Why do some people choose to study abroad?

    Why do some people choose to study abroad?

  • 1 Because employers prefer it

    Studying abroad gives you a chance to deal with international tutors and students. It could also help you learn a second language, which could be very attractive for some employers.  

  • 2 To experience living abroad

    Some people think that a mere holiday in a foreign country will be always different than living abroad. Living abroad gives them a chance to know a lot of things about their place of study like which places sell the best coffee and what traps to avoid in some touristic places.    

  • 3 To meet different people

    Living abroad gives you a chance to live with people from different cultural background. This will help you to open up your mind, improve your skills with people and give you a firmer knowledge of other cultures. 

  • 4 For a new kind of learning

    Learning abroad will always be different than education in their hometown. People usually choose to study abroad to open their minds to new types of learning.

  • 5 To be independent

    Studying abroad teaches people to be independent, as they live away from their parents, pay their own debt and rent, cook for themselves and handle their whole life without the help of their parents. 

  • 6 It teaches self-reliance

    Living abroad will teach you to rely on yourself in your daily life like eating, driving...etc. Going back home will make you go back to relying on people to drive you to school or cooking for you, for example.

  • 7 To learn to be adventurous

    When people live abroad, they learn to be adventurous because it opens their mind to new adventures.

  • 8 They learn to appreciate their hometown

    Learning abroad will make you have less possessions than ordinary students, and being away from your family will make you appreciate the things you have back home.

  • 9 To gain a global mindset

    Gaining a global mindset helps people to argue about any political, social or economical case. This new mindset helps people in work and social interactions.  

  • 10 School funding became easier

    Many institutions have made it easier nowadays for international students to study abroad. Most of them cover tuition fees, life expenses and transportation.

  • 11 For a chance to work

    Many international students prefer to go back home after studying abroad, while others strive to stay and work in another country. Studying abroad could make it easier for them.

  • 12 To learn to appreciate their family

    Some people think that staying away from their hometown will teach them to appreciate their family because they'll have time to forget all about the stress they faced back home.