Why we started Speeli

    Why we started Speeli

  • 1 We want to save your time

    We know that you hate wasting your time trying to locate information online and we wanted to provide a place to help you find information really fast.

  • 2 To place lower load on your brain

    Most sites have cluttered elements and content. This tires the brain and results in wasting more time trying to find what you are looking for (See why the brain likes simplicity).

  • 3 Because most sites don't give direct information

    These days it's hard to find exactly what you are looking for without having to examine more than a few results on google, unless you are searching for a simple fact such as a birth date of a celebrity.

  • 4 Because the attention span of humans has reduced dramatically

    According to some studies the average attention span is around 8 seconds. Because we know how tiring cluttered text of information can be, we decided to create speeli to give you the knowledge you need in seconds (See why our attention span is becoming shorter).

  • 5 Because there is no reason to waste your time

    Why spend 30 minutes or even more to find an answer to a question such as why Instagram got popular where you can know that in a few seconds using Speeli?

  • 6 The human mind prefers the easiest path

    The human brain is energy intensive and that's why it picks the path with the lowest energy consumption. We decided to create that path for you to save your brain a lot of energy.

  • 7 Because of the information explosion

    As a result of the information explosion the amount of data available to humans has become enormous. The only way to get the best out of this data is to find a source that can summarize it and give it to you super fast.