Prize card. These cards are rarely available for sales, and hardly not more than 35 cards are available in the world. The cost of these cards is worth up to $8500.

  8. Black Triangle Error Booster Box

    Numerous Booster Box cards were sold on eBay. These are singular cards, for which you need to spend a considerable amount (circa $8000) if you are looking to buy them. The story behind the manufacturing of these cards might amaze you as these cards were printed as a mistake when factories were supposed to stop printing ‘First Edition’ cards.

  9. Gold Star Espeon Card

    Espon is the most valuable card among all the Gold Star cards. The players that met certain criteria were honoured with Gold Star Espeon card by the Pokemon Players Club. This card has initially been part of the POP Series 5 set of Pokemon cards.

  10. First Edition Holographic Blastoise

    In 1999, Blastoise was a scarce card, which started gaining attention and becomes quite common as time passed by. However, it is even coveted today. Many people bought it for $1500, but if you can get it in less than that, you are lucky! (See Top 10 Pokemon Characters of All-Time)

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