Why do people like the band Nirvana

    Why do people like the band Nirvana

  • 1 People who lived in the 80's understood the music

    People who lived in the 1980's understood that Nirvana's songs were a response to the kind of strict life they led. Kurt Cuban, the lead singer, was a confused person who was able to channel his feelings into some great songs as some people say.

  • 2 They offered something new to rock music in the early 90's

    Some people think that most of the rock bands in mid and late 1980's lacked passion until Nirvana appeared and changed all this with their music.

  • 3 They were mainstream in the 90's

    Back in the 1990's, teenagers liked aggression in music, which was something Nirvana was famous for then the press made a great hype about the band. People didn't have to dig deep in their music or understand it.

  • 4 Kurt Cuban's death made the band popular

    Many people think that Kurt Cuban's suicide made the band popular for many years later. His story went viral in newspapers and television. 

  • 5 Their music was good

    Some people think that the music Nirvana produced was very melodic.

  • 6 They were lyrically good

    Kurt Cuban was really good with words considering that he was also a poet. He knew how to play with words so he could come up with good songs.

  • 7 They didnt have to relocate to LA to succeed

    Besides their great talent, people really admired the fact that the band stayed where they lived and didn't relocate to New York or LA to get more publicity. 

  • 8 They were just like old rock bands

    Nirvana came out right after the time when people got tired of the mid and late 1980's rock music. Nirvana reminded people of the earlier successful American and English punk bands such as Greenday, Bad Religion, Weezer, The Offspring, Rancid and Blink. 

  • 9 Some sub-genres succeeded because of them

    Some people think that sub-genres like hardcore, emo, screamo and any other genre that came after Nirvana would have never succeeded if their song 'Nevermind' had never came out.

  • 10 They did covers

    Nirvana's first release was a cover of Love Buzz. They also did some covers of David Bowie's songs and other bands as well.

  • 11 One of their songs was based on a true story

    Their song 'Polly' was based on the story of a 14 year old who was raped and tortured. Jurt wrote the song from a girl's perspective. When Bob Dylan heard the song he said, 'That kid has heart', referring to Kurt. 

  • 12 Nirvana released only 3 albums

    Although Nirvana only released three albums because Curt died at a very young age, people keep listening to their music til this very day.