why al gouna film festival was successful?

  • 1 it's theme was about humanity

    The festival's slogan was "Cinema for humanity" and it gave too much attention to films that had humanitarian content. 

  • 2 Forest Whitaker was invited

    The famous actor Forest Whitaker was invited by Naguib Sawiress to the festival. He received a career achievement award for his humanitarian role his stature as an actor.  

  • 3 it was well organized

    All the celebrates, news anchors and Tv shows were talking about the well organizing of the event. Some actors actually said in interviews that this was the first the witness this in an Egyptian film festival.   

  • 4 it screened very good movies

    Loving Vincent, the insult, Sheikh Jackson, and photocopy are among the most famous indie movies of 2017. All the film geeks from al gouna and from all over Egypt went to attend their screenings.   

  • 5 Oliver stone gave a master class there

    Director and producer Oliver stone gave a master class on film directing on cinegouna's final day for the first edition.   

  • 6 a deal of peace was made there

    A partnership was made during the festival between Naguib Sawiris, founder of the festival and american actor and founder of WPDI, and UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace, Forest Whitaker to support restoring peace in south Africa. 

  • 7 Jeff Stockwell and Richard Tanne's masterclass

    Jeff Stockwell and Richard Tanne two american screenwriters they worked for big art houses like disney and pixar gave a master class in cinegouna on the 27th of last month. 

  • 8 Tayarah's short film pitch

    Tayarah joined forces with cinegouna to give chances to promising filmmakers to pitch their films among many of the well known filmmakers in egypt. 

  • 9 it supported tourism in egypt

    Many of the global celebrates who came all the way from the us and a lot of other countries, took pictures in the most significant monument spots and posted on their social network accounts "that they think that Egypt is a safe place to visit"    

  • 10 People compared it to Kann

    Many celebrities, news anchors and new reporters thought the festival was so good that some day it could compete a festival that is as widely successful as kann.