10 Most Difficult Guitar Songs

10 Most Challenging Songs to Play on Guitar | Top 10 Most difficult guitar songs ever 2020

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  1. 1 Eruption (Eddie Van Halen)

    This is one song that is unique in its own kind, and the unique thing about it is that it was made up on the spot. This song came in 1978, and at that time, no one has ever heard anyone playing like this. It increased the level of playing that was expected from a rock guitarist.

  2. 2 Animals as Leaders (CAFO)

    It was a blend of progressive metal and jazz that makes the music of this song exceptionally well and difficult to play. It is pretty challenging to learn to play this song as it was created and played in such a way. Tosin recorded this song, and Misha Mansoor handled its production.

  3. 3 Juice (Steve Vai)

    Every girl drools over his personality, plus the way he plays guitar is just fantastic. This song had such a fast bogie and pick harmonics that it is tough to play this song.

  4. 4 Cliffs of Dover (Eric Johnson)

    The guitar line in this song is relentless, massive, and simply beautiful. This is the signature tune of Eric in which he has used several techniques to make this beautiful song. For playing this song, you need to master various techniques like string skipping, chicken picking, alternate picking, and many others.

  5. 5 Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce)

    This one is said to be one of the most robust songs to be played as even after a lot of practice; people cannot play even half of it. They have used a diverse set of scales, plus the speed and tone of it is unbeatable.

  6. 6 Damage Control (John Petrucci)

    He is one person who has given various massive hits, and he says that Damage Control is one of the most challenging songs to play on guitar. It had complicated riffs, and the guitar scales changes are just not easy to play.

  7. 7 The Dance of Eternity (Dream Theater)

    This song is insanely tricky as it is tough not only to play on guitar but also on any other instrument. This song came in 1999 and had many signature changes that one can have in a 6 minutes song.

  8. 8 Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)

    He was the first modern guitarist, and he has changed the way people used to play guitar. Nobody has his sound, and imitating him is just not possible. He plays fast and does a lot of chord variations in this song that it becomes challenging to play.

  9. 9 Jordan (Buckethead)

    He plays so fast and with such perfection that playing this song on guitar seems impossible. This is one of the hardest songs by him as people say that as you try to learn, you would understand how difficult it is to play.

  10. 10 The Mystical Potato Head Groove thing (Joe Satriani)

    He is one of the best guitarists ever; his tunes are very innovative and technically difficult too. He says that he was in a different state when he played this song. This song was pretty beautiful, and the way he played guitar is just flawless and incredible.

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