Why do some people follow then unfollow on Instagram

    Why do some people follow then unfollow on Instagram

  • 1 They were not followed back

    Some people follow others to be followed back. If those people were not followed back, they usually unfollow and then follow someone else to get followed.

  • 2 They use the follow/unfollow method

    Some people use the follow/unfollow method, which is all about following people then unfollowing them days later hoping that they won't notice. The aim of the method is to help the person get more followers.

  • 3 They did not get engagements

    Sometimes people follow others and interact with their posts. However, some people might unfollow if they didn't get some interactions back. Those people might have expected a reply to their comments or some likes to their own posts. 

  • 4 They are obsessed with follow ratio

    Some people are obsessed with the following/followers ratio. If those people found that they are following too many people without getting back some followers then they might start unfollowing others. See why some people are obsessed with Instagram.

  • 5 They reached the following limit

    Instagram allows a maximum of 7500 following per person. This means that a person can't follow more than 7500 persons. In such a case, some people start unfollowing people to allow themselves to follow new ones.

  • 6 They get annoyed by frequent posting

    Some people don't like the ones who post too often on Instagram. In such a case, those people might unfollow if they found the person making too many posts. See why people unfollow others on social networks.

  • 7 They expected different types of posts

    People follow others with the intention of seeing certain kinds of posts. When those people don't find the kinds of posts they were expecting then they might unfollow. See also why your Instagram followers dropped all of a sudden.