Why women get abortions

    Why women get abortions

  • 1 Birth control failure

    Some women use birth control methods such as the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, sometimes these methods aren't effective and the woman ends up being pregnant against her wish, which leads to getting an abortion in some cases. 

  • 2 Inability to support the child

    Some women get abortions when they know they won't be able to financially support the child. 

  • 3 Inability to care for the child

    Some women get abortions because they're not at a point in their lives where they can take care of a baby.

  • 4 They don't want a child

    Some women get abortions for the mere reason that they don't want to have a baby. 

  • 5 For medical purposes

    In some cases, women decide to end their pregnancies due to the baby having a severe medical defect that would make him go through suffering in his life, for example. 

  • 6 Pregnancy resulting from rape or incest

    When women are subjected to rape or incest and end up being pregnant, they sometimes choose to terminate the pregnancy.

  • 7 The woman's health is endangered

    Some women choose to get abortions when they are told by their doctors that the pregnancy poses a risk on their physical health.

  • 8 Suffering from mental illness

    Some women who have mental conditions decide to get an abortion because they might not be able to provide the child with a good life. 

  • 9 A child out of wedlock

    Some women who get pregnant from their boyfriends or life partners choose not to have the baby because it would be an illegitimate child. 

  • 10 Fear of judgement

    Some women get abortions because they might be judged or treated badly by society or their family if the baby is out of wedlock. 

  • 11 To avoid single motherhood

    A survey showed that 48% of women choose to terminate a pregnancy because they don't want to experience being a single mother in case the father decides to not be in the picture. 

  • 12 It would interfere with their education or employment

    The survey showed that 34% women get an abortion because they cannot have a baby while they were students. Other women also indicated that an unwanted pregnancy could get in the way of their jobs or career. 

  • 13 They're too young

    Some young girls who accidentally get pregnant decide to terminate the pregnancies because they believe they are too young to have a baby.

  • 14 Pressure from husband, partner or parents

    Some women said that one reason for getting an abortion is the husband's, partner's or parents' refusal to have a baby.

  • 15 It's a taboo

    In some countries, having a baby from a boyfriend or partner is a major taboo or punishable by law, which is why women resort to abortions. 

  • 16 Don't want their bodies to change

    Some women choose not to continue an unwanted pregnancy because they don't want their bodies to change during and after the pregnancy.