how to become a creative thinker

  • 1 Think without constrains

    Creative people think without putting any constraints. Even if they came with an irrational or illogical idea they keep discussing it as if it could be done. One of those irrational ideas might ultimately lead to an idea that works.

  • 2 Combine unrelated ideas

    Creative ideas are usually produced when two unrelated things are combined together. People who attempt to combine many unrelated things together while thinking are more likely to come up with creative ideas.

  • 3 Brainstorm with other people

    Creative ideas are more likely to appear when two or more people discuss ideas together. Two opinions coming from two different persons can be combined to produce a third creative idea.

  • 4 Avoid fixed routine

    People who do the same exact things everyday are very less likely to come up with creative ideas. Creative ideas are more likely to come to the mind when a person engages in new activities or when he thinks about the routine tasks in a different way.

  • 5 Read a lot

    Reading a lot, especially about different unrelated topics, can make the mind more creative. Reading usually allows a person to see something from a different perspective. The more perspectives a person sees things from the more likely he is to become creative (See how to read 52 books a year).

  • 6 Do a totally new activity every once in a while

    People who engage in new activities gain more experiences and are more likely to become creative than those who stick to what they do everyday.

  • 7 Visit open spaces more often

    A study have shown that people who get exposed to open spaces often are more likely to become creative compared to people who live in metropolitan areas that are barley allows them to see the horizon. According to the study a visit to the beach once a week can help increase creativity.

  • 8 Free time promotes creativity

    People who are always busy might have problems becoming creative. It was found that people who take vacations often and have more free time usually think more creatively than their always busy friends.

  • 9 Keep observing the world

    Many creative ideas come as a result of observing the things around us. People who keep observing the world and thinking about the way things work are more likely to become creative than others.

  • 10 Try so many different things

    Many creative people became creative because they kept testing many ideas until one of them worked. Creativity and the number of tries goes hand in hand. The more attempts a person makes to solve a problem the more likely he is to come up with a creative idea.

  • 11 Forget about past experiences

    People who think about solutions without depending much on their past experiences or the methods that worked in the past are more likely to come up with creative new ideas.

  • 12 Focus on the solution not the method

    Creative people are the ones who think about the ultimate solution they want to reach with disregard to the method used. People who keep thinking about the method usually end up using one of the old methods and hardly come up with something creative.

  • 13 Exercise can improve creativty

    A study have shown that exercise can help people think more creatively.

  • 14 Travelling can improve creative thinking

    Studies have shown that people who traveled more often managed to come us with more creative ideas. The fact that travelling allows a person to experience many new things is one of the reasons it promotes creativity.

  • 15 Looking at the sky can increase creativity

    Some studies have shown that seeing certain colors such as blue can improve people's creative abilities. The fact that the sky is blue and that it's also considered an open space makes looking at it a good way to boost creativity.

  • 16 Constrains makes people more creative

    Studies have shown that people become more creative when they have certain constrains. The fact that you can only write 300 characters in each Speeli point can make you more creative.

  • 17 We become more creative when we are sleepy

    A study have found that people tend to become more creative when they feel sleepy. The few minutes a person spends in bed right before sleeping can be used to generate some interesting creative ideas.