why do dreams happen in real life

    why do dreams happen in real life

  • 1 It's just a Coincidence

    The majority of our dreams never happen in real life. The ones that happen in real life might be nothing more than a mere coincidence.

  • 2 Dreams are visions

    According to some religions some dreams are considered visions that can help people see into the future. According to those beliefs some dreams are going to happen because they are visions.

  • 3 You Fulfilled the prophecy

    Dreams can create a self fulfilling prophecy where a person might end up fulfilling what they saw in the dream just because they thought about it over and over.

  • 4 The dream motivated you to take actions

    According to psychologists dreams can sometimes have the purpose of motivating us to take actions. If a dream motivated you to do something then you might end up making the dream come true.

  • 5 We dream about possible scenarios

    According to another theory the fact that we dream about possible scenarios is the reason our dreams become true sometimes. If you were worried about something you are very likely to dream about it and that event might be highly possible in real life.

  • 6 You only focus on the ones that happen

    People usually focus too much on the dreams that come true and ignore the majority of dreams that never does.  The human brain has the capacity of focusing on one thing that it believes in while ignoring all opposing data.

  • 7 Your memories of the dream changed

    According to psychologists our memories can be changed without we noticing anything. If an important event happened in your life then you might mistakenly believe that you had a dream about it before.

  • 8 Your brain made the right prediction

    While sleeping the subconscious mind becomes very active. During sleep the subconscious mind puts the data together and makes future guesses. Your subconscious mind can thus predict some events with high accuracy.