Why do people like to go to Lithuania

  • 1 It's in the center of Europe

    Many people claim that Belarus and Hungary are the centers of Europe, but the truth is that Lithuania is the nearest spot to the village of Purnuškės, which is the real center of Europe.  

  • 2 It's cheap

    Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, is considered one of the cheapest cities in the world. The pint there can cost less than 2.5 euros. People can also explore the medieval streets of Lithuania and see the architectural heritage that blends the elements of medieval art. 

  • 3 It's a great place for filming

    BCC filmed some great war and peace documentaries in Lithuania. 'Lithuania has been making films for years', wrote John Gimlette who works on war and peace travelogues. 

  • 4 The Hill of Crosses is interesting

    In 1831, in Siauliai, there existed the Hill of Crosses which is believed to have come into existence after a battle that happened there at the time. This hill is still present in north Siauliai; only the new crosses, crucifixes as well as statues of Virgin Mary were added by Catholic pilgrims.

  • 5 To see the Hill of Witches

    The hill of witches is an outdoor sculpture gallery that features over 80 wooden folkloric characters associated with the history of Lithuania.

  • 6 It's mates with Iceland

    Iceland was the first country to deal with Lithuania as an independent country in 1991. There is also a street in Iceland called Islandijos, which is near to Vilnius city in Lithuania, and it's proof that there friendliness between the two countries till today. 

  • 7 The sand dunes

    Lithuania has the highest sand dunes in Europe, with a height that reaches 35 meters and sometimes stretches to 60 meters.

  • 8 It has great monuments

    Since Lithuania was occupied by the Nazis and the Soviets, it became home to a huge number of USSR-era statues; all of them were collected from all over the country and placed in Grutas Park in 1991.   

  • 9 The National Museum of Art

    In Vilnius, Lithuania's capital there is a huge number of complex modern architecture, which were structured by Lithuanian artists.

  • 10 Its strange statues

    Frank Zappa, a legendary guitarist and a seventies musician is considered one of Lithuania's iconic figures. Although he was born in Baltimore and lived most of his life in the US, a statue of him is placed today in  K. Kalinausko Gatve St. as a symbol of the end of communism.  

  • 11 It's historical

    In the past, Lithuania was considered the largest country in Europe. Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Russia were once part of Lithuania.

  • 12 The Lithuanian university

    The impressive Lithuanian university is considered one of the oldest institutions in Europe, founded in 1579.